34 thoughts on “Why Did I Visit Brazil? — The New Travel Show #3

  1. I asked this question to Josh, now it's your turn: What do you think is the biggest difference between life in the USA and life in Brazil? ????

  2. Hi Josh..I want to visit Brazil. Actually for couple decades. Hope to be in Columbia in April for a month then Peru and Brazil.
    Thank you for all this great information.
    Dan New Travel with Nari are the best.?⭐

  3. Fabulous video, excellent images, thanks for showing your adventures in different parts of the world! hugs friend, and greetings from Tijuana! ?

  4. I've been wanting to go to Florianopolis…looks like an awesome first place to visit in Brazil! The simple life is where it's at, well said, Josh.

  5. Yes, it works great…interviewing. The local residents (not officials) would be wonderful subjects for future interviews. Nice work! Thank you for the free online travels in your well produced videos.

  6. Yay Dan, just caught back up to you. I didn’t know you were in Brazil ??. I’ll go back to your first two Brazil videos and watch. So excited for these new adventures

  7. Very interesting. I wish I could visit Brasil too!! You video is Great, really like it ?? 234 FULL WATCHED?
    I invite you to visit my VLOG TRAVEL channel, it's amazing because we almost do the same ??
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  8. Bacana nao conhecia seu canal , muito bom. Moro em BH do lado de Ouro Preto, uma cidade magnífica!

    Nice video , i'm following u now ! I live in Belo Horizonte, ouro preto is an awesome city !!! Enjoy r trip !!

  9. Nice interview Dan!! And there is nothing wrong to advertise for his company since both of you really make a good effort in trying to portray this other side of the countries, in this case Brazil. And indeed now that there is no visa required for Canadians and other nationalities. Exactly one year ago my husband had to travel to Brazil, specifically Rio de Janeiro because of his job, and it was a bit difficult to get the visa since here in Calgary there is no consulate it has to be done on line. Then he thought that traveling as Mexican (no visa required) would be easier, but what it was difficult was to get the Mexican passport renewed ??‍♀️. Anyways, at the end he got the visa right on time. And he loved it very much. Great experience and hoping to comeback some time to visit. It’s definitely in our bucket list.

  10. Por que visitei EUA, Portugal, Argentina, etc? Simples: porque gostaria de saber mais sobre a cultura e hábitos naquelas regiões; algo diferente da minha; apenas isso.

  11. Awesome video!! Like any style of videos. I really enjoy this conversation specially about the differences between Brasil and the USA. You are doing an amazing job! Take care. ???

  12. You should visit the city of Bauneario Camboriu, it's know as the Brazilian Dubai, which is located at the south of Brazil.

  13. Any Brazilian girls wanna show me around Rio when I come there for the first time next year? 🙂 I am from Dublin, Ireland. 😀

  14. hello i'm brazilian and i felt that o should give you a tip.

    Go to "Balneário Camboriú", The "Brazilian Dubai"


    Î Î Î drone view of the city

  15. Shot out for the birds in the back…can you hear? I love Ouro preto. Minas Gerais os a must go State in Brazil ♥️

  16. And if you have chance stop by São Bartolomeu…my family have a ranch there and you will love the village ♥️

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