Where to Travel in 2020 | Best Countries to Visit for your PERSONALITY TYPE ?

Where to Travel in 2020 | Best Countries to Visit for your PERSONALITY TYPE ?

Not into personality tests? Don’t worry, stay tuned, because, at the very least,
you’ll be getting 16 unique trip ideas, and I’m willing to bet
that at least one of them is going to resonate with you. (Music) Planning a vacation is a huge investment
of both time and money. It can get overwhelming when you have
all of these places that you want to go but only a little bit of time off. In today’s video,
I’ll be sharing getaway ideas based on every personality type – including yours – from the very popular
personality test, Myers-Briggs. I have a link in the description
where you can take the test for free in under 10 minutes. It’s entertaining and pretty insightful
to see which type you identify with. There are no right or wrong answers
and no one type is better than the other. It just means you have different strengths,
different weaknesses, career preferences, and travel styles,
which we’ll get into now. INTJs, listen up,
we are starting with you. You don’t need to know,
but INTJs stands for introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging, because I will give each type
a less cryptic name and then overly simplify you
with just a few traits. So, for INTJ, you guys are also known
as the strategist, the architect, or, my personal favorite, the mastermind. You’re an intelligent, analytical
and curious, problem solver, with an idea for everything. Check out Singapore. You hate feeling unproductive,
you love efficiency, you love optimization, and Singapore is one of the most
innovative, forward-thinking countries in the world. A self-guided tour of Singapore
would be right up your alley. ISFP, the adventurer. You are very open-minded,
you go with the flow, you probably already love travel
because you’re so adaptable, very spontaneous, artistic,
and an out-of-the-box thinker, often surprising those around you
because you’re quite spontaneous. To keep with this spontaneous nature
and your love of beauty and the ability to be able
to wander around without being caged in, I recommend you do
the iconic motorbike trip, either north to south
or south to north, in Vietnam. This way you can go
from destination to destination, stopping as you feel, staying as long
or as little as you want in each place, enjoying all the natural beauty
around you, and seeing a lot. INFP, the mediator or the healer. You’re creative, you’re kind-hearted, you see the possibility
of a greater future in anything, and you’re always working
towards improving the world. You’re not judgmental,
you’re an incredible friend, and you’re deeply motivated
by personal growth in yourself and in those around you. Consider Myanmar. I think you would do so well
with the super friendly locals, and the experiences that you can have
in Myanmar are absolutely magical and you will hold on to them forever. I would say start in Bagan,
where you can see the sunrise and the sunset with all
of the hot-air balloons, and then also consider
joining a small group trek where you’re guided by a local
through the mountains. Again, the people are so friendly,
and you’re probably so friendly, you’re all just going to get along. INFJ, the advocate or the counselor. You’re a creative idealist and a master
at coming up with original solutions. The problem is that you
can be so passionate and so excited about your ideas that you’ll turn
any vacation into a project if left up to your own devices. I know you, I am you. So, in order to really avoid burnout, I recommend you take time
for yourself with a solo trip where you can get away
and just completely disconnect. I’m not saying go lie
on a beach for two weeks; you would probably get antsy. Think the Canadian Rockies
or even something more exotic like Machu Picchu in Perú, somewhere where you can spend
the day exploring, thinking, and then not feeling pressure
at the end of the night to be partying until 2:00 a.m. You may even want to consider
doing a homestay, where you can connect authentically
with the locals, get to know people… be in that small group
as opposed to a big group tour. ISTJ, the logistician or the inspector. You’re patient, practical and responsible. You like order and systems around you. A solo trip where you can learn a lot and feel comfortable
doing it on your own, would be a great fit. I highly recommend a Euro-trip, but one where you’re
traveling by yourself, learning and exploring on your own. Another option would be
potentially Japan. I think you would like Japan
for the cleanliness, the order of the systems
that are in place there. ISTP, the virtuoso or the craftsmen. You like to experiment
but you’re also very bold and practical, you’re hands-on, and you can troubleshoot
just about anything. You move quickly and you want
a variety of new experiences, and you can adapt well
to changing situations. I’m really excited about this one… Dominican Republic treehouse adventure. It’s exactly as it sounds. You go to the Dominican Republic
to a treehouse village, where you can stay
in the treehouse – handmade – but then also have all
of these crazy experiences around you, from visiting waterfalls
to going to the beach to exploring the jungle, to ziplining. It’s a little bit of everything
in a really cool, unique location. INTP, the logician or the architect. You are very, very smart and you have a talent
to seek out knowledge and then be able to take
all that information and put it into new creative,
innovative ideas. You’re very calm on the outside
but a total thinker on the inside, and probably the most
likely person to come up with their next great
scientific discovery. While I’ve been traveling
around the world, generally the people that I meet
that are attracted to new ways of working, this digital-nomad lifestyle, where they’ll go and live
somewhere long-term and find these creative ways
to make money, make an income online and live differently from the way
that we traditionally live and work. I think you would enjoy this, and immersing yourself
in a digital nomad location would be a great trip idea. Think Chiang Mai in thailand,
Medellín in Colombia, or even Bansko in Bulgaria. ISFJ, the defender or the protector. You’re kind-hearted,
you’re warm, reliable and loyal. You’re an amazing friend,
and you always are doing good for others, but in a very humble, unassuming way, where you’re not calling attention
to all the good things that you do. You have amazing people skills,
but you’re also very analytical, so you probably give
the best birthday presents because you’re so imaginative
and you really get the people around you. You like to be needed and appreciated
and always doing more for others, so I would say pick somewhere
with a very friendly reputation and consider doing something
like house-sitting. Think Ireland, Scotland, Canada, or even somewhere
more exotic like Costa Rica, which has a reputation for some
of the friendliest people in the world. ENTJ, the commander or the CEO. You are the type
that I always wanted to be, because you can come up
with these amazing strategic ideas, and then you actually execute on them. You also can get other people around you
to enthusiastically execute on your ideas. You’re a strategic leader and you’ll find a way
to make things happen or you’ll make a way. Personal growth is your jam
and you love to push boundaries, so I challenge you to challenge yourself with something like climbing
Mount Everest, just a base camp, or even Kilimajaro. I would say go there with G Adventures, or sign up with a local
tour group when you arrive, because you will get a kick out of
doing it with a small group of people where you’re pushing yourself
and also pushing the people around you. ENFJ, the protagonist or the teacher. Like ENTJs, you know
how to make things happen and you can come up
with these great ideas. You’re ambitious, passionate… usually about improving
the world around you. You’re probably taking
way too much on your plate but you’re also pretty
energetic about all of it. You’re not self-serving
and you’ve a knack for making the people around you better. You love to learn and you love to help
those around you learn as well. Go to a specific destination
that is known for something, like a coast in Costa Rica,
where you can just surf for three weeks. As you get better at it,
you’ll teach those around you, and you’ll get a lot of satisfaction
from growing yourself and growing others. Other options would be kite surfing
Cabarete, Dominican Republic, yoga certification in Ubud,
PADI scuba diving in Ko Tao, Thailand, snowboarding in Colorado, or even something like learning
Spanish in Nicaragua. The options are endless. Think of something you’ve always wanted
to do or always wanted to learn, and go to a specific place
and do that thing. ESTJ, the executive or the supervisor. You are a master at organizing
both people and things, you have an ability to get
things done in a very logical, thought-out, systematic way. You’re traditional, hard-working,
factual, grounded in reality and really, really good at setting goals
for both yourself and others. You’re also very good
at achieving these goals. Congratulations! You will dive nose-first into planning –
you’re very good at it – but the problem is that you may get
so preoccupied with all the details, organizing everything, that you forget
to actually enjoy the vacation. And it becomes more stressful
than it needs to be. My recommendation for you
is to not plan the trip, instead book a tour but go somewhere
that you know very, very little about. So you’re not sitting there thinking: “Everyone knows there’s traffic
on this road at this time. What are they doing?” I recommend you check out Bhutan. Not many people know a lot about Bhutan and, to travel there, you need to work
with a Bhutanese travel agent, and you’ll pay $200 to $250 a day, which is going to include
all of your transportation, your food, your accommodations,
your visa, your guide… You need to work out
an agreed-upon itinerary before you arrive in the country, so it’s going to be laid out for you
what you’ll be doing and you’ll have say in that process, but then, when you’re actually in Bhutan,
you can just enjoy it for the beauty, how remote it is, going from place to place
but not having to take care of all the little details
on how you get there or exactly where you’ll be staying. ESTP, the entrepreneur or the dynamo. You’re energetic, smart,
you’re able to adapt to any situation, and you always come up
with the most innovative and practical solutions. You’re a thrill-seeker at heart,
probably athletically inclined and always up for an adventure. Consider a classic backpacking trip
around Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is so easy to travel around, and you can see so much and do so much,
in such a little amount of time. You can book your flight two hours
before the flight takes off and be in a whole another country. There’s wild nightlife,
all these different foods to try, lots of adventurous, outdoorsy activities
to keep you excited… The beautiful thing about Southeast Asia
is you can wake up in the morning, decide what you feel like doing,
and then make it happen. You don’t need to plan
everything out in advance. ENFP, the campaigner or the champion. You’re energetic, free spirited, you see a million different options
for any given situation. You’re free spirit, charming
and fiercely independent, but you get bored
with all the little details and you want to have a real,
authentic experience. But you don’t necessarily want
to plan it all out to make it happen. You’re craving excitement, inspiration,
you want to do it with other people too, and you absolutely want to take in
everything around you without getting bogged down
by all the little details of planning. Go gorilla trekking in Uganda. You do this with a small group,
and going straight into the jungle to be around the the gorillas is
an absolutely life-changing experience. You’ll love to tell
the story about it later, and you’ll completely connect
authentically with the locals that are taking you there
and the people around you. ESFJ, the counselor or the provider. You’re popular, always eager to help, the best of friends,
and extraordinarily caring. You know right from wrong
and will stick to your guts. Those around you know that they can count
on you for pretty much anything. I have two options for you. The first one seems
like a more natural fit, which would be to do a mission trip in a location that you have
always wanted to go to, Say building schools in Nicaragua or teaching English
at a school in Philippines. The second is completely different… You are always looking after other people and you enjoy doing it
and you’re very good at it, but you also need to look after yourself. Consider a yoga retreat in Bali
or a spa getaway in Iceland, get a few friends together and go somewhere where you can
enjoy the experience, indulge and pamper yourself
while being together and enjoying it with each other. ESFP, the entertainer, the performer. Now, you are a ton of fun to be around
and you can make fun out of any situation. People love being in your presence because you’re the one that,
in a long, boring car ride, is going to initiate the game of werewolf. You need a trip that’s going to satisfy
your enjoyment of being around others that doesn’t involve
too much routine activity, and you also don’t want
to be doing a ton of planning with your nose in a book
or on a laptop prior to the trip. One option you may enjoy
would be going on a cruise, this way you’re around other people and there’s always different activities
going on to keep you entertained. If a cruise seems too closed in for you
and you want something more adventurous, consider a fast-paced destination
with adventure, with nightlife, food, culture… You are going to soak all of it up
and I really recommend you do it either with a group tour
or with some friends, because you’re going to enjoy
just being around other people and sharing the experiences with them. ENTP, the debater or the visionary. You are a smart, curious thinker. You’re full of unconventional ideas, very open minded,
and always up for a good debate, even if it’s just
for the sake of debating. Consider getting your friends together
and going on a road trip. While you’re totally capable
of keeping everyone entertained on a long car ride,
you might get impatient, because there’s so many things
that you want to do. You don’t want to be trapped in the car. Go to a destination
where you can see and do a lot without having to cover too much distance. Ones that come to mind would be
New Zealand’s North Island or, if you’re looking for something
that’s even a little bit more adventurous, I would recommend replicating
a trip that I took last March in Sri Lanka, where a friend and I rented a tuk-tuk
and self drove around the country. You can be in the mountains and then,
two hours later, on the beach, and then doing a safari,
and then seeing the city of Columbo. It’s a lot of things packed
into very small little driving distances, and a total adventure. I think you would love it. Regardless of where
you decide to road trip, I really suggest you follow
a predetermined itinerary so you’re not just overwhelmed
by all the options out there, and then you don’t have
to plan all the details yourself. According to Myers-Briggs, I am an INFJ, and my favorite trip to date was
probably gorilla trekking in Uganda on a research project. I was able to learn
and experience something so magical with a small group of people, but I also didn’t know enough
about Uganda to become a perfectionist and try to control the situation. If you don’t know your type,
I highly encourage you to check out the link
in the description below, take your free test, and then
let everyone know in the comments what type you are and what your
ideal vacation would be. If you’re looking
for some more recommendations on places for long-term travel,
check out this video here and, if you’re looking for that itinerary for the three-week tuk-tuk
adventure around Sri Lanka, check out this one right here. Next week I’ll be covering
20 things that you must do before international travel,
regardless of where you’re going. So, feel free to hit my face
over here and subscribe. Thanks so much for watching,
see you next week, and I wish you all the best. Bye!

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