Why study at the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management?

My name is Frederic Dimanche. I’m a professor at Ryerson University. And I’m the director of the Hospitality and Tourism Management at the Ted Rogers School of Management. Hospitality and Tourism management is one of the most regular and fastest growing areas of the economy. According to the World Tourism Organization figures, Tourism grows about 4 percent every single year. So it’s an area where you can be assured that students will find opportunities for jobs. That’s an important point. Another important point for students is that it’s a fun industry to work in. It’s a people industry, it’s engaging, it’s motivating. Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management has lots of benefits to offer students. First of all we are a downtown campus, we are located in the middle of the city of Toronto. Toronto being a very large, urban destination in Canada. Probably the largest in leading urban destination in Canada. So that gives students an opportunity to be very close to businesses. The faculty itself is very close to businesses. We all have connections with people working in hotels, in destinations, convention centres, various events, and food services. So, the students benefit from those relationships and again being downtown is for an urban university, for a business school, it’s a great asset. So for all prospective students, who are watching us today I would like to tell them that at Ryerson, the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management we have it all for you. We give you work experience, we will give you an international experience, we will give you an engagement experience with student activities. We will give you challenging courses, with professors who are very well connected to the business world. So, come on over. Come over to Ryerson and we’ll transform your life.

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