Why choose BA (Hons) Tourism Management at Hertfordshire Business School

Why choose BA (Hons) Tourism Management at Hertfordshire Business School

A lot of people often get the
preconception that tourism management is just about travel and leisure however
there are other elements towards it so when looking at the modules you’ll find
that there’s elements for marketing, finance, data analysis, strategic
planning, which again employs do value. Tourism management as a course I found it
really gives you this position of power of over the structure of your course so
you can take opportunities such as like placements, study abroad, you can choose to
change the way that your timetable is structured if it doesn’t fit to you… And also in terms of the teaching style it’s very dynamic, very interactive and
it does involve a lots of presentations and group work which again helps to
build confidence. And also we’ve got such a wide, varied team of lecturers as well
who have a massive amount of industry experience between them and they’ve got
loads of industry contacts as well, which means that if they can put you into
contact with people in the in the industry and help you in terms of
employment and placement years as well. Looking at the module and the course
from the whole, I definitely recommend it I’ve gained a lot of practical skills
and industry skills again because I chose a placement… And I found that
they’re really supportive in helping you with assignments and helping you with
preparation for exams as well. You can always go and see them during the office
hours and yes, it’s just really a supportive team. If you’re looking to study at
Hertfordshire and choose Tourism Management I’d definitely recommend it.

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  1. Can u pls let me know the Facilities at UH Relevant to MSc(international tourism Hospitality and Event management)

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