Why Summer is Women’s Winter

(playful electronic music) – (gasps) Oh no! It’s here. – It’s here. – The Women’s Winter is here. The Freeze is upon us. – Oh, are you guys talking about the AC? – (in unison) When spring turns to summer and there’s blossom on the trees, the office air doth turn to ice and all the women freeze. – I don’t know. I’m pretty comfortable. – Why is it so cold in here? – Cynthia, why are you wearing this garb? You knew that Women’s Winter was coming. – I forgot. Last summer I worked
at an outdoor nursery. – Like a place that sells plants or like a daycare for kids that’s all outside? – Let your hair down. It won’t do much, but, but at least the back of your neck will be warm. – Where do you keep your office sweater? – She doesn’t have an office sweater! You idiot! Luckily I grabbed the communal office coat in mid-December during Men’s Hell. – I didn’t wear a shirt once in December. It was too hot in here. – I’m still cold. – Let’s get her away from the air vents. – They’re everywhere. – I know they’re everywhere, but she needs to think that there’s still hope. I’m going to see if I
can find a thermostat. – Nay, the Winter Freeze is controlled by the general thermostat in the basement. We have no power, and the Ice King knows it. – Speaking of Ice King, there’s ice cream down on the fourth floor. You know, ’cause it’s so hot. – (in unison) Whoa! – What are we going to do? Cynthia is going to freeze to death. – There’s only one thing we can do. (wind shrieking) – Siobhan, child. You can’t be serious. – It’s not sustainable. She’ll get used to it and then… (shivering) – Oh, it’s so warm in here. – The bathroom is a completely
different eco-system than the rest of the office. It’s always at least 10
degrees closer to the outside temperature because the
company refuses to pay to climate control the bathrooms. – This is just to hold, not to sip. – I love the bathroom. I’m never leaving the bathroom. – Cynthia, no, no. We can’t stay here forever. – Why? Why? – We stay in here more than 15 minutes and everyone will think we’re pooping and that’s worse than freezing to death. – Then there’s only one way out. – Cynthia– – Let her go. – No. – Cynthia. (dramatic music) (icy freeze crackle) – Uh oh, looks like Cynthia
was droppin’ some deuces. – Hey, I’m Siobhan from College Humor. Click over here to subscribe and click here for more fun stuff, ya filthy animals! I was abandoned in this office
when I was 10 years old, by my parents and I’ve been eatin’ pizza for such a long time. Think I have scampi?

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