White Woman Pulls Gun on Black Couple Having Picnic

White Woman Pulls Gun on Black Couple Having Picnic

Welcome back to the David Pakman show. Welcome back to the David Pakman show, Benjamin
Dixon filling in for David while he is appearing on the Joe Rogan podcast. If you’re visiting this video soon enough,
David, but we’ll be live at 3:00 PM on Joe Rogan’s, uh, channel youtube channel. Um, and if you’re watching this video at a
later point, then obviously go and watch the replay. I’m sure it’s going to be a fascinating conversation
filed this next video. Um, this next story under being so committed
to your racism, um, that it backfires. A 70 year old ruby how has been arrested. She was first fired and that she was arrested. Um, as a result of a video that went viral,
they showed her pulling a gun on two black people, uh, as they, uh, attended our try
to find a place to have a picnic ruby nail. How is a 70 year old white woman and a, the
video really speaks volumes about so many things that still have to be discussed today. Take a look at the video. This lady literally just pulled the gun because
we are here and they have reservation all like that. We didn’t even know we had hair reservation
for what are known as [inaudible]. You had been with tellers? We did. We’ve got no man, we didn’t know. Dot. They had to do was tell us to, we would have
lit up. You do not have to pull the Garmin really well that’s, that’s all you had to say. That’s all you have to say. Okay, well that’s fine. That’s fine. No, I mean it’s, it’s really impossible to
look at that video and not discuss it in the broader context of so many things that are
still happening in this country, but very specifically the history of this country,
the, um, the, the historical baggage, uh, the racial baggage that still exist in this
country. I mean, it’s, I have to discuss it in that
context, uh, because look at how shockingly quick this escalated to a life threatening
situation for this black couple who basically just went out to look for a place to barbecue. Um, she pulled a gun because, um, they weren’t
supposed to be there. Well Ruby Nail how works for that camp site
and she no longer works there, but she did. And I’m quite sure that’s not the first time
someone had came to looking to use their facilities without an appointment. I mean, quite frankly, most people when you’re
looking for a place to barbecue, you look for a public space and you just go there and
then you find out, you know, by, okay, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s free to use it. I don’t need an appointment or you need a
permit and you need an appointment. But in none of the situations that I’ve ever
encountered that remotely similar to this, and I’m sure for you as well, a matter of
fact, I would guarantee 99% of everyone listening, probably 100% of everyone listening. If you encounter a situation where you showed
up somewhere where you needed a permit, are you needed, uh, to make an appointment? Nobody pulled a gun out on you, um, to demonstrate,
uh, that you didn’t have the right to be there. But Ruby nail how of Starkville Mississippi
thought that that was the right thing to do. And so not only did she lose her job, but
she also was arrested on, um, for threatening exit four, eight threatening exhibition of
a weapon. Uh, she was, she turned herself in and got
out on a whopping $500 bond. Now, um, I again, I, I don’t really want to
Belabor the point too much, but, uh, you have to put a fine point on this fact. In some states she would have been better
off if she had killed that couple. And as inflammatory as that statement sounds,
you have to understand states like Florida and Georgia have stand your ground laws, um,
that allows a person to use weapons to a quote unquote defend themselves when they fear for
their life and they have the right to stand their ground. Um, which, which really I bring it up because
you have to ask yourself the question, at what point is the unreasonable, an irrational
fear of black people, uh, going to be addressed in situations like this, but more specifically
in situations where people stand their ground. Because this woman had literally no reason
whatsoever to fear this couple, no reason whatsoever to pull a gun on this couple. But she poured it out. I mean, for whatever. I mean, she, she, you have to say she was
afraid, right? You don’t just put a, unless you’re pulling
out the gun just to, you know, just for a power play, uh, well that backfired for as
well. But there’s an irrational level of fear that,
that is connected to black people. And that’s intentional. I mean, I can break this down so many different
ways and come to my channel and, and, and I’ll do that. But that’s intentional. Like this irrational fear that would lead
this woman to pull a gun on a couple, a married couple, not that, that should be a qualifier. And then, Oh, if they’re not married or if
they weren’t a couple of, they should have had it. No, no, no. But still it’s a, you know, a married couple
looking to have a barbecue and there’s woman either just wanted to show how bad she was,
our, she had some irrational fear going on and led to her pulling the gun out. Thank goodness she didn’t use it. But in so many cases we see across the country
those weapons are used and people lose their lives because of this irrational fear that
has been baked into this American societies. The vilification of blackness goes all the
way back to the justification for slavery because there had to have be the, had to have
been a level of dehumanization that took place for people to justify and say, oh, and for
particularly for Christians in this country to say, Oh, well slavery, even though, uh,
you know it, it’s okay because they’re not really human. It trickles down through generations. It’s this fear is irrational fear. I’m going to get off of this one and just
move on to something funny. But this irrational fear trickles down through
the generations and it is still here today. And we see incidents like this that could
really have led to the death of people for no reason whatsoever based on some irrational
fear that is baked into this American system.

100 thoughts on “White Woman Pulls Gun on Black Couple Having Picnic

  1. The woman was fearing for her life. She was scared to death that they were going to throw the soda on her and she was going to drown in Coca-Cola.

  2. I wonder what she was expecting the couple to do? She was ready to shoot these people, and for what?

  3. She probably had an AR-15 stashed in her rolls.
    This is probably the single most compelling argument for gunt control.

  4. Alot of the time you will find the older generation are the ones with the most prejudice in the US.

  5. Imagine living in a society where anyone can pull out a gun on you at any time (oftentimes in schools for literal children), and own them in large quantities legally. God I love the fact that I live in Norway lol

  6. It amazes me that white people still blame black people for all the ills that can plague black communities.They never stop and think that it was white people that created the evil circumstances that leaves it’s mark on black communities to this day.It was whites who brought these problems to America when they decided slavery was a good thing and it is white people that have to fix themselves in order to heal America. Our society will never heal until whites not blacks rid themselves of prejudice .I don’t think it will ever happen because people won’t recognize that they are the caise .Until white people understand that they must fix themselves first blacks will never get an even break in this. country.

  7. This prejudice has been here for years but it has gone underground but here lately trump has stired it up saying white supremacists are very good people and has encouraged the bigots to act out because of the big orange saying it's ok

  8. I booked a picnic table once and a couple were sitting there, so I pulled out a………….sandwich and offered them to join us. They did, had a great afternoon.

  9. yeah, but guns arent a problem right? You know how many times a 70yo woman pulls a gun on someone in australia? NEVER

  10. I want to see the beginning of the video before I make a rash judgment. I will admit it does not look good for ruby

  11. I'm just imagining the intro to the Golden Girls and this racist lady standing there in her yellow t-shirt with a pistol in her hand. ?

  12. America has a lot of work to do in order for people to get along. A lot, thanks to this. Honestly this hasn't been the first time and probably won't be the last time it will happen. I am concerned because I see it wrong but whoever sees it right might need more work in their brains of the aggression they are displaying.

  13. The picnicing couple handled the horrible situation with the utmost dignity. I am so sorry they experienced this horrible, irrational woman.

  14. The SECOND she pulled her shirt back over it, the man should have BEATEN the back of her head into the GROUND and secured that weapon!! That’s “brandishing” and you do NOT do that unless you are being threatened with violence…something our police forces need to understand more clearly.

  15. It isn't 100% because you have English people watching and this certainly doesn't happen in England.We haven't grown up on a diet of fear like you yanks have.

  16. Stand your ground laws wouldn’t have protected this woman bud. If she shot them in Florida she’d spend the rest of her life in jail. Stand your ground still requires there to be an immediate objective threat in order to shoot. It just means you’re not legally forced to run away from the situation.

  17. So so so glad not to be American. I don't know how you people cope. Please tell me that the cops took her guns away at least??

  18. A rare good thing about social media: exposing something ugly that was always there but was kept invisible, hidden and thus unprovable – making it visible, and therefore undeniable. I do wish I could show you how we in Europe feel, when we hear the Republicans, Trump, NRA and the "base" glorify guns, but then regularly see either videos like this, or regularly open the news to hear about yet another school shooting or another unarmed black boy dying from police bullets. "It only takes a good guy with a gun to take down a bad guy with a gun?" Has anyone in the US noticed that this "good guy with a gun" is somehow always depicted as a WHITE guy with a gun? And has anyone ever seen a NRA poster with a black man holding a mashine gun? And now we see that it also takes a nice, sweet, white American granny with a gun to terrorize peacefull people on a picnic because – what a surprise! – they happen to be black. Had she have left her Bible and run out to pull that gun at a white couple, to prevent them from having a nice day in that park? Definitely not. And then, she got away with being fired, a night in jail and a fine? Has someone revoked her licence for that gun yet? Now just IMAGINE if that granny was an African American and the people she threatened were white – had they demolished the entire park, she herself would still stay in prison for a loooong time. But no, they say, there is no such thing as white privilege… That old woman wasn't afraid of anything, as her aggressive posture, her perseverance and her lies make obvious, she is just a hate-filled racist, plain and simple, who cannot stand the idea of a black couple enjoying themselves, and yet scores of people are still defending her and explaining this disgusting lunacy away. Incredibly nauseating. And respect to that African American couple for staying calm and dignified.

  19. Old lady is a piece of shit. Your country is fucked right up. It's way too easy to get firearms.

  20. paranoid cuntasaurous needs to be in prison for the rest of her life. i was a bouncer in bars for a couple of years, rarely used violence, and never needed a gun. a KOA attendant really has no need for one to do their job. if let fear rule your life, you are a fucking coward, period.

  21. It seems like the only counter that black people have in these situations is to start filming with a camera and hope the footage gets out.

  22. Damm! The senile traitor in d white house with his behaviour has given new found guys to harass anyone different from them, that's called racism, I wonder how she would feel if the shoe was on her foot! A gun? Wow, those bros.sounded so,so intimidaring!???

  23. Lincoln should have REALLY punished the Confederacy. Sorry, not sorry.

    John Brown's truth still marches on.

  24. I love how this scenario that ended with no injuries or fatalities is news to you because a white person did something mean, but blacks murdering whites at astonishingly higher rates than the reverse every day of the year is just swept under the rug.

  25. I'm white – I've camped all over the country and I have arrived late, set up my tent, and settled up the next morning. Never ha an issue.

  26. Its always the ugly ones who haven't probably gotten laid in a decade that show this level of bitterness. These cows wouldn't be such cunts if they where getting off more frequently.

  27. Why do so many American gun owners I see don't use a holster? Do they know how dangerous a gun is inside a pocket?

  28. There’s a very high probability that this couple would have died that day had they not had their smartphone to record this appalling incident. Black people everywhere: Always carry a fully charged smartphone and be ready to use it at a moment’s notice; it could be a lifesaver.

  29. Attention!! white women that talk about the evil white man, the oppressor. Remember the white women that's next to him she is not a victim she is a racist just like him. Attention!! white women you are no better then that evil white man, the oppressor don't exclude yourself cunts.

  30. You fragrantly misrepresent Stand Your Ground laws on a fundamental level. Stick to what you know.

  31. when black folks go for seconds at all you can eat buffets in red states the republican hicks go to their trucks for their shot guns. When U fear black people because you are a racist coward U shouldnt be allowed to own a gun

  32. Before cell phone cameras all this stuff went on but few believed it. Just like police killing Black people.

  33. Someone pulls a gun on me for no good reason, and I'll defend myself, I don't care if it's a old woman or a child. The moment she takes her eyes off me, something will be incoming that will knock her down, and put her out of the fight. Guns aren't toys. You pull one, you're in the fight until it's over. I hope she shoots herself or some friend and and goes to jail. Anything to get gun nuts off the streets.

  34. "Mississippi Goddamn" by Nina Simone came to mind. Great song. Go listen, if you've never heard it.Go listen again, if you have. Simone had them pegged.

  35. We've always just used those park bbq facilities and never once got bothered about it. I'm a white dude.

    I'm not an SJW and I don't that think all white people have to feel perpetual guilt just for being born white. But I'd have to be an idiot to not recognize that in America, many situations are different (and safer) for me than they would be for a minority. That's not virtue signaling or hating my own race, it's just acknowledging simple observable reality.

    Edit: typos

  36. That woman should not have a gun. Having a gun and using a gun should not be normal. It does not work with stupid people and stupid people loves them some guns.

  37. I would have loved for the gun to go off after she stuffs it back in her pants. Bust a cap right in her hoohah

  38. And white people tell their kids to be afraid of us but some of them bring guns every nice place to go, movie theaters, church, yoga, college campuses, concerts, camp grounds etc etc etc. They’re making us up to be scary but they’re the ones always messing with us.

  39. …She won't be punished or have any consequences..it's good to be white in Amerikkka and a White Woman…Can abuse any one you want in the most horrible way, then claim to be the victim, and get off scott-free every time….And they wonder why "Black people can't get over being dehumanized so recently"…….What exactly has changed?

  40. …She won't be punished or have any consequences..it's good to be white in Amerikkka and a White Woman…Can abuse any one you want in the most horrible way, then claim to be the victim, and get off scott-free every time….And they wonder why "Black people can't get over being dehumanized so recently"…….What exactly has changed?

  41. All of these false reports it seems like 90%+ are done by RACIST WHITE WOMEN….yet no one wants to say it……Fuck #MeToo a campaign started to help black girls with no voice is now used for White entitled actresses…..WHITE WOMEN ARE NOT YOUR ALLIES…WAKE UP.

  42. All of these false reports it seems like 90%+ are done by RACIST WHITE WOMEN….yet no one wants to say it……Fuck #MeToo a campaign started to help black girls with no voice is now used for White entitled actresses…..WHITE WOMEN ARE NOT YOUR ALLIES…WAKE UP.

  43. They should run ads, showing dumb gun owners like this, I think it would be effective. Don't go waving your gun around you fucking idiot American's fucking grow up. That is not how a responsible gun owner handles a gun. Look at how dumb this lady looks, it's just so embarrassing, it makes gun owners look bad.

  44. Threaten someone with a gun in Germany is the best way to get rid of your gun permit….

    From a legal standpoint, the black couple was trespassing, right?
    Being afraid of black people because black people have been mistreated since they were violently brought into the USA? This should not be a valid argument in court…

  45. The only good thing about this is that such people are dying out.
    And while there are a bunch of young, khaki trousers wearing shitheads trying to become the next generation, I'm hopeful they will be an even slimmer minority.
    Yes, it does trickle down through generations, but I think it gets better.

  46. Her own husband called this lady out. The couple went back into the office and dude said they didn’t need an appointment. ?

  47. So glad she was arrested for this. I am a white male and this makes us all look bad. I hope she gets her ra(i)sm "fixed" in jail by a few very intelligent, strong willed women.

  48. I'm not condoning what she did, but how can you call it irrational? https://www.amren.com/news/2015/07/new-doj-statistics-on-race-and-violent-crime/

  49. This is What a Hill Billy Gun Toting Racist looks like!!! She was Taught Hate, she taught Her children to Hate &. Her grandchildren!! Then they Vote for a Man that Hates!!

  50. You don't have to talk about it in that context. You could see a woman talking to a couple and she pulls a gun. She represents herself not all white people. Fun to try to scare people though.

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