Where to stay in Majorca – Mallorca holiday guide

Where to stay in Majorca – Mallorca holiday guide

So this is a video I wanted to make for a
long time as I think it will help a lot of people just like you have a better holiday
in Mallorca. There are a lot of people who still think
Mallorca is Mallorca… and that is really not true. There are so many different and unique destinations
on Mallorca and the trick to having a great holiday in Mallorca is a lot about picking
the right destination for you. In this video I want to guide you quickly
through all destination in Mallorca, in the hope that with this advice, you will have
an even better holiday here with us on Mallorca. Let’s start of close to the airport and
move around the island from here. Closest to the airport you will find the resort
of El Arenal and Playa de Palma. Both these resorts flow into each other and
are well know for German and Dutch speaking tourists in this area. Mostly a younger generation that likes to
party and be noisy. In many ways Mallorca is trying to change
this image here but not with much success yet… but they are making progress. This area has a long nice white sandy beach
and offers many clubs to go party in the evening and nighttime. More and more upscale restaurants and clubs
are starting to pop up here in the last couple of months. Also in winter El Arenal and Playa de Palma
are popular with tourists but the whole area is much more quiet and less busy of course. If you want to be close to all of this, but
away from all the business, is that a word? and party a bit… then Can Pastilla might
be something for you. Just keep in mind that this area is closest
to the airport and might have some noise from planes landing and taking off. Next up is the city of Palma. This is area is much about culture but also
has an active nightlife and clubbing scene. There is a beach here but not necessarily
the nicest one. If you wanna be near Palma but a bit outside
the city where there are nicer beaches, have a look at the resorts of Illetes, Cala Major
and Portals Nous in Mallorca. Past these smaller resort you will find the
big resorts of Palma Nova and right next to it Magaluf. Palma Nova is the more family friendly one
of the 2. It has some nice beaches and loads of restaurants,
shops, bars and pubs. All of these are much aimed at English, Irish
and Scottish people but also Swedish and other Scandinavian people like to come here. Magaluf next door is in many ways the same
but more about clubbing, late nights and party. Mallorca and Magaluf are trying hard to make
this area more upscale and classy, but progress is slow. Santa Ponsa is a bit further down and similar
to Palma Nova but more chilled and relaxed. There are less hotels here and spread out
over a bigger area. The beach is pretty nice here as well. Santa Ponsa is getting more popular with German
speaking nationalities and some areas are now very popular with the upper class living
in Mallorca. Next is Paguera. Personally I think one of my favorite areas
here in the West of Mallorca. You will find a mix of nationalities here
but also many typical German snack places and restaurants. They do a good job of keeping cars and noise
away from the beaches here and many parts of town are restricted to traffic. Keep in mind that this area is quite hilly,
so for people with babies or disabilities maybe not the best choice. Cala Fornells is a small resort just outside
of Paguera. There are just 2 or 3 hotels here and a very
nice beach just in front of them. From here you can walk into Paguera in about
half an hour. Camp de Mar is also pretty small with not
many hotels. This area is mostly popular for real estate
development for the rich and the golf course. The beach is good but there is not much nightlife
in this area. A little bit further you will find Port de
Andratx. I would not really call this a beach holiday
destination. There are a few nice hotels here but not a
nice beach. Because of the fishing port, there are many
restaurants here serving fresh fish and seafood. This area caters to people with a bigger budget. Further down you will also find Sant Elm. Chill little resort with relaxed atmosphere
and just a few hotels. Port the Soller is one of the only resorts
in the West. Its pretty nice here and much more green and
lush then some of the other destinations in Mallorca. However in recent years it has lost some of
the charm because of the many day tours visiting this area every day. This is not much of a problem most of the
time, but in high season can become a bit to much. If you want to see and do stuff on the island
of Mallorca this might not be the best place for your holiday as it is hard to get anywhere
else on the island. Cala San Vincente is one of the smallest resorts
in North with just a few hotels. It has a nice beach but in weekends this can
get a bit to busy. Don’t expect any clubs or nightlife here,
it’s mostly residential in this area. Cala San Vincente is close to Puerto Pollensa,
one of my favorite destinations in the North. Puerto Pollensa is a collection of mostly
small and boutique hotels and a harbor and town area that remains very authentic to this
day. This is not a place to visit on a budget,
but its not expensive here either. It’s somewhere in the middle. Very popular with English people, especially
in the somewhat older generation. Puerto de Alcudia is a typical family holiday
destination. You will find all nationalities here. Its big and has a nice family friendly beach. The area is basically split up into 2 areas. The “greasy mile”, a collection of hotels
and restaurants typical catering to budget holiday makers and the harbour area that is
a bit higher in budget and has loads to do and see in the evening. There are a few clubs but mostly bars and
pubs that make up the nightlife here in Alcudia. If you want to be in the North of Mallorca,
in a resort that is popular with families of all nationalities but not to busy, the
resort of Playa de Muro might be the right choice for you. It’s like Puerto de Alcudia, but less busy,
nice beach and bit more upscale. Can Picafort is like a mix of Alcudia and
Pollensa but mostly popular with German and Dutch speaking holidaymakers. It’s a family holiday resort, but with mostly
small, boutique style hotels close to the beach and sea, so this keeps it pretty authentic. The bigger hotels are a bit more in the back
of the resort. Cala Ratjada is next, but much further in
the East of Mallorca. This resort has 2 nice beaches, a great harbor
area with a large array of restaurants and bars. In the evening there is also lots of this
to do. There are many clubs and biergardens all over
the resort. Cala Ratjada used to be very much aimed at
German tourists but recently you can also find many Italians here. Cala Mesquida and Font de sa Cala are 2 different
resorts close to Cala Ratjada, but much smaller, with just a few hotels. From both these resorts you can walk into
Cala Ratjada in about 30 minutes to an hour. There are also easy bus connections to Cala
Ratjada. Cala Bona and Cala Millor are the next holiday
destinations in Mallorca. They are similar in size and offer to Cala
Ratjada, Alcudia, Can Picafort and Playa de Palma. You can find all kind of nationalities here,
a great beach and an active nightlife and large shopping street. Cala Bona is the smaller resort of the 2 and
right next to Cala Millor. You can easily walk from Cala Bona to Cala
Millor. Both have nice white sandy beaches. Sa Coma is a bit further down but you can
also walk here from Cala Millor through the dunes area. That’s a pretty nice nature walk actually. Sa coma is very similar to Cala Millor, just
not that busy and also the beach of s’illot next door offers an authentic Spanish feeling
beach resort. Here in the South East you will also find
many small resorts and holiday destinations. If you are lookiing for authenticity and a
relaxed destination, have a look at Porto Petro, Cala Romantica, Cales de Mallorca and
Porto Colom. If you want to find all my videos covering
Mallorca even more easy, then don’t forget to subscribe. I really hope this video helped you and that
you will have an even better holiday in Mallorca because of it!

30 thoughts on “Where to stay in Majorca – Mallorca holiday guide

  1. My advice go to sillot as it’s an amazing place and there a two major hotels you have a hotel for a traveller AKA you use it to sleep and it’s called playa de morea and the other is a well furnished and modern one.

  2. love your videos, very informative but why have you never done a review on Cala d'or which is a lovely resort. Thanks.

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  4. Only just subscribed and find all your videos very interesting. I have noticed in all your Mallorca summaries like this one. Never any mention of Cala d’Or. One of the more popular resorts and never gets mentioned that I’ve seen?

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  11. Great advice for people looking to book a holiday in Mallorca / Majorca – It's a shame some hotel groups are pricing this paradise Island out of a lot of people's budgets at this time. Great video, thanks ?

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