Why You NEED To Visit Alicante! | ??Alicante Travel Guide ??

Why You NEED To Visit Alicante! | ??Alicante Travel Guide ??

Do you know the meaning of the saying, ‘Pa’lante,
como los de Alicante’? If you’re from the English-speaking world, then maybe not.
But you should! It means ‘Forward, like the people of Alicante’. In Spain, this
popular saying defines the people of Alicante by their drive, determination and spirit.
Historically, this port city on the Costa Blanca has faced many struggles – be they
due to war or economic issues – but the people of Alicante have persevered, with their heads
held high, and pressed forward. The late 1950s and 60s were a transformative
time for the city. The growth of global tourism drove holidaymakers to locations like Alicante,
which enjoyed beautiful climates year-round. The local economy benefited greatly from well-funded
construction projects such as hotels and complexes that accompanied this increase in tourism,
and in turn, the extra visitors drove an increase in the number of wonderful restaurants, bars
and cafés Alicante has to offer. At the heart of Alicante is an energy – a
culture and identity that has persevered through the growth of the tourism here. The idyllic
and instagrammable paved streets of the Barrio de Santa Cruz lead you on a path around the
mountain at the centre of the city, Monte Benacantil, the ancient castle Castillo de
Santa Barbara sits on the peak. The castle is visible from everywhere in the city, whether
you’re soaking up some sun at the beach, or shopping for fresh local produce in Alicante’s
Mercado Central. With neighbors like the infamous Benidorm,
I had a few assumptions about the nature of tourism in the city, and I couldn’t have
been more wrong. The real, authentic Alicante is here and waiting for you, and I could feel
it from the moment we landed. The city of Alicante is around 1,260 miles
from London. To get there, we chose the way you’ll also most likely be using, which
is to fly! We flew from Gatwick airport, so to start our trip in style, we booked ourselves
into a Lounge. It was good to have some time and space to unwind and the wifi was really
good and the unlimited food and drink didn’t hurt either. If you fancy a more chilled out
start to your holiday check out the lounges in the holiday extras app.
Alicante has its own airport, so getting in is easy. A flight from Gatwick to Alicante
takes only around 2.5 hours. Then, the airport is just a 20 minute drive away from the town
centre. Our recommendation? Book yourself a private transfer or taxi. The door to door
service is the most hassle-free option. Alternatively, you can take the C6 bus from Alicante Airport
into the city, which arrives every 20 minutes throughout the daytime or once an hour from
midnight to 5am, and it only takes 20 minutes. We wanted to soak in as much of the Alicante
experience as we could, so we’re doing most of our exploring by foot. Many of the best
sights in Alicante are actually all within walking distance of one another. Alicante
is full of energy, so it’s no surprise that this city attracts party people We used Google Maps to plan our routes. Perfect
if you’re planning on doing a lot of walking, but it’ll also show you your public transport
options too, so you’ll know if you could save time by opting to catch a tram instead.
Alicante is full of energy, so it’s no surprise that this city attracts party people, stag
do’s and hen nights. But if you know where to look, it can also be serene, idyllic and
a history lover’s paradise… So one of our top tips is google maps is a
god send when you’re planning your public transport and stuff because all of the trams
and buses and everything, are all listed on there, so if you needed to get to a beach
or if you need to visit Benidorm, you can plan your entire journey in google maps..
So on our first morning in Alicante, we made our way over to the Castillo de Santa Barbara
to get the best views over Alicante. On our way there, we passed the Playa del Postiguet,
or Postiguet Beach, and naturally, had to stop to enjoy it. One of Alicante’s most popular beaches,
it’s only a short walk from the town centre and is renowned for the quality of the sand
and gorgeous palm tree boardwalk. It’s also known for being one of the best beaches for
recreation – there are loads of kid’s playgrounds, swings and sports areas. It’s very close
to the old quarter of Alicante, and the flat layout makes it very accessible, so it’s
very popular with tourists. Conveniently for us, it’s also located right across the road
from the elevator up to the castle, which climbs directly up the middle of Monte Benacantil,
or Mount Benacantil, and into the castle grounds. So for just 2 euros 70 a person, there is
actually a lift which will take you to the top of Castillo de Santa Barbara and it is
incredibly hot today as you can probably see so we are going to do that and we will see
you at the top. Pensioners or those with difficulty walking
can use the elevator for free which is awesome – but some tips in advance. The castle in
general is accessible, but some of the ramps and inclines within the castle grounds get
very steep. So if you’re determined to go higher, the climb might get quite difficult. So we are starting our first day in Alicante
here at the Castillo de Santa Barbara, which has some of the most incredible views over
Alicante and it’s free to enter but you can pay 3 euros for a tour if you want to
get to know a little bit of the history of the castle. The Castillo de Santa Barbara stands on top
of Monte Benacantil at around 166m high and is one of Spain’s largest medieval fortresses.
As you can probably tell, the building is soaked in a rich history. There’s evidence
of Roman, Iberian and Bronze Age inhabitants, but the castle’s origins are in the 9th
century – so the castle has been watching over Alicante for well over a thousand years. At the height of Summer in July and August,
it’s open from 10am until midnight. In the winter months from October to March, it closes
at 8pm, and every other month inbetween, it closes at 10pm. So we are at the top of the castle now hoping
that we will get some even better views over Alicante Make sure you get here early cos it’s super
popular and it fills out really quickly, we were at the lift for 10 and there was already
a queue. You can almost see all of Alicante. It’s
crazy. The Castillo de Santa Barbara blew us away
– everywhere you go you are met with more history, and being at the highest point in
the area means that every corner of the castle has another stunning view over Alicante, and
a brand new perspective. We could have sat atop the castle walls and enjoyed the scenery
all day, but we had someone to meet in the city centre. I couldn’t wait to talk to
her about Alicante. We decided it was time for us to make our
way down the side of the mountain. So we’re here at the height of July and
its well in to the 30’s and a top tip from us if you want to make the walk up the side
of the mountain to the Castillo de Santa Barbara is to make sure you stay super hydrated and
cover yourself in sun cream because there’s not a lot of shade on this walk. I think we’ve
done it the right way by getting the lift up and then walking back down because we didn’t
have to miss out on these incredible views. Although scorching weather might make it feel
a little longer, it’s just a short walk 20 min walk from the castle back down into
the town. Once we were back on the streets, we headed to the Mercado Central to meet Maria
of free walking tours Alicante, to talk about the wonderful history, food and culture that
Alicante has to offer. Mercado Central means central market and is
Alicante’s main market hall. Dating back to the 1920’s it was designed by Enrique
Sanches Sedeno. The Central market is a big modernist inspired building containing two
floors, one of those is a basement due to the slopes of the surrounding streets. Here
you can buy all kinds of food typical to the local region; meat, fish, veg, nuts, fruit
and of course delicious Mediterranean oils. Here Maria explained the origins of some of
Alicante’s signature foods. The main problem we have in Alicante in the
history has been water. (Oh I see) So no water no food, no… so that was the main problem
(Yeah.) But traditionally what we had here was fish and salted fish ‘cause we didn’t
have ice to keep it (Yeah yeah, to preserve it) that is why there is salted fish (Of course)
Traditionally all of the gastronomy we have was very dry (Yeah, right) Almonds and things
like that. Oh lovely, let’s take a go at this. Salud! (Cheers!) Even with a dry gastronomy, the food here
is full of bright colours and amazing smells. Most of the stalls here in the Mercado Central
are family run, and have been passed down through generations. Everyone knows everyone.
The market has a life of its own, and everyone is welcoming, friendly and all too keen to
impress. Welcome to Alicante, Alicante is very beautiful.
Hello there is good fish, my name is Bruno That’s perfect. He’s after my job! I’ve got to say – the passion here in the
market was infectious, and I left in a great mood. By shopping here in a local market,
you’re also supporting local farmers and providers, rather than giving your money to
a hotel chain or big corporation. So the currency in Alicante is the euro and
in the central market here everything is priced so you know exactly what everything is going
to cost. We recommend loading up a Fair FX card before you leave which you can book via
holiday extras as everywhere accepts car as well. We’ve been really impressed with the Mercado
Central. The building is really impressive and the food was just delicious. It’s open
from 7am – 2:30pm Monday to Friday and until 3pm on Saturdays. If you can, you should come
here on a Saturday afternoon; you’ll really see it come to life. Local people in Alicante
enjoy something they call tardeo – which is a party that has a chilled-out start in the
afternoon and then rolls into the evening. We were visiting on a weekday so didn’t
get to enjoy tardeo of our own but Maria had a fantastic local restaurant to show us where
we could enjoy some of the best local cuisine Alicante had to offer. We have come to a local restaurant called
trienta e tantos (look that up) which serves locally sourced food and stuff like that and
whilst we are waiting for our food, we just thought we would go through a little bit of
language (Yeah sure) Yeah! So how would you say hello? (Hola.) Hola, which I think is a pretty common
one I think isn’t it, a lot of people know to say Hola. Then how about… how are you?
(¿Qué tal?) Qué tal, lovely and that’s a more formal way of saying it? (Qué tal
is more informal) Informal? (Yeah, you’ll say ¿Cómo estás?, like how are you literally)
And that’s more emotional is it to say Cómo estás, like you are more concerned (Yeah)
Whereas in passing you might just say Qué tal (Yeah) Ok, how do you ask how much does this cost? (¿Cuánto cuesta es el agua?) So it’s Cuánto
cuesta. In a similar kind of vein, how do you ask
for the bill if you are in a restaurant or something like that
(La cuenta) La cuenta por favor? The international… …also works And por favor is please (Yeah) so La Cuenta
por favor, the bill please And what other kind of phrases do you think
people might find useful visiting Alicante? (¿Una cerveza por favour?) We all know that
one, which I believe is, a beer please (Yeah) Perfect, I think that’s the only sentence
I need to know really hehehe. How about – where is the beach? (¿Dónde Está La Playa?) Dónde Está La
Playa, perfect, so now we know how to get a beer, how to find a beach (You have everything
you need!) Do you have any other favourite phrases or
anything like that? (There is a sentence that is used all around Spain that says ‘Para‘lante
como los de Alicante’) ‘Para’lante como los Alicante’
(Yeah, that was very good!) Thank you! That means something like, go foward, keep
going, as Alicante people do. (Are the people known for being hardy and hard working?) Yeah, it’s history, through history we have
a lot of problems, lack of water, lack of food, many wars, so we always kept going.
(Keep going.) And also the motto of this city, is in Catalan
is in Valencian, is not in Spanish, is la millor terra del mon which translates to something
like the best land in the world (I like that!) We are hardy but also proud. (So although
times were hard people were like we still know this is the best land in the world, oh
perfect. Do you have any other sort of favourite…) The most important of them all, Bienvenidos
a Alicante. (¡Bienvenidos a Alicante! and what does that mean?) Welcome to Alicante! Welcome to Alicante, oh perfect! So, tell
us a little bit about what we have on the table now. This is a ‘Pericana’, Pericana is made
with a small flat pepper that we chop, it’s dry so it’s very typical from here. And
then the other is um… salted fish, capella and tomatoes and olive oil of course. These
are meat, sausages of course from a town called Pinoso, which is a town in the Alicante region
as well. And this is like a jelly, a tomato jelly (Oh I see yeah yeah) Maria – And we have it with cheese which is
quite nice. (Oh nice!) And this is like a modern coca, we call coca to everything which
is on a pastry basically (Right yeah) So Alicante was very poor so we didn’t have
lots of ingredients, so we had pastry and then things on top, whatever we had (Anything
else that would go on it yeah) So whatever we had at that moment, so this is like a cheese,
the pepper and the onion is cooked in a way that when they are together, we call this
calivara, which is another, another, like a roasted salad, and then anchovies, we love
anchovies here. (Lovely) In Spain we always have bread (With everything to dip in) Yeah!
(Right, oh perfect, oh well lets get stuck in!) Ready? (I am starving!) Everything was fresh, and deliciously salty.
The dried fish especially – I’d never tried anything like it. It had such a strong flavour!
The centre piece was a delicious rice dish made with the freshest seafood. Tourism is our main industry nowadays, I think
about 80% of the population works in services in general. Hospitality is a huge income for
us (Right yeah yeah) It’s important for us, so people can enjoy with us, we want to
transmit that local touch, local feeling, we want to make people comfortable and welcome
(Yes) So they like our city as we do. (Yeah, yeah of course, brilliant!) We were all so full after such a hearty lunch,
Maria took us for a walk down through Plaza Gabriel Miró to settle our stomachs – It
was a quiet nearby park that was canopied by enormous trees, centred around a beautiful
fountain. As we walked, Maria spoke to us about the importance of tourism to the people
of Alicante. So a lot of the businesses you have shown
us today are local businesses or they use local ingredients, is that an important part
of what makes it onto the free walking tours? I think it is the most important, we want
to show people the local food, the local businesses, I want to show them how we live, I want to
show them how the city is. I want to show people the Alicante I love, the Alicante the
locals love. And sometimes you know with the main chains,
they are only showing what they want to sell but it’s important for us to make people
feel welcome, comfortable, so they want to come back and for that they need to know us,
not the… tourist traps. Maria’s passion for Alicante is so infectious,
it was impossible not to get wrapped up in it. We can’t recommend her walking tours
enough – she was fantastic company, answered all of our questions and knew all the best
places to visit. You can learn more about her tours by visiting FreeWalkingToursAlicante.com.
As our time together came to an end, Maria gave us some parting wisdom about our next
stop – Calle San Francisco, also known as San Francisco Street. It’s a vibrant area full of great bars,
restaurants and shops. It also happens to be right next door to the Marina. The promenade
La Explanada de España is an elegant boulevard covered with red, black and cream tiles (6.6
million of them to be exact) that depict the waves of the Mediterranean. Perfect for a leisurely walk to browse the
hand-made crafts at the local stalls, and sit in the sun outside one of the many cafés
to soak up the atmosphere here at the heart of Alicante. This is the Calle San Francisco or San Francisco
street also known as mushroom street, which were put here because the street wasn’t
getting a whole lot of tourists it didn’t look very pretty and you can see them all
the way down the street actually, there’s loads of them, so what they did was installed
this very pretty floor and these really quite weird mushrooms and it attracted loads of
people and it’s been really great for the local businesses.
I loved these big mushrooms. What a weird and wonderful way to draw people to this part
of Alicante! Some of them you can climb in, some of them were just really huge. If you
do one weird and wonderful thing in Alicante, make sure you visit this part of Calle San
Francisco. Great fun for kids too. With the day closing in and having topped
up on weirdness, we thought we’d find a bit of beauty instead. Heading back in the
direction of the castle, we took a peek at one of the most picturesque areas in Alicante,
Barrio Santa Cruz. End of day 1 and we are here in the beautiful
Barrio Santa Cruz, which is like the old town. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of
the city and probably one of the most instagrammable as well and although it looks quiet and quaint
now, it’s actually the centre of the nightlife once the later evening rolls in. But for now,
we are just going to enjoy a leisurely stroll, and unwind after a really long and very hot
days work. Barrio Santa Cruz means Santa Cruz Neighborhood,
but here they just refer to it as el Barrio, as the word is synonymous with this area.
Wear sensible shoes as there’s a lot of cobbled streets and some steep steps, but
the little houses and historic architecture is really worth a look.
Following a tip that Maria had given us earlier in the day, we visited one street in particular
where you can see La Cara del Moro, or ‘The Face of the Moor’, look closely and you
will see the face of a man in the rocks of Mount Benacantil above you.
When you’re here, take a walk through the Barrio and see if you can spot La Cara del
Moro! Taking a stroll through one of the prettiest
parts of the city was the perfect way to wind down at the end of a long and busy day. We
were already so impressed with Alicante – but now it was time to head back to our apartment
and get a good night’s rest. We had just as much planned for Day 2, and
I couldn’t wait! Before we head into day two, here’s a look
at how the holiday extras app can help you on your trip to Alicante
Have all of your trips in one place with the new holiday extras app. View and update your
details, have paperless bookings that also work offline and book all of your holiday
extras from parking to hotels and car hire through to insurance Yesterday we showed you the hustle and bustle
the city of Alicante has to offer and today, we’re trying something different. After
a good night’s rest, an iced coffee and a breakfast of some lovely pastries , the
crew and I have hired a car for the day to drive out to Fuentes del Algar, the Algar
waterfalls. It’s about a 45 minute drive away, and I’ve
got to say – it might be the most beautiful drive I’ve done yet – it boasts some pretty
spectacular landscapes. You might be surprised to see some strong
figures standing on the hilltops around you – this is El Toro de Osborne, or the Osborne
Bull, and there are around 90 of them all across Spain! These bulls used to be billboards
(or should we say BULLboards) that advertised the Osborne sherry company.
In 1994, new laws banned roadside alcohol advertising, meaning they had to be torn down.
But the bullboards had become a national symbol, so to save them, they were painted black to
hide the advertising underneath. Bull puns aside, the drive to Fuentes del
Algar is truly breathtaking – our top tip once you get there is to park further downhill,
as it gets more expensive the further uphill that you park.
After spending yesterday exploring Alicante town, we’ve come here at the beautiful Fuentes
del Algar. Which is a collection of waterfalls, costs 5 euros to get in, and you can swim
in them as well,so I can’t wait to jump in, its boiling hot and I will see you down
there. It really is a paradise here. We would thoroughly
recommend doing the full 1.5km walk. There are loads of waterfalls, springs and pockets
of natural beauty that deserve to be seen. Awesome rock formations trail the landscape
and the climate here makes for some perfect conditions to grow lavender, thyme and fruit.
Fuentes del Algar really is an assault on the senses. The site and smell of the gorgeous
flowers, the sound of the running water, the route along the river’s edge really was
like walking in to another world. There are loads of different pools to take
a dip in – you’ll get used to it quickly, but be warned that the initial plunge is freezing!
There’s also a jumping platform, where you can jump from the rocks into the water below.
Our cameraman Gwyd couldn’t resist having a go!
We couldn’t miss the chance to swim up to the cascada principal or the ‘main waterfall’
of Fuentes del Algar. It’s is the most well known and probably
the most photographed of them all, is known for featuring on television shows and also
adverts. We couldn’t take all of our camera equipment,
but we did take our waterproof 360 camera. Check the link in the description to watch
it! This place is completely unmissable, but my
tip would be to get here very early. It can get really really busy here, and the experience
is so different when you’re alone with it, even if just for an hour or so.
So it’s time to leave Fuentes del Algar and It was beautiful, the water was nice and
cold, jumping in was really fun, the area was beautiful but we are going to jump back
into our hire car and head back Alicante and see ourselves some beaches.
Beautiful, sandy beaches are plentiful in Alicante – and as much as I would have loved
to, we couldn’t visit them all. But we chose two of the best today – Playa de Suan Juan,
and Playa de la Almadraba. While the distance was walkable, we wanted to save more time
for the beach and decided to take the tram. So when you get to a tram station in Alicante
you will see one of these lovely machines and in the top left is a little button to
change the language. Where we are going, we are going to be within
the same zone, it’s got zones like London, it’s called the metropolitan zone, the station
we want is called Mucho Vista, so we will choose a metropolitan ticket because we are
not leaving the metropolitan zone, the amount of travellers we have with us and for me and
the lovely cameraman here, two ninety. But be aware – although Alicante has zones like
London, the metropolitan ticket is not a travel card and you will have to buy another ticket
for your return journey. The tram runs adjacent to the coastline, so
it turned out to be the perfect choice. It gave us a chance to cool down, and to enjoy
some pretty incredible views. So this is one of our favourite beaches Playa
de San Juan and it’s gorgeous, it’s so sandy, it stretches for miles and it’s just
20 mins outside of Alicante aswell on the tram. There are tram stations all along that
pathway you can see there, so it brings you right here and it’s just perfect. We were very lucky to find that there wasn’t
many people here when we visited, which gave us a chance to really appreciate it with a
calming walk in the waves. But trust me, it isn’t always like this… It can get super busy here at Playa de San
Juan, we are lucky to be here on a weekday but on weekends and especially at peak season
it can get super busy, so we are going to take you to a beach that’s just a short
tram ride away, a gorgeous little place called La Almadraba. We took the tram along the coastline again,
heading to a much smaller, quieter beach known as la Almadraba. It’s picturesque, relaxing,
and the waters are nice and calm. La Almadraba is the perfect beach to enjoy a romantic stroll,
and listen to the calming waves and enjoy the incredible view of the sunset. After such
a long and scorching day, cooling off by the sea as the sun set behind the hills in the
distance was, for me, one of the highlights of the trip. This alone would have been the perfect end
to our time here. But all work and no play makes Jake a dull boy, so we decided end another
amazing trip by celebrating in style. With a trip back to Barrio de Santa Cruz. After winding down at La Almadraba, the lively
atmosphere of the Barrio felt even more alive. The atmosphere is totally different when the
night rolls in. Locals and tourists all gather together to eat drink and sing. Getting in
the mood, we thought a couple of cervezas was the perfect way to end such a fantastic
trip. So unfortunately our time in Alicante has
come to an end and I wish we had more time here because it’s been amazing, I’ll admit
that when we first got here, it would be a bit of a tourist trap especially being so
close to Benidorm but it’s just been great and the food, the people, the culture, I’ve
been blown away by everything and… yeah! I really hope you get to experience Alicante
for yourself. But until next time – salud!

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