Who Is Summer Really?

Who Is Summer Really?

– What is up guys welcome to the vlog, we are making some brunch here, trying to eat all the food
in the house before we leave, we’re gonna be gone for 10 days. Priscilla’s got this massive
fruit salad, holy cow. – Yeah, so you have today and tomorrow. Everybody needs to eat it. – [Asa] Okay. (laughs) – Don’t tell me there’s nothing to eat. (Abbie hums) – Ab, grow that hair. Abbie was up all night long, so she’s been napping
quite a bit today actually. – [Priscilla] She woke up wild. – Wild?
– Yes. – [Asa] Well she’s
pretty much been napping since I’ve been up. We got a little fruit,
Isaiah’s getting ready to go get Summer. Nice little drive, you
like driving don’t you? – I do. – [Asa] Driving and thinking. – [Priscilla] When you
first started driving you liked driving. – [Asa] He still likes driving, he’s been driving for
two years, he likes it. – That’s a weird thought, two years. Next week I’ll be 18. – [Asa] I mean you legit
enjoy driving places. – Yeah, I’ll fight somebody to go drive. (Abbie hums) – Yum, do you have to get
all the way down in there? Oh you’re getting pineapple, I see. You did most of that,
just wanna point that out. Abbie pretty much stood
behind me while I was cooking and just ate fruit. Healthy sugar, so yeah. – Yep. – [Asa] That’s how that works. (door clicks) Drive safe. – Okay, bye guys, bye Abbie. – [Priscilla] We’ll be here packing. – [Asa] Say bye to your brother. He’ll be back. (Abbie hums in distress) I know, I know. Guess what, he’s bringing
a surprise for you. (Abbie hums) Hey.
(Abbie hums) Did you know he’s going to get Summer? (Abbie hums curiously) He’s gonna go get Summer. (gasps) Isn’t it exciting? He’ll be back in a little while, okay? We have to keep packing ’cause we have to pack for
our trip to California too, while we’re packing for the house. Lots of packing, I know it sucks, it’s all we’ve done
for the last two weeks. – [Isaiah] Guess what, you’re
gonna spend like 10 days in a house with a pool. – Yep.
(Abbie hums) Our AirBnB has a pool isn’t that exciting? (Abbie hums) You gonna swim? (Abbie moans)
(Abbie hums) I feel bad for her, y’know? – I know. – [Asa] We’ve done nothing but pack. (Abbie yells) – It’s okay, we’re gonna have 10 days filled with excitement. – [Asa] That’s true,
she’s gonna be exhausted all the time I think.
– She is. She needed this down time
because she’s going to that, gets home for two days
and then she leaves again. – [Asa] Yeah, going to camp. – Going to camp!
– You’re going to camp. (cheering)
– Yes you are, don’t say no, you’re going to camp.
– And then you’re gonna be in a new house. – [Asa] Oh, she’s exhausted, look at her. So so tired of it. I’m tired thinking about it. Maverick you’re gonna be in a new house. – [Isaiah] Okay, bye Ab. – [Priscilla] You’re
going to camp this week. – Okay, I’ll be right back. Hey guys, I am on my way to
pick up Summer, I’m excited. Like dad said I like driving, so this is cool, y’know? And I’m not holding the camera, I have both hands on the wheel up here, I put it we have a little
mount up here that we had. This is like old timey vlogs right now. We got the GoPro mounted
on the roof, y’know? We used to do this when would
go to SFA a couple years ago so this is cool, but yeah. I’m gonna jam out to music
and drive a couple hours, it’s exciting, I like doing this, this is enjoyable to me, so, yeah. I’ll check in later. (sighs) Okay.
(door slams) (hands clapping together) – Wow. (hands clapping together) (laughing) I messed up! – Summer’s here. (laughs) – Are you ready? (Abbie hums excitedly) Are you ready? (chuckles) (Abbie hums excitedly) You’re just so excited. Can you shut the door? (Abbie hums) Going out in pajama pants, don’t care huh? (Abbie hums) That’s a hot car huh? (Abbie moans)
That’s hot. (Abbie moans) (car engine humming) Okay, let’s go. (door slams) (car engine humming) Abbie’s so excited to get outta the house, just wanna get out and go huh? Doesn’t even matter we’re just hitting up the drive-through for Chinese food. I feel terrible that she’s been, y’know just kinda pent up in the house for the past couple weeks. It’s a bummer, I know. I know we’re going to California but, and we’re gonna be there for 10 days we’re gonna have a whole lot going on then she goes to camp, it still sucks though
I don’t wanna keep her in the house and not really doing anything ’cause the rest of us are busy
packing and stuff like that. I mean she has her music
and she has her activities and we still have some sensory toys that we left out for her to play with, but a lot of that stuff
we have to initiate that for her to do it, she’s
not into it on her own. Abbie are you so excited to get some food? We all need a break from
each other too y’know? We spend all day every day with each other and everybody just feels like they need a break once in a while, so that’s real life. (chuckles) Abbie gets bored just like any other kid, so she’s getting into things
and getting in trouble, just trying to keep herself busy. Instant disappointment as soon as we pull in the parking lot, I think you, I know what you want. They’re closed, they’re
like remodeling and stuff, and they’re two doors down here, we gotta drive across town to get that. She was bummed, it’s not
where she wanted to go. Well Panda Express, she
likes it, she loves it, but y’know, it’s not. Could I get a plate with
grilled teriyaki chicken. (Abbie yells softly) And then a kids meal
with teriyaki chicken. Yeah could I get a diet coke,
a medium diet coke as well? (Abbie yells) (worker mumbles) Yep that’s right. You didn’t do too bad Ab. She’s been yelling every
time we get in line (Abbie hums)
to order food (Abbie yells)
or anything, any time we have to talk
to someone on the phone or order food, or talk to
the vlog, she just yells. (door clicks) Oh boy, it’s dinner time. You gonna help me carry stuff in though? Can you help me? (Abbie hums softly) Here.
(Abbie yells) You gonna come help? (grass rustling) (Abbie yells) (Abbie moans) No no no, use your hand. Hold it like that, two
hands the whole time. Go put it on the counter, nope no no no no no. Bring it in here, come on this way. Put it in the kitchen. (Abbie hums) In here.
(Abbie hums) Put it on the counter. (Abbie hums) Thank you, good job. Okay you can go sit down, and I will fix your plate okay? Yep, go sit down. – [Priscilla] Hi guys! – [Asa] Hi, how’d it go? – [Priscilla] Good, I got
some laundry switched around, I got another box done. – [Asa] I figured you’d
be able to do a lot more without her on top of you. So the kids meal– (Abbie yells) The kids meal is not
for Abbie, it’s for mom. – It is.
(chuckling) You have to calm down. – There’s only room for
two of us at this table Ab. (laughs) Only have two chairs. It actually works out though, Priscilla does not mind. You’ve had some issues
with eating with her right? – Yeah so Abbie eats really fast, so it gets me feeling
like I have to eat fast, and then I get messed up. – [Asa] ‘Cause you have
to help her between bites so you’re trying to eat quickly and Priscilla can’t eat quickly, so it’s been difficult for her. – Very difficult to eat by Abbie. – So you don’t mind sitting over there by yourself at all. – [Priscilla] No. – [Asa] Who’s here Ab, who’s here? Who is it? Who is it? (Abbie hums) (chuckling) Go open the door, open the door, open it. – [Summer] Hi Ab, hi! – [Asa] Who is it? – Yeah, hi, can I have a hug? (Abbie hums) Hi, how are you? I miss you so much. I’m here, where we going? Hi Asa.
– Hi. – [Summer] Oh my gosh
the house looks so crazy. – [Asa] Yeah I know right? – Did you dump your bucket, yeah? Why’d you do that? – [Asa] She’s like you
know, it’s what I do. – Hi, what do you think? Are we going upstairs? Where we going? You want me to go up there with you? Okay I’ll go. You want me to go, go ahead. I’m coming, don’t worry. I need a bigger box, do you? Hi!
(Abbie moans) What’s up? – [Asa] Gosh, she’s so
happy to see her friend. – What’s up? – [Asa] It just makes her whole year. – It does, we going into your room? Are we going in your room? Okay let’s go. (laughing)
Is that funny? – New ask who Summer is to
the family all the time. That’s who Summer is to the family, she is Abbie’s best friend,
through and through. They love each other so much, it’s so special to us. – It is.
– But who she really is we met her at Servers For Autism, she’s a family friend, she’s kinda become part of the family. Y’know, we adopted her. Her parents didn’t sign any
paperwork but we adopted her. And she’s 21, so her parents
don’t have to sign paperwork so there’s that. Why are you sleeping under your pillow? Goodnight, I love you sweet girl. See you in the morning. Hey bro.
– Hey bro. – [Asa] Your sister was too
tired to close out the vlog, do you mind? – Me, okay. (beeps)
(door clicks) – It’s not gonna fit.
– It is. (screams)

9 thoughts on “Who Is Summer Really?

  1. @ 9:04 it sounds like Abbie said "room" to Summer!! ??
    BTW, I'm studying to be a SLP so I appreciate your speech pathologist video very much! Be well,
    love from Oregon.

  2. Wow, something that I really admire about you guys is that you all respect her and her limitations but also don’t “baby” her and treat her like she’s incapable of simple tasks (like helping carry the food inside). She’s an extremely smart girl who is capable of so much and you all as her family realize that and treat her with so much respect, love and understanding. Aghhhh I just love ya’ll so much ?❤️

  3. I have high functioning autism and it's a heck of a challenge daily. Daily activities are very difficult. Anxiety disorder adds a whole new difficulty to it. Love the vids

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