Where’s the White House? | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Where’s the White House? | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

♪ Me and S-Game and the X-Games ♪ ♪ Blowin’ up my phone playin’ text games ♪ – [Deena] Is there any news? – They have no update. They won’t give him when
his release date is. (sighs) – Really frustrating. (sighs) I don’t understand how there’s
no update at this point. Because he’s supposed to be home. – I feel like he’s
served most of his time. – Yeah. – He’s served all of his time. – [Ronnie] Less than a
month left, he would have. – [Lauren] 98% complete. – Right, so like, what
the hell is the issue? And he’s been so awesome, I mean, come on. – It sounds like Mike is
not gonna be getting out. That’s really disappointing. I mean, we all came
here, we’re all waiting for Mike to get out. So, hearing the news just
kind of deflates the group. – Over it, I just– – I can’t imagine how you feel. – Mm-mm. – Well, hopefully it’s friggin’ soon. – Well, we love you. – [Lauren] Love you, too. – And text me if anything changes. – We love you, Lauren!
– Love you, boo! – Be good, see you soon!
– See you soon! – [Vinny] Bye, Sis! – That sucks. – [Deena] Oh my God. – (beep) this. – He’s been in there for too long. – They’re really not
telling him anything yet. – I feel like they’re gonna
make an example out of him. Listen, I’m ready to (beep)
do what Kim Kardashian did. – [Vinny] What, make porn? – No, go (beep) to Washington,
D.C. and go to the president. – [Vinny] Oh. – If Kim Kardashian could
get somebody out of jail, why can’t we? Listen, Kim Kardashian
went to the White House and got people out of jail. So I feel if we go down to D.C., we make signs, we march, there’s a chance we can free the Sitch. – If Kim Kardashian can get, ya know, Martha Stewart out of
jail, then so can we. – [Deena] That’s how I feel. – Yeah. – Mike should be outta jail.
– Same. – And we’re gonna make it happen. – [ All] Free Mike, free Mike, free Mike! – So, get a private jet, and
we’ll go to friggin’ D.C. – I do know if you do
private, it’s super quick, in and out of D.C. – Oh my God. – What? – How do we get here? – I’m just saying, if she
can get somebody out of jail, why can’t we get somebody
out of jail? (laughing) – Deena, that’s a good idea, let’s do it! (Ronnie laughing) – You don’t think we could do it? – Deena’s like, “Well
it can’t be that hard!” Yeah, sure, and people go
also (beep) to the moon, and they run for the president, and they (beep) find
cures for (beep) diseases. No, it’s not that hard. No, anybody could do it. – We’re gonna wake up
and go to Washington. – And then what do you
do when you get there? – We would like to know
if we can talk to somebody that Kim Kardashian talked to. – I think these women
are possibly coming up with the worst plan in
the history of plans. There is no plan. You can’t go to the White House. There’s a big fence around it. – [Deena] I’m gonna walk up
to the knight at the gate. – Wow. (laughing) – The knight, it sounded
like King Baratheon. (banging)
(laughing) – Stop watching Game of Thrones. (laughing) – You did it. – But we’re going at the White House. But if he sees reality stars
outside, he’ll let us in. The president is a reality
star, we’re reality stars, let my friend out of jail. That’s all. – We’re going to
Washington, D.C., bitches! – What makes this plan even worse is that it’s being come up with by a bunch of moms that just drank like four bottles of wine. – Free Sitch!
– Free Sitch! – [All] Don’t be a bitch, free Sitch! Don’t be a bitch, free Sitch! – Free Sitch, bitches! – If Kim Kardashian can
do it, we can do it. (drunken rambling) – I’m going to Washington! (clinking) – We’re going to Washington. – [Both] Stupidest idea I have ever heard. And we’ve come up with
some stupid (beep) ideas in Jersey Shore history. I’m like this is just stupid. – Like, have you met Ronnie? Think they’re gonna leave him in longer if you guys go there. – Yeah, if you guys go
they might execute his ass.

100 thoughts on “Where’s the White House? | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

  1. everyone commenting negatively is so boring.. some people like to watch wild dumb stuff. which is why they have…umm… over 1 million subscribers

  2. It's better when these girls fighting each other.. This was what I would expect when they were now at the jersey shore. Not all these years later. And Deena… Gurl I love you but you ask the worst questions..

  3. So they are still ok with public intoxication anddd being mothers lol I see. No judgements but be careful ! Cops just wanna arrest you for anything these days

  4. I wish they would have come up to me. I would have told them Mike is right where he belongs for trying to avoid paying taxes on his millions.

  5. I love how they think they can do anything! it just goes to show how much they care for mike…. they’re better when they get along!

  6. Deena actually knows some stuff about politics. Check out Ellen show 7 years who when deena was the one feeding the girls all the answers for insanely simple questions about the government only deena could answer lol

  7. Deena needs to retire she's acting like she's 21 yr old…snookie acts A list but needs to chill. Jenni is ok. Angelina is alright.

  8. Deena is annoying as he'll old boring looking mom snookie and deeana I guess found the best there were ever gonna get and hatched on for dear life

  9. I really liked everyone for the longest time but snooki is such a self absorbed snob now who thinks shes an A lister. she makes herself look more stupid then she used to.

  10. it is so bad, that it is actually good ???
    secret service: we have 4 suspects outside the oval office, three women and a Snooki

  11. OMG ??????
    Dee's Falling that was so funny literally laughing ?????????
    I ♥️ Y'ALL SO SO MUCH ❌⭕❌⭕ Blessings Always ❣️ From:Mine To: Your's

  12. So you mean to tell me I'm going to watch Florida Bama Shore and they say they're in Brooklyn they're not in Brooklyn now I'm watching Jersey Shore saying there in the White House and they're not in the white huose

  13. ??? at all the comments about how stupid they all are.. but those same people not realizing they might be on the same level not realizing after this episode that a large majority of it is scripted for the ratings!!!??


  15. Prank call, or text this number. 1-281-787-0919 his name is nick. He was caught cheating. I'd love people to mess up his day 🙂

  16. Genuine Question: Do they only pretend to be this stupid? Like do they carry all the denseness for the entire state of 'Jursey'?

  17. Just in the case if Mike wanted to wonder and know why he is in jail a little longer all he got to do is look at this clip that said it all

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