When Your LATINA MOM Decorates for the Holidays WAY TOO EARLY!

My mom going out. Oh Wow And what I do, but I don’t keep things anonymous or unicorn. Oh, I save it. Damn it. Damn You know not want to Jessica’s party in the rolls Okay. I thought you were going to do they take entrees No, no, you swear that I’m like five years old and don’t say why don’t you have a bucket? But I said baby in case too many people are using the bathroom and Jessica’s party. I like chocolate Okay, when you have fun, I’m going to stay home and watch it Carrey movies. Oh Honey I shot the kids isn’t a scary movie For like okay, honey, we’ll chunk ourselves. Okay, and you know, I have a big crush on Ringo Ronnie Oh, okay, I’m gonna go by ear. I can’t Rico after that Oh beer. Oh My god, I forgot my lip Are you Inc aware? The Christmas it’s totally ek. It’s my favorite holiday all gays to be like totally cool with skipping son, Gary You make me want in there Garth, I remember young the teachers are more gifted To LA So much has changed Ah, ha ha. I’m a it’s my favorite. It gets me into the spirit of the holidays Oh, I see. What is so you make fun of me when I dream I play a song put your light with a half of all right think and don’t forget the marshmallows or is that follows? I See this one is called Betty Christmas and it’s about a woman who marries a guy named please What happened to Rick Moranis? Don’t you have a party to attend? Oh if I Eve you’re gonna be celebrating like ether when I come by, okay, you’re gonna be like decorating where will a Boy, it’s a good thing. We’re skipping to waste it because on Valentine’s Day. You never have an ovule Where is he I can find him

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