Why it’s IMPORTANT to use the Correct Air in Your Tires (Summer & Winter Air)!

Why it’s IMPORTANT to use the Correct Air in Your Tires (Summer & Winter Air)!

Hey guys, ChrisFix here and today I am going
to show you how to remove the winter air from your car or truck tires, and add in summer
air! I am also going to show you the importance on why you need to do this. Now most people understand the importance
on properly inflating your tires This is something that you learn, when you first learn how to drive. But what a lot of people dont pay attention to is the actual air that you are putting into your tires which is just as important For example, we know that over-inflating your tire is bad It could cause a blowout, it could cause the middle of the tire to wear, and we also know that under-inflating the tire is isnt good as well It will cause the side-wall to be spongy, the handling wont be good

35 thoughts on “Why it’s IMPORTANT to use the Correct Air in Your Tires (Summer & Winter Air)!

  1. you know why you have to change your air in winter to winter air it makes your tire heavier that means in a place that snows you have more traction

  2. i was running summer air in winter and my car was pretty slow then i saw this video my tires now have winter air and its working pretty good, thanks chris!

  3. So I watched it all the way to end which I’ll highly recommend before jumping off and googling cans of winter air and summer air lmaooooo the April fools at the end left me stuck like wait was it all a joke for real ?

  4. I only use spring air imported from the swiss alps. It's a lot more expensive but pays for itself in the long run.

  5. Хотел написать гневный комментарий, но потом решил глянуть дату выхода видео…

  6. I added some air to my tires for the winter months today and I was like “damn I can’t even fill up tires right?” ?

  7. If dealerships sold 'Genuine (BMW, Toyota, Mopar) air, I am convinced that there are "enthusiasts" out there that would buy it and insist that it's better, just like they do oil, spark plugs and coolant

  8. I heard Summer Air is coming out in a Pro Series … helium … a far superior summer air. With even lighter tires your car will be faster and zippier with increased fuel efficiency and improved miles per gallon. Another well done video as always ChrisFix 😉

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