Why Do We Take Vacations To Get Tired? – Kenny Sebastian in Kerala

Why Do We Take Vacations To Get Tired? – Kenny Sebastian in Kerala

So let me tell you exactly
what this video is not. It’s not a stand up video,
it’s not funny. It’s not high energy.
It’s not a video which will like… Whoa! It’s actually completely opposite of that. It’s a calming video
with a lot of silences in it. With barely any music. and no context. So if you are not looking for that you can stop watching it right now. But if you were like “Hey Kenny,
I just want five minutes of peace, man!” Then yeah, this is your kind of video. So this is my weekend trip
with Naveen Richard, who is my flatmate and we’ve decided
last minute to go to Kerala. And Kerala’s a very important place to me. Because it’s… been a teacher,
without me realizing it. Every year, in my childhood two months was in Kerala and I took their cleanliness and the people’s education and their ‘syncness’ with nature for granted. ‘Syncness’ is not a word, I know. Also why this video,
cause I shoot a lot. I love shooting. And I don’t edit most of my travels because editing is hell! So I was like, why not finish this one? Because the trip is very important. Because it made me realize
something very basic. (Radio announcer speaks in Tamil.) (Note: At the Borders of Kerala , People speak Tamil as well.) Back on the road.
You’re gonna drive, buddy? Oh yeah! It’s my turn to drive. Yeah! Baby driver. Come on, baby! Come on, babe! You know the last time I drove, man I took down a government. I took down a government, man. I’ve been very lucky
to travel the world. And to exotic places. But I always came back more tired. What happened? Why’s it doing that? Press the brake and start it. Once you’ve driven a four wheeler before… Four wheeler… But this last minute trip to Kerala
was so calming. Because all I did
was spend time with my friend. Chilled and pet a lot of dogs.
Naveen has two dogs. Footage of dogs. This was a trip I really needed. And we did nothing.
All we did was, eat! Yeah! So we’re gonna do a double egg, double curry, six “parothas”. Two teas. Bang bang, shebang man! We are one hour away
from our destination. It’s one hour, huh? Yeah! Oh! Sweet. Yeah. Oh, you’re supposed to call that guy. Yeah, it’s busy. True. Correct, correct, correct. Awesome, da. Maggi! And travel in this wonderful car called ‘Brezza’. Brezza. Breeza! I’m not a big fan of the car. No offense to the people who made it, but I just… I mean, I grew to like it now. I miss…her… We decided to go to his house
and then we chilled. By chilled, I mean, ride his jeep. It’s awesome to be on a jeep. You feel like you’re Indiana Jones. It’s just like an adventure. Very uncomfortable, but adventurous. After lot of off roading, which surprisingly is a breeze.
Brezza managed. Off roading. Managed it. But yeah, at the end of the trip I just realized so many things about Kerala, I took for granted. The cleanliness. The forest officials really care
about Kerala, back there. You know, everyone in Kerala is pretty much
in touch with their surroundings and I still don’t know why it’s called
“God’s own country”? Which basically means
“God hates every other state?” Wait, it says… “God’s own country.”
Wait, it’s not a country, it’s a state. Oh, I’m just realizing. I just realized that. ‘I could feel it in my bones.’ Hey buddies! Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? You’re a stinky little fellow. You’re a stinky little fellow. ‘I know that I am so much better.’ ‘Better off.’ ‘I know I’m so much better off.’ Anyway, I hoped you… I don’t know. Did the video calm you down? Did it leave you
in a nice chilled feeling. I hope it did. Well this trip did and I just wanted
to share that feeling with you. Not information. If you liked it, please like it. If you share it, just share it. And if… If you have a wonderful memory
of travel that actually relaxed you, comment below. Not a trip! Like, a travel that relaxed you. I would love to know. Have a good day guys! ‘I’m alright.’ ‘Might be shaken, but not stirred.’

100 thoughts on “Why Do We Take Vacations To Get Tired? – Kenny Sebastian in Kerala

  1. When you're not doing comedy you seem so calm n composed. Please keep uploading such kinda videos. It really replenish peace of mind n it feels like we will get to know more of you as a person❣
    Kerala is indeed a beautiful place…looking forward to explore it soon😌

  2. It did help me remember all the moments of my childhood, I come from a small town in West ghats and that green forest, no traffic, no rush and peace I totally get it. It just gave me so may memories back and like I wanna go back home and chill the same way. Best part of the video was you din take up nice's places to she us. But you showed us the other side and like that. Thanks buddy

  3. Doggos make me happy all the time. An unplanned trip, Kerela, curry, parotta and doggos…what more could one ask for?! Epitome of relaxation.

  4. Yes!I had once went to ooty on bike with my biker friends. Even though I had been there before and had nice time with family but the one this time was very close to my heart because I had a very peaceful n calming time there. Wandering in an unknown place early in the morning is just bliss!!

  5. My travels are two extremes.. Either tiring, dangerous journeys or journeys which are not instagram worthy but definitely life worthy. And my trip to Hampi was one like that. Solo trip but no pressure and it was just me, some boulders and monkeys and a random marriage I got invited to.

  6. Love you Kenny for uploading a video like this. I belong to Trivandrum. Well, 🤔 hill stations in Kerala are so superb, that nothing else you need for rejuvenation. Munnar, Peerumedu, Wagamon, Ponmudi….I go to these places just to enjoy the nature and the mist…..😉 Try it out next time……And you really feel like crying when you down ride those hills… .😍

  7. Kenny,it's a beautiful video that reflects honesty. Every one wants such a relaxing break from work. It's infact a luxury and fortunate ones get to experience it. God bless you

  8. Thank you for creating and sharing this. Would love to see more of such content. Such a great vibe. Lots of love 🙂

  9. @Kenny bro, At least in my lifetime wanna meet you once in personal bro (Hope as a fan it happens 🥰). U r such a Nice soul with good vibes and I'm proud to tell that I'm a big fan of you🙂

  10. Growing up in andaman and islands vacation in kerala at my ammumas place every year was what i looked for. Kollam was almost as same as andaman full of forests greenary cleaniness etc. Loved everything about it the smell, the sound of crickets, seeing minamin, searching for manjadikuru, eating kappa, parotta and chicken, bajji, cutting chai, appam and motta curry, playing in the rice field, taking milk from rubber tree, having mangoes, traveling from kollam to tvm in super fast bus everything about kerala is so good. This video was too good @kenny sebastian truly calming and nostalgic. Thank you

  11. I loved it! Yes, it calmed me down. And I still found it funny. I’m in the US and have always wanted to travel to India, but finances don’t allow for it. This video gave me a view of India that isn’t generally captured in documentaries. I felt like I was there with you guys. I liked seeing what the surroundings look like, and what businesses look like and how people interact with each other. You’ve given me a taste of Bharat that I won’t forget, thanks for taking me along 🙂

  12. Our visit to Ponmudi hills, Kerala was the most relaxing travel I ever had. The air was scratching me till the bones like I can feel it in my veins.😊 I just love that place.

  13. Tourists, After watching this video, please don't flock to our beautiful state without understanding the culture. We do not talk loud, don't call us Madrasis coz you know- Geography?, we make sure not to litter and we take our beef curry very seriously. Also, never mention Poland to a Malayalee. Never.

  14. After shoving a "no-expectation-filling" inside me, dipping me into "nostalgia-sauce" and sprinkling some comedy-topping, you have managed to serve the sweetest mallu dessert, Kenny!
    Thank You!

  15. Hi Kenny….. I love ur work so much and is a big fan….
    I am a Bengali and stay in Kolkata… Recently I went to Shantiniketan… A place in West Bengal,Where Tagore stayed and wrote most of his literature… It's a place which truly lush and green and had a similar soothing effect on me… Just liked to share this info as u said in the video……
    Love you. U r a great talent.. Best of luck… And if u ever read this i would be extremely happy if u reply…

  16. This is so sweet. And it made me have chai in the middle of the night. Thank you so much for that, Kenny (pun intended 😛 )

  17. 1:33
    ശവം… കേരളം ന്ന് പറഞ്ഞിട്ട് തമിഴ് ഓഡിയോ കേൾപ്പിക്കുന്നോ. 😡

  18. @Kenny Sebastian
    Hi,Kenny I am from USA I just watched your videos,I want to talk to you personally about a programme in a school in USA,How can I contact you???.The date and other conditions are negotiable..From the video,i knew that you love shooting,by the way i am from Chicago…We need a man who is interested in school shooting…😁😁

  19. Loved it man!! The music just added to the peace. There was so much peace amidst the chaos sort of peace. So loved it !!!

  20. You completely rocked the video at "Editing is Hell" I know it I don't have a channel Bcoz of that shit
    Oh and the doggos have my ♥

  21. Thanks for sharing. It's a very calming video. I recently had a chance to visit Ooty and Connoor and the places were awesome and a lot similar. The folks were really friendly and welcoming there.

    Do keep sharing such videos in future.

    – From Bangladesh

  22. aaaawww 😇😇😇😇 it's seriously so calming….
    Totally relatable………… have been on a lot of trips to hill stationsions in south India! it's beautifull!!!!

  23. Hey i loved what you did at the end.not many videos on youtube where you can hear silence and hit that soft spot in your heart.looking for lots more from you.

  24. no time to jerk each others off with beautiful nature. Indians will destroy nature. Start recording the flex boards, garbage dumps, open sewer, talk about all the garbage that we dumped back into the river during kerala floods. Stop trying to be the serenading chill dude, get angry about everything. Talk about things that make people uncomfortable. Piss people off who are trying to circle jerk with you.

  25. I’m not Malayali, but I’ve been schooled in a catholic missionary school, where all the blessed nuns who raised us were Malayali. Our principals, I remember, were all Malayali Catholics. So, we grew up amongst Sisters & listening to their stories & experiences of Kerala, the plantations and all. Those narratives formed such vivid pictures of backwaters, landscapes & plush greenery on my mind, I bet I’ll never forget them till I’m alive. When ppl ask me about my school, I’m one helluva of a proud human as I watch them raising brows, “Oh! Okayyyyy….wow! That’s great!” Truly god’s own country! Thanks Kenny Sebastian🙏. This video of yours refreshed my memories from the most beautiful yesteryears of this lifetime.

  26. Bhai stand-up comedy ki video lao na Bhai.. bahut time ho gya.. purane video ko kitni baar replay KR krke hasu.. njan paze videos kand mathi aae.. puthiya stand up comedy video idu 😔😔😔

  27. I love sitting in home n just watch rain… Take an early walk…the.. .feel while sitting in varanda during evening having coffee n enjoying sunset… ….. yah I do live in kerala.. . Trust me do come to kerala u can feel it… .just One condition be an early bird..😁.. Here we have horrific noon 🕛 ..

  28. mostly every hill stations in kerala are peace full the more i felt was bonacaud ghost benglow which is known as gb25 . the storys are bit creepy but the atmostphere the air the offroads everything refreshes . 2ndly idukki aww the beauty

  29. i hope you’re okay kenny, you seem different and i don’t know why, maybe because i haven’t watched you in a year i think, not in a negative way, it’s just different. i like to walk alot kenny, it always calms me down, helps me think and then helps me quiet my mind. It’s therapeutic, to not have your headphones in all the time and walk, watching people live their lives doing simplest of mundane things that you overlook and in day to day life that’s okay, we have things we need to do but every once in a while to become aware of things and nature and people and your breathing and aimlessly walking, it’s like meditation, it truly heals me.

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