Why Camping Is SO GOOD For You

Why Camping Is SO GOOD For You

If you want to sort your life out the
best thing that I think you can do is get out into nature and go camping
off-the-grid somewhere really uncomfortable without showers
without proper flushing toilets where there’s no people there’s no creature
comforts you’re sitting around the fire each night you’ve got to go through
the stress of like figuring out how to light a fire, you’re eating bananas and
tins of spaghetti and you’re sleeping we’re sleeping on a mattress in the back
of our car or you’re sleeping in like a cheap tent on like a yoga mat or
whatever you can put together and it only cost $10 a night to camp here so you
can’t use the excuse that you can’t afford to get away it’s like the perfect
holiday because at the end of it all you’re actually glad that it’s over but
you’ve also had that reinvigorating experience of doing something different
and getting away from all of your problems and the thing that camping does
is it forces you out of your regular patterns and your attachments because
you’ve got to deal with more immediate shit, you have to because it’s you’re
overwhelmed by mosquitoes and the cold and the uncomfortable like ground that
you’re sitting on or like all of these things or the waters cold right now
I’m freezing I’m cold but it’s just another like you just
realize like you get more in touch with the immediate experience you get more in
touch with nature you start to think about like spiders and snakes and like I
don’t really care about any of that stuff anymore because I’ve been camping
for a long time but all of those initial experiences are really good for you to
pull you out of your old patterns and stuff and make you start forgetting about
your mom and your dad boyfriend your girlfriend, maybe they’re with you they’re
dealing with it with you and that’s even better that’s even cooler like all these
relationships and the roommates that you live with or anything like that that’s
really stressing you out like you will forget about it because you will be
trying to figure out how to put a tent up perhaps for the first time in your
life and that’s going to take all of your concentration and awareness
it has like such a therapeutic effect and you’re gonna see all these beautiful
things we saw a Python yesterday like in a really natural state like just some
baking underneath a rock just in the water and there’s like a bunch of fields
with cows grazing and heaps of like wildlife there’s a million different
kinds of bird and some of them sound like monkeys and stuff you may have
heard them while I’ve been chatting away right now and I did a meditation while I
was out here as well as sat on a big rock in the Sun and there’s just so much
to take in and I think that’s what we’re sort of looking for you know day to day
life it’s the it’s the reason why we get addicted to things and we get attached
to things and we go like gambling on the pokies or we get addicted to video games
like high stimulation things scrolling through social media looking for
something to take our attention away it’s because like our ancestors and
stuff but over the hundreds and thousands of years of evolution that
we’ve gone through or whatever they had like they were in a very stimulating
environment this is hectic there’s so much going on and they had to contend
with in a much more direct way they had to catch this stuff that’s running
around in the woods and eat it and stuff and find find the plants that they could
actually consume that weren’t poisonous and it’s like a much more direct
experience it would have been very like a fully immersive like we’re working
towards virtual reality right now so that we can have that fully immersive
experience all we have to do is go down the road like get away from the city and
get into the forest and then you’re in the most immersive virtual reality the
reality experience that we all like shot like we’re all pushing it away thinking
like oh it’s so uncomfortable it’s so it’s so messy but then we like create
all of this discomfort and drama and anxiety and stuff in our lives to
simulate it because we miss it because like we’re designed to thrive and
flourish in an environment that’s challenging for us and it’s it’s just I
think that’s like one of the big problems that people have like they’re
just they think that there they’re making their life easier
oh they’re like they’re avoiding all these things that are going to cause
them suffering but all you’re doing is making yourself I don’t know you just
like you’re scrambling the human the human being like it’s not how we’re
supposed to be but if you’re somebody who’s never been camping and you and you
hate nature you probably just think I’m a crazy hippie person which I kind of am
now but if you do take that plunge and get out and go camping or you’re
somebody who’s goes camping already you’ll know what I’m talking about
you’ll have a fantastic experience and you’ll let go of so many attachments and
addictions just by default because you won’t be able to focus on them or you’re
so immersed in the experience of semi survival in the wilderness if you
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9 thoughts on “Why Camping Is SO GOOD For You

  1. I had a lot of fun with this video. I really wanted to make a short horror movie but then I thought it would be funny to use the horror movie footage as the introduction and just not say anything about it in the video.

  2. Dude this totally makes me wanna go camping! Maybe we can do it when I make it up your way. It’s way too cold to camp in Victoria atm :p haha (btw nice intro and thumbnail)

  3. Very good point ! So many people who have never camped and everyone should for the very reasons you stated and then some. We have camped ever since we were kids, roughing it in tents at times. We still camp these days however we don't rough it so much, I bought a 1975 Chevy camper and remodeled the inside with upgrades, runs great and didn't cost but $2,000. So we sleep well however we are more outdoors usually hiking in the woods or sitting around the campfire and such. Very very healthy for the soul. Do you guys Camp often?

  4. Hi ky!
    this video was lovely.
    About camping for $10 a night…
    Do you have any tips on camping as cheaply as possible especially with cooking and cooking equipment?
    I would love you to do a video on this someday, as it would be extremely beneficial for people who are interested in camping, but may have only done it a few times or at festivals, or even never before!
    thanks so much, hope you can get back to me on this!

  5. Can you make more videos where your just paddling down the river talking about life, could hear you talk for hours dude!

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