Hey Youtube fam! It’s your girl Lia back
again with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title is
just a video about why I feel like you should be on board with crochet hair for
your beaches, for your travels, for your vacations, for your cruises, of your
anything water related in 2019. And then at the end I will just go over my do’s
and don’ts tips and tricks for your crochet hair during your travels.
Because as you guys can probably tell I’m a little bit tanner. I’m just what
two weeks back from my vacation. I’m still in vacation mode but there were
some things that I realized while on vacation that I felt like I needed to
let you guys in on when you do travel with crochet hair. Now up above I will
link the video that I did I posted it this past Monday as you’re watching this
it’s probably been a couple of weeks but it’s my video on my top crochet hair
that I feel like would do you know wrong. Do you no wrongs on your upcoming
travels and your vacation and all that. So if you have any questions about the
hair specifically that I feel like are the best for your travels, for your
vacations. I will link that up above. Now for the reasons why I’m so adamant about
it. I know I probably seem like the crazy crochet girl but I want you all to
be on board with me. But the number one reason I feel like it’s the best is
because so low maintenance. Now as I’m recording this I haven’t posted my
cruise vlog yet. But I was not posting this I’m sure it’s up so I’ll link it up
above. But if you guys notice three out of four of the females in my family had
crochet hair in on my vacation. Now I’ve had in hair that I have in right now
which is the Model Model Egyptian curl and model model valley wave combined. My sister she had in the I think it was senegalese twist. They were crocheted in.
So it wasn’t individually done but it was crochet senegalese twist I believe.
And then my mom had half crochet hair half her real hair out. So the front of
her hair was her real hair the back of it was crochet. Now I don’t think she
was heavily featured in my vlog but if you follow me on Instagram which you
should be. You probably will see I’m posting her tomorrow for Mother’s Day
and it will be a picture of us on vacation. So you can check that out there
she had a half-and-half type situation but I had that one holdout sister who
had in a sew in. I can’t convince her to be on the crochet
hair bandwagon with me. I can convince everybody else. My family. My friends but I
got one sister who is all about that sew-in. So she had a sew-in on that
trip. Now what you didn’t see on that vlog is that in the morning she would
crimp her hair. She had all her styling tools with her. She had her crimper, she
had her straightener, and all that but she would crip her hair in the morning
and then by the time we get off the ship and then explore the port and everything
oh it would be back to the humidity and the heat and all that. She couldn’t touch no
water. Oh no no because that would have been a
whole ordeal. She would go back to the room get that blow dryer out get that
flat iron out. But I could freely go out into the water. I had no fears because I had
in my crochet hair. You’re gonna have to stay on top of any other style I think
that you go on vacation with. Whether it be your natural hair you probably can
have a routine with it. Whereas I feel like crochet hair is going to be one
of your lowest routine hair styles out there. Number two it’s so natural
looking. I got so many compliments oh so many your hair looks great your
hair looks great without me having to be like oh it’s not my hair it’s not my
hair. I could just take all those compliments in just because your hair
will look super natural with crochet hair in. I saw so many wigs and weaves.
I think there were more weaves. I don’t think I saw too many wigs. I didn’t see
that many crochet styles. I saw a few. Didn’t see that many but I saw a lot of
weaves and I was like yall know yall could have it so much simpler if you had the
crochet hair in. You would look so much naturaler. If I get up in camera do you
see the knots. You don’t see the knots. You see my hair it looks like it’s
coming out of my scalp. These are my edges. All that is there for you when you
do a crochet style. You you don’t have to worry about you is my hair not looking
natural. Can people tell it’s fake? I absolutely I had no fears. So many
compliments like I said. It has an islandy twist. It has an islandy vibe to it.
I feel like I deserve to be on somebody’s beach right now with the hair
that I have in because it looks very natural. So I think another big reason to
go with it is because it’s gonna look a lot more natural and you’re gonna have a lot
less does this look fake does this look wrong type of a fears with your crochet
hair. Number three. The big reason. The reason myself I got into the crochet
hair game. That you can actually get the hair wet. Now that should have probably
been number one but I’m just listing them out as I go. But you can get crochet hair wet. I got this hair wet three times on my vacation. Twice in the water
once when I did a whole wash on it and of course I will have a wash day routine
video on this hair. So make sure you check it out. This hair you can’t tell
that I’ve had it in for four weeks at this point. Washed it, got it wet on the
beach and all that and it still looks good. So you can get crochet hair wet. Not all crochet hair wet. That’s why again you need to check out my video
for the hair’s that I actually recommend that you get wet. But a lot of the hair you
can get wet and it still look good as opposed to like I said you go out with
your sew-in. You go out with your other style it might not look the same after
you get that hair wet. This is the same curl pattern. It’ll be the same curl
pattern before, after, and during it being wet. So again crochet hair the
reason I got into this was because I was going on a cruise three years ago and I
needed a style that was gonna last, my friend told me about crochet hair, and
it lasted. She was right. I made a video. My first ever video. I’ll link it up
above where I’m whispering. I’m enthusiastic about crochet hair as
you can tell in that video. Not too many people can say that the video that they
started their channel with is the same content they’re still doing to this day.
And I can honestly say my first ever video is me raving about crochet hair
and three years later almost I have that same passion. So again crochet hair it will do you no wrong on your vacation. Number four you
don’t have to have a fresh do on your trips, on your travels. Now a lot of times
you know when you prepping for your vacation. You gotta get your nails
done. Gotta get your toes done, gotta pack. You gotta get everything together and also hair is
typically on that list. But not with crochet hair. Now I had my hair done a
week before my trip. Now on my first ever cruise I had my crochet hair done
two or three weeks before my trip. I know at minimum it was two weeks it might
have been three weeks before. But again it wasn’t fresh. It wasn’t done that week.
It wasn’t done the week before. It was done several weeks before. So again it’s
not something you got to get your hair done 48 hours before your trip to go on
your trip it’s to look good. Your hair will look good week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4. Again like I said this is four weeks with this hair. This hair has been wet.
This hair has done everything and it’s still looking good. So again the hair
will not change throughout the course of the wear of it. So there’s no need or
there’s no urgent rush to get your hair done right before. If your stylist can’t fit
you in until a week or two before don’t you fret your hair still going to
look amazing on your trip. Now number five inexpensive. It’s gonna be
inexpensive if you go to the right person. A lot less than if you do sit down
for your box braids, your micro braids, your senegalese twists, your
passion twist, your faux locs any of those styles that you kind of have
to sit down for for a long period of time this should be cheaper and should
be a little bit less time-consuming. I say it should there are people out there
who I’ve heard charge and a leg for a crochet style. But if you can do it
yourself which I have never professionally paid anybody to do my
crochet hair. So I don’t know them kind of struggles and them kind of
issues. But if you have a family friend somebody who can braid hair ,crochet hair
can be inexpensive and you can still look good on your travels like I said. So
those are the top five reasons that I am adamant, I’m passionate about, and I
promise you we are going to be on this train. I feel like my first ever cruise
there weren’t that many people with crochet hair and I think my last cruise
I saw a few. My next cruise whenever that may be I better see like 25%. We gonna get that number inching up. Till I look around the
cruise and I’m like I see y’all. I see ya’ll. And continue to share your pictures with
me on instagram at lialavon89. DM me so I can see you on your vacations with
your crochet hair. I’ll insert some pictures now of people I’ve seen on
their travels with crochet hair and again it just warms my heart to see such
pictures. And I try a lot of the hair that you guys try on yourself on your
travels. So you guys put me in the know on some hairs that I need to be hip on.
Now my do’s and don’ts on crochet hair. Now this is the part where I
went on my cruise recently. I’ve been on several types of cruises, trips, vacations
where I had crochet hair in but this time I wanted to look at it and really take in
what are best practices that I can tell people to do with their hair on their
trips. Now number one the first thing I would say is definitely have a strong
foundation for your braids. Now I’m not a strong braider nor is my mom who
does a couple of my styles for me nor does anybody I really know a very strong
braider like a professional is. So if you are doing crochet braids and you are
going to get it wet make sure you have a strong braider. Now again like I said not
the strongest braider. If you guys can notice probably when I first reviewed
this hair if you’ve already caught my review video on this model model hair
the braid was probably up here when I first installed it. Now the braid has kind
of moved a little bit. My braids are very much so
looser than they were when I first installed this hair. Now that’s something
that’s gonna happen when you get the hair wet multiple multiple times. Your
hair up underneath will start to kind of move a little bit. Now the other strong
foundation like I said or you go to somebody who braids pretty tight
this won’t be an issue for you. But me I know my own faults I am NOT a strong
braider and it for me it works on land. The fact that I’m not strong braider does
me no wrongs when I’m on land but when you go up I’m go up under the sea and you do it
constantly and you constantly get it wet then you’re gonna have some issues. Your
braids are gonna be like well we getting we getting rubbed a lot. We get you
know I washed this hair so that causes a little bit more movement in the hair.
You’re getting it wet a lot that’s putting something on the hair. The hair
is getting wet itself. Now this hair isn’t heavy but some hair can be heavy.
So your hair can get wet. It can pull the braids down a little bit especially if
you have a faux locs, a braided style, senegalese twist any kind of heavier
style that you get wet and water soaks in there. So if you have faux locs or you
have something box braids that soaks in there and it gets wet and you don’t have
a strong foundation it will just pull at braids. So you just be aware.
Make sure you have a strong foundation. Braidless is not your style for
vacation. I’m sorry. It’s not. Braidless is beautiful for day to day I think. It
works well if you’re living a very sedentary life at that point. But if
you’re going near anybody’s water or you have intentions on getting that hair wet
braidless is not gonna work. The braids I have it right now aren’t really
holding up as well and they would if I didn’t get this hair wet. So your gonna
want the strongest foundation you can because like I said there are many
elements that work into getting your hair wet you’re getting your hair wet
itself it’s losing it up the braid you’re getting the crochet here wet and
that’s pulling on the braid so just be aware you want to have a strong
foundation strong braid pattern brainless is a don’t for your vacation
and a weak braid pattern it’s a don’t for your vacation something
you want to bring with you on your trip to in the headband please bring a
headband with you so that when you do get your hair wet the thing about me and
my I laid right now while I’m on land but
then when I get up under the sea then it just starts a river then when they dry
it’s a whole nother situation so we don’t look at pleasing as it did when I
first went up under the water so something you’re gonna want to have is a
headband to put over your kind of embrace I’d do it right now on camera
but you guys know how I had been works this is one of the ones that goes around
in here so it hits right here it’ll sit right here and get to a tropical one or
white one some of them matches your bathing suits I think you just get that
so that your edges won’t be looking like a situation you won’t have a situation
on your hand now this was something I forgot to do I had it with me on the
trip but it was on the ship so it did me no good on the ship so I wish I had on
the port with me but bring a headband it’s easy to fit in your little backpack
if you’re going on excursions or you’re doing something on a cruise this just
works so headband is something even if you had to pull with your the beach or
anything like that headband bring it next thing Hawaiian silky Hawaiian silky
this product I must have found it when my model model freshman girl must have
got trapped in some kind of boxes when I moved a few months ago because I didn’t
pull it out for a very long time but now it’s back its back baby and I have a
video of me watching this hair I don’t know if it’ll come out before after this
video but I will have a video of me watching this here on the cruise ship
and in that video I hold up this product and another product because I’m trying
to debate which one of you I go with the other product but to the detriment of
this hair because I should have went with this one it dried the hair out a
little bit too much and this one which I added in like the day after when I went
to sleep I said oh no this here needs some luster it’s a little bit dry I need
a little bit more softness to it pull this out and it did me no wrong I love
my Hawaiian silky I’ll link it down below and link anything else that I
mentioned it has a link down below you gotta know I have a whole video where
I’m raving about this here where I’m saying the many benefits of this this
works amazingly well if you need to detangle the hair you wash the hair you
get it wet and you need to something to kind of get back up this will do the
judging for you this is an amazing product this is gonna be big enough for
you to take on your travels now you don’t want nothing this is 16 ounces
this is good enough this is good for home this is good for your travel but
you’re going to want to use a generous amount of this on your travel so I’m
glad I do have a bigger version because this right now is pretty empty so it’s
very much so partly anything in this bottle but I go
through this and I went through this on this trip so you want to want to do this
to kind of soften this a hair back up to add a little bit of shine to it I think
to me it doesn’t look as dull as it did after I washed it simply because this
product came through with the wind now another product you want to bring is
someone your for your scalp your stubble so super dry had never experienced the
dryness of my stuff like that and I did on my most recent trip because I
definitely wanted to really get my hair wet I really got into the water several
times and I was like my audience is gonna know how this hair is gonna hold
up with some water so I definitely probably got more in the water on this
trip than I have in any other trip but it also left my hair feeling more dry
than it ever felt now I brought this with me from the trip just because I had
a feeling like this was the last-minute pack for me what I have right now is the
wonder elixir by Nia natural hair I bought the teasing comb and stuff that
she has on her site so I really support her but any oil work now I use this oil
I really did like it but I don’t have a lot of oils to compare to so I’m not
gonna say run out and buy this product but I really did like this product what
I do like about it was that fact that it hasn’t dropped for whatever oil that you
use you want to use the oil don’t use those little Hollywood Beauty oils bring
something that has a dropper on it or some kind of you know steam at the end
so you can go in between each braids and add a little bit of oil a little bit of
moisture to your hair that’s really really what you want to do with this
hair because your hair after several washings after several times you can
imagine it’s not going to be moisturize your stop is not gonna feel it’s gonna
feel a little tight up under there you don’t want it to feel like that you do
want it to feel comfortable up under your scalp so again use some title oil
which whatever you want to bring again doesn’t have
the wonder elixir I go up four black businesses and businesses out here
trying to make it and this wonder elixir does feel really good on my scalp but
again any oil that you kind of love you can bring with you but make sure you
bring canned oil with you and the last but not least thing the thing I did not
bring and I was beating myself up for not bringing is you want to bring a
microfiber towel you you just kind of have to have a microfiber towel now I
was using the room towels when I was driving off my hair and I don’t even use
regular towels on my real hair so why was I using regular towels on my crochet
here if anything that needs to be treated with a more delicate touch than
anything else and these microfiber towels on my real hair when I wash my
real hair so this is a towel I use a lot of real hair so when I’m driving my real
here but your crochet here is even more since the fibers of the regular towels
that they have on any ship or any hotel room it’s just not the thread count that
you need so you need a microfiber towel because you want to Pat your hair very
gently the towels that they have in the rooms are regular you know house towels
and they add more frizz to the hair then the hair already needs you want to be as
gentle as possible and I definitely say bring you a little microfiber towel now
this one I got from Amazon and it rolls up to be very small that little button
on here so that you can roll it up and it can be very small and fit into a
suitcase type situation so don’t be like me please bring a microfiber towel
because you will see a level of uncontrollable fritzsche because i was
seeing some friends and I was having to cut some things out on my trip bring
scissors with you on your trip if you want to see everything I bring with me
on vacation or on my travels with crochet here I’ll leave the video of a
book but this is the my do’s and don’ts tips and tricks why I feel like you
should do crochet here in your upcoming travels now if you found this video
helpful please give it a big thumbs up please comment down below things that
you learn from your vacation because I need to heed those as well there may be
some things I miss that I didn’t share if you have any other question
leave them down below I want the comment section to be an open forum so we can
discuss all the do’s and don’ts of our crochet hair travels make sure you’re
subscribed to my channel so you don’t miss any I’m not good content make sure
you’re follow me on instagram at little so you don’t miss in me my good content
on there and I will see you in my next video thank you so much for watching bye


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