Why Foreigners Don’t Trust Indians in India (Tourist Trap Scam)

Why Foreigners Don’t Trust Indians in India (Tourist Trap Scam)

I’m here at the Kochi fishing nets. And I’ve read a lot online about a tourist trap that the fishermen are running from these Chinese fishing nets. So let’s go and see what they’re out doing. How you can avoid this. What’s that? You’re inviting me on. Is it okay? Karl: New Zealand.
Joseph: You’re name?
Karl: Karl Oh, yeah. Yeah Karl: Are you a tour guide? You sound like a tour guide. Ok, thank you. This was very interesting. I’m gonna go now. Yes, I’m gonna go stand on the beach and watch. Thank you so much for showing me these nets. Joseph: Ok you be happy and gift here my family. God bless you. Ehh? Joseph: Asking for donation. Karl: Oh, you wanna donation.
Joseph: To family to children for poor fishermen. Karl: But you were calling me from here you were saying come so I thought Joseph: All here very problem this one no fishing.
Karl: No because you were calling me. So I thought you were being friendly like you wanted to just show me a quickly. That’s what. Joseph: You happy you and gift here. I said, okay Karl: I understand, thank you so much. Thank you, thank you
Joseph: My name is Joseph
Karl: Thank You Joseph Karl: Hundred, hundred rupees is good, man. Karl: No No, no more gifts I gave you a hundred.
Joseph: Give me pen
Karl: it’s good money. I don’t have a pen I don’t have a pen. Okay now.
Joseph: I love you India. I love it India. Karl: Thank you. Thank you Bye So we just met our friend, Joseph over here at the nets and they call out your name when you’re walking on the boulevard. And they say come come and check out our fishing nets, so you think oh wow! It’s a friendly local a friendly fisherman who just wants to show me his net but that’s not the reality here in India and whenever someone’s calling you a friend here, it’s usually because they want to make some money from you. And that’s the really sad thing. So, after he show you the fishing nets, he starts asking for a donation and he presses you more and more to give a pen or something. So yeah, there’s always a catch here in India and that’s the sad thing because it makes us foreigners not trust locals at all because we think that local Indians just want something from us if they’re approaching us in the street and just chatting to us and you know. If they’re meeting you in Connaught Place or these touristy areas, the chances are that they do just want something from you. They shouldn’t be doing this. This is a trap, this is a tourist trap. They’re trapping you in with this friendly local fake persona and then asking for donation at the end. Yeah, if you wonder why a foreigner isn’t, you know interested in meeting you on the street if you walk up to them if you’re an Indian. It’s probably because someone has racked that experience for them by asking them for donation or for money or pressurizing them into something. It’s not uncommon for us foreigner to face this here. So guys, please be careful when you’re here in Kochi and you’re near these fishing nets. Know what you’re getting yourself. And they are gonna ask you for money and maybe you want to pay them right and get a tour of the fishing net. That’s cool. But you should know you’re gonna have to pay before you get onto those fishing nets. And actually I got off lightly. If you don’t pay them, They will take your phone if you been taking photos. They won’t give it back until you pay them. These are other stories. I’ve heard from tourists here. They will get money from you somehow. Actually, I felt, I felt bad for Joseph. So I did give him money. I wasn’t planning to, but that’s all part of the plan for them as well. Sell a, sell a sob story to you. If you wanna travel safely and comfortably, here in incredible India go to Indiasurvivaluigde.com and get my quick start safety guide. Long live India

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  1. For those you who never watch my positive videos, please explore the incredible side of India too. There are many reasons why I love India and choose to live here. Start here https://youtu.be/Rbn0cxbl28M.

  2. You will find tourist traps and scammers also in Europe. There are plenty of videos from Paris, Prague, Rome etc. on YouTube.

  3. Not realy every indian expect something from foreigner u had also visited chhattisgarh bt u didnt find anyone who were asking such gift from u.

  4. "Hi, I'm Karl from New Zealand!"

    I am very surprised to see that scammers across the country still doesn't recognise KARL ROCK when the man is standing right infront of him!

  5. When i went to this place i saw dozens of foreigners watching these fishing nets like you and they gave 3000 rs to the fisherman while i being an indian just watched it for free , standing on this ship kind of thing

  6. I don’t think he said “what’s your name” in spanish, i think he tried to say it in french because it’s sounds like : comment tu t’appelle? Which means what’s your name?

  7. Maybe I'm more suspicious, but if a stranger tells me to show me something, I ask him why, and then how much it costs. But I had already bad experiences where someone offers to travel for free, but then it is a promotional event and they want to sell you something.

  8. tourists should be with a trsted guide to avoid these poor and money fetching peoples or be brave and smart enough as karl to deal with these things.

  9. I am from Kerala, I hav seen this kind of ppl, my dad always tell me to keep dist from these kind of ppl.
    These ppl try to emotionally blackmail you that tourists r rude, nofinance, etc

  10. You gave that dirtbag money! You are such a woos! I wouldn't give them a thing and if that skinny arsed Indian tried anything he would end up in his net.

  11. I have been fascinated by India most of my life, it's one of my main goals I life to go there and I may never leave. The west has completely lost its culture and has disowned it's heritage and I would like to live the rest of my life around people who haven't, and India seems like the right place to do that.

  12. Anybody heard the Gupt title song running in background at around 5:50 ??? Btw Bro.. u're doing a great job. Just keep it up.

  13. No! You shouldn't have paid him. I hate these kinda people. He's just gonna drink and have fun with that money you gave. People like those don't care about their families.

  14. We Indian should not scam on foreigner instead respect them. And this thing happen not only in mainland India but also in Arunachal, I feel so ashame.karl Il sorry for our peoples behaviour. We should find good solution of it. I don't know about other places but it also happen in arunachal in rare I think

  15. When he was not understanding your point of tricking people, I think you maybe should've explained to him in Hindi. But, that's not saying he'll stop just because you told him so 😛

  16. Dear Karl, I am watching your videos and really worried that you are gathering a very bad memories from my motherland.
    I know you are making these types of videos to guide all those foreigners who are coming to India as tourists, I believe that you know, there is many things in our country is really good.
    Also I know there is only few chances to meet with the real indian culture, and due to our country's population and due to some nonprofessional political leaders, the system is getting more and more corrupt and there are no particular path findings for these people. After being born these people has to find their own way.
    Government only have some policies in papers.
    Why don't you try to find what is the actual cause behind the common peoples behavior with others.
    Namaste ?

  17. Don’t hang out with the fisherman, they will say things like “let me take your picture”, they let you engage with the roping process then eventually end up asking for donations.

  18. ഇയാൾ അടിച്ചു പഴം ആണ് . മലയാളികളുടെ പേരു കളയാൻ ആയിട്ട്. Karl അണ്ണാ സൂപ്പർ വീഡിയോ . പത്തു പൈസ കൊടുക്കേണ്ടിയിരുന്നില്ല

  19. In 1991 the fisherman were simply going about their business fishing even though like myself there would be the occasional interested tourist approaching to where they were working and snapping off a photo or two.

  20. Hi Karl, the title of this video is misleading. Its not the indians whom foreigners don't believe, but only the scammers. I hope you understand this important concern. Cheers..your videos are informative

  21. A kick to his balls would be a nice Gift and Donation,Such a Sick people spoiling tourists Holiday Mood and make them run away from the place instead of exploring , Keep exposing these leeches.. Good one Karl?

  22. Hey Karl, Check out the Allepey region for houseboats, Varkala and Trivandrum for more exploration, I might help you here for your tour in exploring regions here. I can get you as even I have experienced such stuffs being a North Indian living in South?? So if you come to Allepey, do lemme know. Great fan of yours ❤️

  23. another awesome video. thanks to you, karl, I now stick up for myself while traveling aboard. your voice is always in the back of my head telling me to say NO to tourists traps and I actually do now! I've been taken advantage of before but now I know it's okay to say no and I can see through all their lies. so I really appreciate ur videos! I've learned alot.

  24. can u choose some other lines for this video title it sounds like every indian is a scammer ….all over the world scammers are playing tricks scamming people doing wrong to people and trying to get money u can't judge any country people on this basis
    i love my India

  25. Karl, I was here last year with my wife and 2 friends. We had the same experience, however we enjoyed having close access to the nets and chatting to them. We even got to try them out. I’m a keen photographer and got some great images. They clearly have a hard life and don’t see this in the same category of a typical scam. It was worth 1000 rupees for the insight we got.

  26. He looks mentally ill to me. Btw, once visit Puri temple. You'll be surprised how many such scammers are roaming there dressed as priests.

  27. What is wrong with giving hard working people money? Can this man support his family without begging? Thank you so much, Karl

  28. Are scamming the only thing Indians are good at. I sell stuff on the FB marketplace in Australia and instantly getting bombarded by Indians offering half price, sympathy stories or just straight up low balling the hell out of me.

  29. Just keep this in mind, only tour guides speak English among the fishing and coastal community. Trust me. I'm from kerala ? . I guess you can apply that logic to most places. If the locals are speaking decent amount of English while taking too much interest in showing you around, they are guides or probably trying to sell you something.

  30. Karl why are taking the word of a drunkard fisherman he will tell something not on his conscious state
    U should have not give him that 100rs after this he would directly gone to that beverages for buying a drink again ?
    He would have said something because is fully drunked
    Karl show the positive side of Kerala
    Kerala is way different from north states

  31. I dont think its a scam.. He straight way asked for donation.. If u wanna give, gift him or else dont. ..scam is like looting ur money by cheating u right. ??

  32. Damn the scammer can not be a keralian, he must be from the north, Delhi… (Your average Joe South Indian suffering from superiority complex in denial mode as usual).

  33. Knowing he is scammer you still pay him 100 which is a big deal. now he gets use to the whole thing and he makes more money than a average working guy in India. they are also spoiled by Foreigners who are ignorant or just stupid..

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