Why are these monkeys stealing from tourists? | World’s Sneakiest Animals – BBC

Why are these monkeys stealing from tourists? | World’s Sneakiest Animals – BBC

These monkeys are expert thieves. Here we go, here we go! Oh, and there you go. Brazen, audacious. They’ve worked out exactly how to get what
they want. Oh dear, oh dear. It’s like taking candy from children, it really
is. You’re a bit of a gangster, aren’t you? You fancy yourself as a bit of a sunglasses
hitman. Look at him, look. Here he goes. I’ve been undercover for about an hour. The monkeys have been stealing all sorts of
stuff, flip flops, sunglasses. I’ve managed to hang on to my own. People’s hats. I’m told they even nick their iPhones. The interesting thing is though, they’re taking
all of this stuff which is valuable to us humans, but they’re not taking any food. Well, obviously I spoke too soon about my
sunglasses. But this daylight robbery is still all about
food. Just not in the way that you’d ever expect. So, to understand what they’re up to, I’m
giving them an irresistible opportunity. You see, these monkeys want something in return
for my phone. They’re notorious for one thing… holding
people to ransom. Ok, he’s got my phone. And there is a system by which I may be able
to do this. Bartering. Ok, that’s what it thinks of peanuts. Let’s try something a little bit more valuable
to it. Maybe a bag of bananas. Doesn’t seem particularly interested in the
bananas either, does he? The last prize that I have is this. Protein, in the form of eggs. If anything’s gonna get my phone back, it’s
this. Yes!

100 thoughts on “Why are these monkeys stealing from tourists? | World’s Sneakiest Animals – BBC

  1. Well, when planet of the Apes takes over one day in the future, we humans will be in their place. So trear these guys well now.

  2. They only want food….just carry some extra food when u travel to these places next time…..they have just found a way out to negotiate with human beings who seems to be totally ignorant and careless about the other species which too exist with them…..no fruit bearing trees around for them to chill they are just enjoying pranking people around….it's like give n take….?

  3. How about you spray mace in the monkeys face instead of allowing the monkeys who are miraders of death praying for war run wild.

  4. I would flip out if Andy the monkey took my flat cap or worse the tobacco pipe out of my mouth while I'm smoking it

  5. Those Uluwatu monkeys are very conniving..I seen them snatching this poor girls sandal, and despite the offers the monkey ran off with it. They need to feed those things man or they wouldn't be doing this.

  6. British loots half of the world,no one bats an eye
    A primate steals a $2 cap, everyone looses their mind

  7. see this on you tube :

  8. These are well trained by some gangs.There were a lot of groups ,who trained these monkeys.They trained how to theft only valuable things from tourists and from the open windows of houses .The trained monkey thefts only watches,cash,gold and mobiles etc.

  9. If I'm not mistaken this monkey population used to be fed sugar. In fact that was how this entire ordeal started. Are there now restrictions forcing tourists to only feed the monkeys proteins? This is of profound interest to me.

  10. First it’s sunglasses, then iPhones. Soon, they’ll be blindfolding people and bartering for our release. “Outlander! We have your woman!!”

  11. The tourists are the enablers. If nobody feed the monkey they will move to the jungle. As long as there is food give then why not? Easy food right?

  12. This happened to me in Bali , monkey took my glasses ,but monkey was so careful while snatching he didn't hurt me , one local guy was close by he came and monkey obidiently gave my glasses to him , and I had to pay some money to that guy, I felt the monkey was trained to do that to tourist, because they don't damage the things they steal you always get that back safely.

  13. I'll trade you this…..

    Tranq dart to the eye

    Now go steal an eye patch, you little pirate. An eye for a sandal. Your eye. Think twice next time

  14. I would be kicking and smacking the shit out of those shitbags…I absolutely hate those disgusting repulsive nasty ass vile thieving rodents

  15. Wow!! People think they’re stupid, but they’re survivors. I wish the country did something like sterilization to keep the population down.

  16. Who moral of the story is Food is much more Expensive than your iPhone. Monkey gives a strong message here You can live without iPhone but can't exist without water and food

  17. human is part of the food chain. We're still animal. Being smarter doesn't means we are not an animal. There's no equality in the food chain. Our ancestors spent millions of years to evolve to be the top of the food chain, and now u r telling me that I should be 'sympathetic' and let these lower life-forms bully me? Hell no. If any of them dare to rob me, I'm gonna teach them how to respect human.

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