Why Russians loved this Indian tourist! (Chusky Tract: Altai Mountains)

Why Russians loved this Indian tourist! (Chusky Tract: Altai Mountains)

Now I am bit scared Everyone is saying – my clothes are not proper to face the low temperatures Thatswhy Andrey in Gorno-Altaysk wanted to offer his jacket to me But I thought I will manage with my own clothes Everyone have the heating system in their cars All houses are also warm from inside So I thought why i require more layers! Now Zhenia has also offered me his jacket With every moment, the warmth of Russian hospitality is amazing me People are so kind that they are offering me their personal things so that I am do not face any problem But at the same time, this reminds me… A few years back, I hosted Ryan from Austrailia at my place in Delhi It was raining and he was going to visit Ladakh I gave him my umbrella i think we should trust eachother Now when everyone is advising me to keep a good jacket.. So I am going to take Zhenia’s jacket Let me show you the place where I am going to stay today Thats my bed There are 3 beds in this room I chose that one because of the charging points I will use it to recharge my gadgets This is the fire place Let me show you what do they eat in Breakfast This may help you when you will be couchsurfing in Russia This is bread Its the most common thing They eat bread with everything Use this to boil water You’ll find this in all Russian homes and even trains. Use them to make coffee or tea I eat cheese and butter in breakfast. This is how I spent my first 7 days in Russia Its 9:40 am Its time to leave This is the place where I stayed yesterday This is a summer resort They have 30 rooms in this resort You can also come and stay here The name of this place is ‘Crown of Katun’, Barangol Now he is taking me to the River Katun How dangerous is this! I don’t know where am I going! This jacket is really keeping me warm My nose is running This is the place where Zhenia has brought me This is river Katun That is Barangol Thanks to the Russian people who are making this trip awesome I believe that most of the people around the world are good Russians are giving more strength to my belief I am sure I am going to meet such wonderful people in future also This jacket has been offered by Zhenia He said that the temperature will be -15 degree celsius at the place where I am going to visit today The place name it Tashanta, at Mongolia border That is situated in the Gobi desert Tashanta is 400 kilometres away from here Lets see where I can reach today Tashanta is also a base of Russian Military I am not sure whether people in those places know English but my belief makes me strong that everything will be fine You can also travel like this, stay with locals.. You just need to trust them If you are positive from inside then people feel that it attracts them towards you This is what I have learnt from my experience Be positive, be hopeful and travel the world World is beautiful is 10 am Its time to leave Tashanta is far. I have to hitchhike its 11:47 am this place is so beautiful Now I am going at the Petrol station Petrol is very cheap in Russian in comparison to India its 75 INR in India and here its just 36 Ruble I don’t remember where did I meet them but I sure I have seen them somewhere Where did I meet them? Oh! They are Ira’s parents, from Byisk Wow! Its a small world! Should I reconsider my plans !! This is Seminsky Pass He is insisting me to keep this But this is very common in all the Himalayan states of India They get it from those trees That is a snow mountain I have to go that side This road is tempting me to hike Views are so incredible! She is asking me to try all these… I know I am looking funny! Thanks a lot to all of them its 1:40 pm I have reached Onguday It looks quite big Tashanta is still 300 kilometres far away Both of them are worried about me Whether I will be able to reach Omsk in time to catch my flight to India Now I am also getting worried But I think I can still make it to Tashanta It all depends on how quickly I get the lift My camera battery is draining fast Camera battery is draining very fast because of the low temperature its 1:45 pm This is all my belongings… my home.. my world for 15 days in Russia This is a symbol of warmth and hospitality of Russia

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  1. Sahi main duniya gol hai. Wow, Ms. Ira k parents ne road par hi aap ko pehechan liya. Wow. Mind blowing. It shows that your small visit to their home influenced them. Kudos sir.

  2. আমি কোথায় যাচ্ছি আমি জানি না।।
    wow bengali….??


  4. Sir kya app srif YouTube vlog korne ke liye Russia travel kiye the… Yea fer apko koi travel agency ne vegha tha…. Kye apne koi specialise course kiya tha uha par Jane ke liye…?? I am also interested in world travelling but being a middle class family and poor financial condition I cannot fulfil my dream.. What I should do to fulfil my dreams…?? Please answer my question.. I am from West Bengal India

  5. Varun to enjoy in such condition especially in siberia where temp. Is sub zero u should carry some anti histamine..
    Indias & asians living in sub tropical regions cant tackle such drastic changes easily

  6. जबरदस्त , आप बंदे ही कमाल के हो भाई सही बताऊ तो आपकी वडीएओ देख कर लग रहा है।। कि दुनिया सिर्फ घर से काम ही नही है☺️

  7. क्या सर आप era के माता पिता को पहचान नही पाये मे तो तुरंत पेहचा न गया

  8. Russian people take a selfie with Varun, the way Indians take selfies with foreigners who visit India. It's like," Oh, we've heard about you people on TV or elsewhere so long, now we actually caught one in the flesh."?
    Very heartwarming people. Nothing like the west portray. And this is why India should remember Russia has been our friend…and our leadership maintain that relationship. Or maybe we leave it to us people, to value it, appreciate it and hold onto it.?

  9. Russian people always win heart with kindness.definatly its on my bucket list once in my life i want to visit russia.

  10. Hi dear Varun…Boss.I Really Loved ur Channel n yor efforts..but u need to lessen music in yor videos dude…please dnt mind !
    -Go Ahead….Miles away cheers

  11. It is true , what ever feelings you have in you and for the persons in around you , that will be reciprocated. I too have experiences., like you.

  12. Kya aadmi hai, bol raha hai inse kaha mila mai bhul gya. Aur mai idhar video mei dekhke pehchaan gya ye Ira k maa baap hai.

  13. নমস্কার. আপনার অনেক গুলো ভিডিও দেখলাম, ধন্যবাদ

  14. Indians eat lot of food in breakfast or lunch or dinner.
    Isn't it ?
    If you marry a russian girl and if have 4 kids from her then Russian Government gives 45 lakh Rupees to that couple.

  15. Bhai aapne hotel booking kaise Kiya Kon si aap h yaa aapne direct bookings ki wo sari information bhi diya Karo bhai

  16. I am huge fan of your …..sir i am from Varanasi sir i really like your , without skip your vedio i watch till end ……love you sir

  17. Yar mein is ke jaga hota tu itna zalil na hota. Larki sai time per pouch leta phir khud bahir ah ker hitchhiking karta aur kahi chala jata. Lekin yeh bhai shaheb freeloader type banday hain. Sab free mein chahiya in ko. Hosts ney shelajet khai hogi phir in ko shela bana ker desi boyz wala dance kiya hoga. In ko bus discount mil jai baki chahay yeh zalil kyun na hon in ko chalta hai. Bus ek stick ko khara ker kai yeh video banaty rehtay hain.

  18. Traveling is the better medium to interact and unite among all people around the world, despite all the bad politics and conspiracy from the international media, still we have courage to trust and explore this little world.
    That's the true meaning of life

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