Why You Should Never Travel to North Korea

Why You Should Never Travel to North Korea

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  1. Thank you for watching the whole video, you legend! Let me know what you think about traveling to North Korea in the comments and make sure to check out the best book I ever read about a North Korean refugee, my friend Donghuyk Shin: https://amzn.to/2laEJI2

  2. If you truly believe in what you’re saying take down your North Korea videos. Talk is cheap if you keep the videos up it could influence people to go there. Do the right thing.

  3. So you can go a judge, but you’re now telling others that they can’t go and judge themselves. Poor show and it’s all about you ??

  4. So you can go a judge, but you’re now telling others that they can’t go and judge themselves. Poor show and it’s all about you ?? There are a lot of probable, maybe this maybe that about North Korea but you only accept what the western media say. Maybe North Korea just don’t want the western attitudes ruining there life style like it has around the world.

  5. OK, so there are aspects of North Korea that we would find disagreeable including certain civil rights issues, but that hardly makes the regime the most immoral in the world. Lets look at some of reasons that the UN has given to condemn the country as the number one pariah state:
    1. Surveillance. Don't we have that in the West? I mean what are all the cameras for? The main difference is that in North Korea surveillance is to enforce political conformity, and in the West it for enforcing the law.
    2. The state monopoly of mass media.
    3. Freedom of religion is respected but the clergy are tightly controlled by the regime. Religious propaganda and proselytizing is forbidden.
    4. According to the figures provided by jacob the North Korean incarceration rate is between 313 and 470 per 100,000 which is not extraordinary by international standards. The United States has the highest incarceration rate at 655 per 100,000. It is true that things are a felony in North Korea that are not a felony in the West, but some developing countries still retain laws against homosexuality and blasphemy, which we may disagree with, but these are not human rights issues.
    5. A significant majority of US citizens undertake unpaid labour at some point in their lives. It is called volunteering. When I was a youth I did volunteer work clearing scrub-land for a charity. The only difference is that in North Korea it is compulsory.

    What I find objectionable about this video is that jacob has elevated his Western liberal values into absolute moral imperatives that must be applied to all other countries in the world irrespective if their traditions and circumstances, and that he has judged illiberal-ism to be immoral under any circumstances. According to this world view nothing the North Korean regime could do could mitigate the evil of their illiberal-ism. Therefore, whatever the regime does to improve the welfare and security of the people is negated by their awful illiberal-ism.

  6. Damn, that made me cry. Families, basically brothers torn apart by 2 ideologies. I can imagine that happening but yet it is true.

  7. Aside from the economic difficulties experienced…well, assigned individuals who follow you around and tell you what you can and cannot photograph…where to go…etc.. kinda puts a damper on the whole cultural experience before it happens. Still, what is available for scenic view via internet resources..would be a beautiful place to see with ones own eyes.

  8. I thank the US for giving us freedom ?? unlike north, korea ?? very difficult to live there coz people have no freedom also suffered from food…. I hope one day like our country will be like the country of north korea. ????

  9. I'm not convinced, north korea have essentially turned to increased tourism out of desperation due to the sanctions placed upon them by the international community (not because of your 'viral' video). It is actually less tightly controlled than it used to be, maybe if this keeps on the north korean government will eventually have to open up more and more to maintain economic viability until eventually the regime falls and people are free to leave.

  10. It’s just ignorant to think badly about one country. Many countries have been in the same place, at one point in time. Reducing tourism will only have a negative impact on its economy which will further keep it from developing. So by not going we’re encouraging to keep these people from improving their lives.

  11. Being capable of changing ones mind is, imo, one of the most noble traits a man can possess. You are doing a good deed with this video

  12. YouTubers should have little more integrity than those fooling about North Korea …
    See this for start…you won't understand language but subtitles have been added…my req don't fool ppl anymore.

  13. I completely agree with you! Not only the tourist's money serves to grow that fat pig even more, they use it to build nuclear weapons while the people are starving.

  14. What else is a 21 year old to do.Not saying your not educated but with that being said ya dont have life experiences to make you any wiser…I do enjoy your videos so lets keep it that way.

  15. “A river in darkness” by Masaji Ishikawa is also one of those books written by ‘escapee’.
    Painful and unique experience of reading a book.
    (Sorry for my poor English)

  16. In the book "Nothing to Envy" there is a story about a woman who crossed over into China. She was sneaking around at night trying not to be picked up when she came across a house that had a bowl of meat and rice set out. She wondered if this was something Chinese people did for escapees on the run, but then she heard the dog bark. It was then that she realized that Chinese dogs ate better than the North Korean people. ?

  17. Yeah we get it. North Korea isn't a great place and you can die going there, but DON'T have people like this guy telling you what to do. If you want to go, then go, just acknowledge the risks.

  18. I can't even think of going, because if I was there and they found out that I am Christian they might just throw me in prison or just kill me.

  19. I think you have got it wrong here. Your and other tourists' money are crumbs in the Kim's economy built on wholesale of drugs, guns and slave labor. On the other hand, the North Koreans get to see foreign tourists, they can observe foreigners (who are supposed to be monsters) by a stroke of luck, in metro, on the street, etc. – and see normal people talking, smiling and generally behaving like them. I am positive that the first straw that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union were the foreigners that started to appear on the streets of Moscow and other major Soviet cities in mid-60s. Before, the words "American," "Western", "European" had been synonymous to "foes", "hated enemy", etc. And everyone was craving about American jeans and Adidas or Nike shoes in the 70s and 80s. I think, it is better for North Korea to change towards accepting the Western standards rather than be incorporated into China once and forever.

  20. With Korea is a demonic regime. May God someday strike it down and free these millions of poor souls..

    China’s regime is evil, as well and is NK’s puppet master.

  21. Your crazy asking people to travel north Korea we will die if people travel to north Korea and know some people don't want to go to a prison camp and there laws are stupid if you screwed up one thing could lead death are prison camp so I'm fine not going to north Korea

  22. Completelly disagree with you kid….. just because YOU were an UNiFORMED tourist, do not discourage others from going WHEREVER they wish to go in the world. It is quite hypocritical comían from a travel blogger. *Maybe you need to reexamine WHY you yourself travel around the world, is it just to make money, or to actually ENGAGE, TRULY ENGAGE and get to know the condition of LiFE wherever you go. You just sound like the typical person who lived sheltered and suddenly comes up to a different reality…….. take more time to learn- especially if you are then goign to DiSCOURAGE people from learning themselves! Just feel you will be making ANOTHER video after gettign SPONSIRED to a FREE trip to PARTY IS ISRAEL, AND THEN SUDDENLY YOU LEARN ABOUT PALESTINE!! Yeap, that happens…..

  23. Why would anyone want to travel there in the first place? is it just me or do anyone travels for fun? what's the fun of visiting a shithole communist country where even your entire trip there is controlled?

  24. I wish we could arrest and put to trial every tyrant on Earth. We would not hang them in the end, no. We would just keep them imprisoned for the rest of their miserable existance, just like they imprisoned whole nations. And twice a month, we would expose them to the public, to be ridiculed and spat upon.

  25. "do you know how much money ended up in the pockets of local people, probably none" – its a communist state. Does anyone know if the Wambier family got their $500 million from N. Korea for torturing their son when he got 15 years for trying to steel a propaganda poster

  26. U should also do a similar video about USA… life of people in the city & compare it to the lives on the native Americans

  27. Have not been there, have been to mainland China twice. Not nearly as bad (now).
    Given how you present the argument, I'll agree. My economic activities probably assist those who don't need it and do nothing to help those who do.

  28. I've been to North Korea and i loved it, no random gay soyboy youtube kid will change my mind. Love to North Korea from Texas

  29. Saw your just three videos about North Korea, must say u r "humble" and ur content is to the point and clean.
    Cant resist commenting:)

  30. I just saw your earlier NK video now this one. Bravo for understanding what horrible conditions and brainwashing the poor citizens have to go through.

  31. 2:10 I'd say the same with the governments of many of the countries I've visited and even the country in which I live, the UK.

  32. 8:45 No, just don't even think about returning to North Korea, or even visiting one of their embassies until the regime collapses.

  33. The only thing im impressed about NK is that they still can grow up without any other countries help, despite living in my country, the government literally have debts everywhere, but still lack of technology and stuffs, we literally broke asf

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