100 thoughts on “Why Do I Need A Passport To Travel?

  1. Any physically carried travel document, hence passports, is now medically proved to be against human rights. This is because there is a disability discrimination in allowing travel document's loss or theft to be a devastating life emergency disrupting all your plans and preventing your outward journey from happening.

    From the existence of dyspraxia, coordination problems and autism, citizens who are not learning disabled and who have average independent lives have unequal innate propensity to lose small objects. Which makes travel on a passport unequally risky for them.

    The human rights are broken by the country which requires the passport, rather than the country which issues it. Even after you get this disability principle to stop a country requiring passports, it still needs to issue them to its citizens for access to the countries still using them.

  2. Does anyone now if The Vatican or Palestine issue passports? As they are political entities, but are not internationally recognized by the UN as member states (only as permanent observer states), I wonder if they issue their own passports, or if they carry passports issued by Italy and Israel respectively.

  3. So.. your telling me americans are for non passport of the "big govt" but dont want ISIS pouring into their country… So tell me how this helps national security… lol

  4. and if you famously beat up women and defend such actions publicly you may get banned from entering a whole host of foreign countries despite possessing a passport (cough, Chris Brown, cough)

  5. 2 weeks ago i traveled from turkey to cyprus, when i arrived they didnt allow me to enter and prisoned me until my departure flight time arrived.. the reason because i am syrian! they said syrians are not allowed to enter cyprus.. is it my fault if i was born syrian?

  6. I read somewhere that the USA is an absolute monarchy with an elected monarch; but the UK is a republic with a hereditary president. Make what you will of that! The fact is that Her Majesty is the world's most experienced head of state and was trained to do the job.

  7. Coolest countries I've been to: Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Strangest countries I've been to: South Korea and Singapore.

  8. It's really annoying that in the UK we need to show passports to get onto Mainland Europe. Once I'm there i can go country to country without being asked 'Business or pleasure' once.

  9. Passports are pointless. Why not just have finger print reader. Not only that everyones fingerprints would be in database so criminals would be easier to find, but also its the easiest way to identify someone.

  10. Donetsk Ukraine, I was there when the war started and was on the anti-America side. I was hearing bombing every night and tanks.

  11. While not a strange country I have visited, my old passport was issued on Sept 11 2002.
    My current passport was issued on the day this video was published.

  12. Always have a valid passport. You never know when you may need to leave the country on a moment's notice, such as relative you may need to help or if Donald Trump becomes president.

  13. I have a german passport and grew up living in Indonesia, Iran, England and India. I still remember when I played for a football (or soccer) club in India and we were invited to participate in a tournament in Singapore. Since I was the only german citizen in our team, literally everyone had to apply for a visa in advance except for me, because german citizens enjoy a very high travel freedom and barely have to worry about visa issues when travelling somewhere.
    I could just book a ticket to Thailand for fun and spontaneously fly there, which citizens from Pakistan or Afghanistan for example can't do because they require a visa first^^

  14. Can it be possible for someone to renew a passport in another country if you are there and it expires

  15. You don't need a passport to travel. God made this world. If the law restricts it, that's their problem. What I believe, is that every person should be able to travel anywhere around the world. God made this world. Who is the law to restrict travelling from other countries without a passport and visa?

  16. Craziest travel destination so far: Antarctica!!! Went for a month in Feb 2016 to follow Shackleton's route and commemorate the 100th Anniversary of his trip.

  17. all passports are false if/when living beings use them
    the legal names on the passports belong to the crown/state
    legal names are subsidiaries to the crown/state
    thus they are corporations just like the crown/state
    living being cannot be corporations as
    living beings are alive and corporations are dead
    pure logic
    google legal name fraud

  18. I still don't know why one needs a passport. How would the Queen of England get backing from her country?
    Also, people are taken hostage, Americans, etc., who get NO BACKING FROM THEIR OWN COUNTRY.
    Yes, right about that one–it is big government. I doubt David Rockefeller needed a passport to travel. Or the Pope.

  19. There should be one world government that isn’t corrupt. I like how the First Nations used to pick leaders it should be that way worldwide with no political borders.

  20. Just read a news title headline on Yahoo.com that reads as follows : 9 States Will Require Passports for Domestic Flights Within the U.S. Hmmm O.o

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  22. passports are not about big governments it is about identifying you to the receiving country so if you commit a crime in said country the law enforcement agency know what embassy to contact as per the united nations mandate

  23. How the hell could the passport "industry" be privatized? That would make counterfeiting easier and there is no upside to having it privatized. This is just something that is better left for the government to handle.

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  26. Im 22, visited 25 countries, most interesting one is netherlands, from there, I just meet dutch almost everywhere i go..

  27. Not all passport are equal like Asian and European passport there are some passport which special it depends on what country you are belong.

  28. the only reason to have a passport is because you're useing there technology , to stop a man woman child from settling in a different land unhindered is blasphemy

  29. Passports are retarded. Depending on where you're born you may or may not be able to travel where you want??? Total oppressive bullshit.

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  31. Does the president have to have a passport? The other question I have is even though the queen doesn't have to have a passport to get back into England would she have to have a passport to get into another country? Could another country just say sorry you need a passport or we're not letting you in? If this is the case and the queen does not need a passport and she can fly to any country in the world no matter what the country is then this would really state that the queen is the most powerful person in the world I know they say that the u.s. president is the most powerful person in the world but that would technically mean the queen is.

  32. I’ve been to Mexico and Canada twice WITHOUT a passport. That’s bc my mom is a truck driver and she doesn’t need one bc again truck driver

  33. I have passport and I visited 10 which are Mexico 🇲🇽, Canada 🇨🇦, Lebanon 🇱🇧, Qatar 🇶🇦, UK 🇬🇧, France 🇫🇷, Italy 🇮🇹, excluding Vatican City 🇻🇦 which I do not consider it a country, Germany 🇩🇪, and Turkey 🇹🇷. The most interesting country I have to say is Lebanon 🇱🇧 because it is a small country as it’s coastline is along the Mediterranean Sea 🌊 as their culture is very interesting there since I am Lebanese myself.

  34. I cannot wait until I get my Passport in July 2019 I'm a American I am United States of America Citizen I love our country 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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