Why Indians DONT go to This Place In Bangkok?? 🤔🤔

Why Indians DONT go to This Place In Bangkok?? 🤔🤔

Bangkok is crazy. Bangkok is definitely crazy. Khaosan road and pub crawls. Everyone gets f*cked up. Are you gonna see the Ping Pong show? Yes indeed it’s gonna be a very interesting show and I’m very intrigued to watch it. Everyone is going to watch the Ping Pong show. We guys are going as well, let us ask them. I don’t know, like maybe. Maybe? Yeah. How about you? Yeah I wanna see it. Yeah. No no, I don’t know. How about you Sir? Never, no. Ping Pong show? Why not. Should I tell Mom? Mom is on Instagram. Oh, yeah. While making a sign to Zoom out, I am Traveling Desi. Sorry, your good name? Varun. and you are? And as you saw in the previous vlog, we left Parag’s place who lives in Bangkok and we came to stay at the famous Mad Monkey hostel in Bangkok. Where budget travelers from all over the world gather in the evening and freely socialize on these tables. These are not like your regular bars, where there are limited tables in their own groups and chat among themselves. Here everyone sits together and they chit-chat. This hostel is situated at Bangkok’s Traveler’s hub or nearby the party street close to Khaosan road. Where dozens of party travelers from youth hostels and pub crawls come.. To enjoy open live music bars and groove to the tunes. You also get Thai street food here. Dirt-cheap booze. Incredibly economical massages. How much is the price? No idea. It’s written over there. But our journey began from Mad Monkey hostel. Where I met with a British lady who was employed over there. I’ve worked in Bangkok, I’ve been here 3 months. 3 months? Nice. So you are here on exchange or something else? I’m here just to work. Just to work? Okay. It’s been fun. I enjoy it, um, it’s a good way meeting new people. New people absolutely, I mean if you get to work. Are you volunteering or you are employed here? So I’m employed here. Okay. I don’t get paid a lot but it’s… I can tell from you accent you are British, right? Yeah. All right. Nice. Got this piercing done 2 days ago. But you have to be like really.. So much. You need to be careful with the infections and everything, cleaning regularly. So basically what madam explained is that she works at the hostel on a basic salary. Since there are regular parties and constant opportunities to interact with people from across the globe. They we talked about the pub crawl party that costs 500 Baht, the one I had already shot last year. The link is flashing on your screen right now. That was a pub too (?smart?). We are all gonna get f*cked up. I’m hosting it. Oh you are hosting it. All right. I’m hosting a pub crawl with my boss Elena. So we work together, we all work together as a team. And so we go far. Just like any other hostel, they offer periodic free shots here as well. Would you like a free shot? I actually don’t drink myself, but I have my cousin who does, so.. Parag is a bit reserved by nature, so he took the shot with a bit shyness and hesitation. F*cked up. And get f*cked up. Cheers! C*nts. After chatting for a bit, we decided to head for Khaosan road. This one is the one that is before Khaosan. All the restaurants are located on this one. After that, the next one is Khaosan road. Oh okay. So once you get to Khaosan, there are several parallel interconnected allies. Okay. Quite a few of them are dingy, I mean covered in graffiti and shady. There’s no point of having a mic, this area is too noisy. You can get everything here ranging from food, beverages and even souvenir shopping. But the best part out this area is the chilled out party scene where people socialize and enjoy. And it’s really noisy here. It’s so crowded here, isn’t it? And among these dancing, exploring and strolling public, I found this gentleman, who happens to be a Subscriber. I came to the side to have a word with him. I’m so happy brother. You know, I’m feeling I’m meeting one of my very best friends. And this is one of the best comments that I’ve ever received from a Subscriber, “It feels as if I’m meeting my best friend.” He was really disappointed, he texted you. He’s a big fan of you and he follows you everyday. You won’t believe, I only watch your videos. I’m not a.. why I feel like a personal touch. Oh it’s really nice to meet you. I mean.. I feel like you are my brother. This is what I target for. That’s the reason I make vlogs along with the episode series, to maintain that personal touch with you guys. Mr. Deewan, paaji story. Mr. Deewan just left for New York. He went back to New York? Very nice to meet you. Very nice to meet you. Share details? Yeah, of course. After hearing all this, I realized that Instagram stories help me connect to you guys on a personal level. I’m confused where to watch. Meanwhile, Parag had disappeared into the crowed. So I bid these guys goodbye and headed off to look for Parag. We were starving and the party scene was quite loud. Okay so we explored Khaosan. No energy left for partying, we’ll do that when we head off for the pub crawl tomorrow. So we are headed back towards our hostel, but let’s eat something before that. Thai? We can have Thai food on the next street, there are plenty of restaurants there. Let’s go. We’ll have this amazing coconut ice cream. Delicious. Very good. Then the 3 of us shared this 4-scoop ice cream and moved ahead. Basically, this street runs parallel to Khaosan. Khaosan is on this side, it features majorly restaurants and other places to eat, while the other side has the parties. There are a lot of interconnecting lanes and allies, so you can begin here. Come here and then around 12-12:30am, take one of the interconnecting lanes for Khaosan’s party street. There are a lot of family tourists seen on this street. On one side are decently-priced Thai restaurants, while on the other side are the Thai massage parlors. We were seeking a good restaurant, which we discovered soon enough. So we are at the restaurant, it’s quite loud and noisy here, I thought we’d order the food now. He wants to eat Thai food, so I asked him to order whatever he wants. You see, for me anything goes as long as it contains chicken. Roasted chicken. Should we order half or full? Order a full roasted chicken and anything Thai to go along with it. Then we ordered our food and opened the bottles of booze. Our dinner consisted of Chicken with Cashewnuts. and Fried Wings with Lemongrass. The light here is LED, hence there’s a lot of flickering in the video, please bear with me. We tried out various frame rates, but the flicker is just too much, sorry for that. The bill is for 1155 Baht for 6 items, including the beer. This cost us Rs.2,400, not bad. We are done with our dinner. The light was flickering a lot, so we couldn’t get a proper video. We are done for the day, let’s go. Yeah. We are yet to complete 100 stories for Instagram, so we are working on that. We’ll do it, let’s go back and get started. Don’t worry, or we’ll make stories on being pushed, not to worry. Then we had our food and left. I was surprised to see that even though this is such a happening place, there are almost no Indians here. You can see all kinds of people from various countries, but no Indians. This is because all tour companies make Indians stay in the Sukhumvit area, not here. The 2-3 people I did find, turned out to be my Subscribers. Who came here after watching my last year’s video. As I told you, both roads have weird allies that are interconnecting. Tiny lanes. Most of them are all right, but some are quite dingy. I’m not sure if it’s safe to carry the camera. So let’s go. I’ll see you on the other side. But on the contrary, as it turns out, the places wasn’t that risky after all. In fact, it’s one of the safest places to be in Bangkok in terms of family and party tourism. We still have to complete the 100 Instagram stories. Yeah. We still need to complete the 100 stories. He got a coat to attend the wedding. There’s an Indian destination wedding happening in Bangkok, which we will be attending. Hua Hin. Hua Hin. We are just wedding crashers. All 3 of us. That’s right guys. We are going to attend a lavish Indian destination wedding. The experience will be shared with you in the coming vlogs. There’s a lot of stuff and decorations here and the hotel is huge. My brother is carrying out a wedding photography shoot there. I asked him if he could arrange Indian food for us, he asked us to come along. And this is a good thing that we got a place and permission to officially park the bike on hostel premises. I don’t know about cars, but let’s park over there. Our younger brother has retired to his room because even he needs his privacy. It’s important. It won’t look good if we ask him to sleep with us in our room. And this. He is like a dead body. Hello? Hmm. Where are we heading next? Chun Pong. He won’t give up until he takes us to Chun Pong. But guys, we still have to rent a car from the Bangkok airport. Our car is here, a sparkling white Honda Jazz. I got this for Rs.14,000. The insurance was for Rs.4,000 extra which I bought for full coverage. And following the total opposite of my way of travel, we have to go on an unplanned trip. We’ll tell you more about this in the upcoming videos. So don’t forget to hit that Subscribe button and the Bell icon, so that you get timely updates for future videos. Hence proved that my way of travel with proper research and planning is better. At least we can predict what’s’ going to happen. Not like you just head out and waste time. What do you think? There’s no wastage, it’s an experience. It’s not an experience, but a disappointment. I’ve been disappointed by you for the past 7 days, now it’s my turn. You are being revengeful with me? This light is flickering a lot, it’s due to their choice of LED light. Sorry for that. But we will have to make do with this. So now it’s time to sleep. Thank you so very much for watching. If you liked it, Please hit that Like button. And for more such videos, hit that Subscribe button. And I’m posting 100 Instagram stories daily as well.

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