When Yellowstone is Cool : Fall Camping in Wyoming

When Yellowstone is Cool : Fall Camping in Wyoming

now here’s something you rarely see a
popular national park and no lineup hello not too bad yes after traveling to the coast it was
time to visit an old faithful spot that I’m very familiar with thank you how are
the campgrounds doing I was thinking of the mammoth campground
I know it’s first-come first-serve Oh perfect okay thank you very much thanks of the five entrances I chose the west
entrance near Idaho Falls well in Yellowstone there’s only two
guarantees: one is you’re gonna see lots of wildlife, and two you’re gonna get
stuck in traffic somehow and I’m stuck in traffic now because of road
construction which is ongoing it never seems to end in Yellowstone and I’ve
been here a couple of times before the same thing happens
it’s the extremes in temperatures the frost it’s the traffic and it’s the
constant upgrades which is good news it means they’re paying attention to the
roads but it does mean every once in a while you’re just gonna have to stop
open your window and smell the pines as you can see by the snow banks this was not peak season which is my primary reason for being here. I’ve already
experienced the tourist season so what about the cool months? I found a place to
camp the night and waited for the morning sun to warm things up a little well despite the Sun winter is in the
air and this is probably one of my last nice days I’m going to see. and if you
look in the background you can probably tell that I’m not boondocking I’m actually in a paid campsite and this is mammoth campsite at Yellowstone Park it’s a beautiful place although you know I prefer boondocking and the reason I
didn’t boondock this particular time especially because it’s Yellowstone is
there is no boondocking in Yellowstone you’d have to go outside the park to
actually boondock. now when I was coming in here there is an area just to the
west that has some dirt roads that apparently you can boondock but when I
thought about it it just didn’t seem very practical for several reasons first
of all was economics that although it’s noisier here there’s trucks and all that
to park outside the park and drive in all the time I don’t save anything
because I’d be using a lot more gas whoa like that trucks using boy he’s noisy uh
and it would take up more of my time and the other reason is when I came in the
roads were snowy and muddy and did I really want to camp out in some remote
place where I could potentially get stuck it’s certainly going to be a mess
whereas here that’s about if it if it does start raining or snowing the roads
are plowed so there’s a little bit more safety in that regard but boy it’s a
noisy spot and that’s one thing I’m not really used to hopefully you can hear
what I’m saying other reasons were I’d be leaving my my
trailer unattended because especially in a place like Yellowstone I’m gonna be
with my Jeep all ovr the park and there’s a lot of
places where you cannot park a trailer in Yellowstone so it’s best you leave it
somewhere now the fact that I’d be leaving my trailer the entire day I’d feel more safe it being in a secure area where there’s an attendant and all that
then out in the middle of nowhere especially the fact that there’s
probably still a few bears out so I weighed all the you know the pros and the cons and I decided it was best just to simply camp you know in on in the campground in Yellowstone and because it’s late in season the good news is there were
places available whereas if it’s in peak season, there’s not now here’s the bad news most of the campsites are closed after summer and even many shops in Mammoth Hot Springs have this familiar sign. then there’s the third problem much of Yellowstone is no longer accessible when
the snow arrives the park has official road closures
starting with den Raven Pass on October 13th until most part roads are closed on
November 2nd the only road open year round is the one from the north entrance
near Mammoth Hot Springs and goes east to Cooke City. with that in mind my own
visit was restricted to October despite having access to most of the park I decided to just concentrate on certain areas my first destination was the
Norris Geyser Basin the steamboat geyser is the most
impressive in Yellowstone as well as the least predictable that’s amazing. Look at the pressure apparently there are two vents but from
this angle I just see one but the best reaction was from the little kids on the trail sometimes this geyser can blast water
300 feet in the air an impressive display of the force of nature well geysers can really give you an
adrenaline rush there are also lots of sites that have the opposite effect
this pool reminds me of a relaxing sauna perhaps a mud bath as well? nope!
the temperatures are lethal but the bubbles are fun to watch the Norris Geyser Basin is definitely
worth the hike my next stop was a little place called the artists paint pots and it was pretty apparent where they got their name from there was one big advantage of being there in cold air as it made the mist dance above the rainbow stream while some parts of the park were
saturated in color others didn’t seem to have any color at all like the steam jets of the Roaring Mountain forgive me for passing up Old Faithful
but there is just too many tourists for my taste I did however brave the crowds
for one attraction that can’t be missed the immersive experience of the Grand
Prismatic Spring now the best viewpoint of the spring is from space as you’ve probably seen on Google Maps but as drones are banned and rightly so you must experience the thrill from the boardwalk this is the largest hot spring in the
United States but size isn’t the only impressive detail a walk through the mist reveals a
rainbow of brilliant colors the stunning display of colors are the
result of microbes that form mats each temperature a different palette. Add a little wind and you have a symphony geothermal Springs are just as deadly as
they are beautiful a mix of toxins, viruses and searing heat. admire but don’t touch did you notice something was missing? the animals! as I said in the intro they’re everywhere especially near the roads and every sighting tourists seem to want to slam on the brakes and take a cell phone
picture sure wish they’d pull over first! this young buck had it made as the hot
springs kept the grass green throughout the fall now he just needed a nice comfortable
spot to relax and chew his cud Being that I was camped by Mammoth Hot Springs I kinda took it for “granite” but it was actually travertine a limestone deposit of the mineral springs over time the intricate detail of the terraces is
stunning but it’s the colors and textures that most people marvel at well you can’t visit Yellowstone and not
kind of wonder where it got its name from well it’s the eroded sandstone cliffs on the edge of the Yellowstone River to the east Its gorges are just gorgeous. I had to say that! with the addition of the canyons and the
waterfalls it’s just another example of how varied and diverse the landscape is
here the open range of the Lamar Valley is
perfect grazing land for bison and the vast rolling hills are for me a special
treat Do you hear that? it’s so subtle. And here
it’s so rare. It’s a little bit of wind, a few animals, this is when I love being
out in the wilderness. And that’s not very easy in Yellowstone because during the summer months especially when there’s so many tourists all you can hear is the traffic noise so there are definitely some big advantages of coming out to Yellowstone in the colder seasons so it’s my last morning in the park with
just enough time for a quick cup of coffee before I pack up and head onward the great thing about Yellowstone is
there’s always something you didn’t see or just looks different depending on the
season. As I follow the Yellowstone River north it’s not as much looking back as it is saying we will meet again I hope you enjoyed this video and we’ll check out my others as well

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  1. I enjoyed this video so much, spent 2 weeks camping mid October and it was great. With this video I saw some new areas and some I had seen before. Well done!

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  4. Autumn is a nice time to visit, but it is a very short season transitioning to winter. I have found September a good month to visit having been there twice in that month. One visit was about the third week of September and, yes, did get snow.
    I guess you visited the park mid-to-late October for this trip? Is your camper eligible to camp in the Fishing Village near Yellowstone Lake? I heard that only hard-sided campers are permitted there; it is grizzly bear country.

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  12. WOW what a beautiful place.Thanks as always for taking us on your travels. I'm fortunate to work in a provincial park and the main benefit is that after 26 years I'm still taken by the scenery! If you ever come to the east coast of Canada I can arrange a free night or 2 at our campground. A perk of being famous Slim !

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    Well Said Slim 🙂

    the rhythmic patter
    of Semi-truck traffic ;
    A Royal pain ,
    akin to Generators 🙂 !!
    Juxtapposed ,
    to Such Natural Beauty !!

    Touching ,
    ' Ode to Yellowstone River ' …

    All the Best buddy !!

    Much Love




  16. can appreciate visiting Yellowstone when less busy (and Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, etc). it is extraordinary ; it's variety of geological wonders, sheer size and of course the wildlife. Hard to appreciate, when there are throngs of people, some doing very dangerous things. Nice video.

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    It was as good as National Geographics could produce. I plan to go back and watch more of your videos. Thank you Slim.

  24. I've loved Yellowstone ever sense the Army sent me there for the 1988 fire but I've never been there that late in the year. It's definitely on my bucket list.

  25. One of the coolest (ironic word) about the thermal features is that it created the possibility for all DNA tests with Taq polymerase which my Uncle helped discover.

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    Thanks Mate ???

  29. Mammoth is probably the noisiest campground in YS. Last time I was there (this August), we were never stuck in traffic – no construction and no buffalo stops – for that we didn't see any wildlife except a few elk and a single bear. We saw one bison somewhere in the bushes but that's it. We went to the Tetons afterwards and that had a lot more wildlife for us.
    Tip: there's a trail to the south of grand prismatic spring. It starts at the next parking to the south and loops back to the spring and up the hill to the south of the spring. There is a viewing platform up there and it offers a much better view than the boardwalk. It's about a mile to walk and I'd say it's even accessible.
    Great video – you had parts of our sight-seeing tour.

  30. On avg 25,000 people a day go through the park in November which is better than 29,000 a day in july and most those people are only going to one of hotspot areas we went un September so surprised how packed it was

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