Why You Should Try Winter Camping for the First Time

Why You Should Try Winter Camping for the First Time

I’m Eric Hanson and I have to say
something: winter camping might just be the worst thing in the world…BUT here’s
why you should do it. To many people, the idea of winter camping, being out here in sub-zero temperatures sounds miserable, and it can be. I will I will admit I’ve
had some terrible experiences winter camping. You can get freezing cold, you
might not sleep at all at night, you might burn burn holes in your clothing
from your fire, and conditions can be heinous. You’ve got blowing wind and snow and I get it, I get why people would maybe not want to do it. But I will say,
that some of my favorite experiences ever have been winter camping. Winter
camping is totally awesome for a bunch of reasons. Basically you get to
experience other-worldly beauty. Some of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever seen
in my life have been after a fresh blanket of
snowfall and I’m winter camping and I get to just crawl out of my tent and be
the first person to see it. One of my favorite things about winter camping is also being in places that are otherwise really popular with no one around. You
get to experience true solitude and beauty in places that would otherwise be
swarming with people. Winter camping presents an entirely different set of
challenges and with that you got to test your skills and hone your skills and you
become a more competent outdoorsman and what I like to call: a badass. So yes,
winter camping can suck. You might have the most miserable night of sleep of
your life and you might swear it off but I think everybody should do it and it
might just change your life. Well I hope I’ve inspired you to go out and suffer a
little bit but to have a good attitude about it nonetheless. If you did like the
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6 thoughts on “Why You Should Try Winter Camping for the First Time

  1. "Embrace the suck" Yes it can be difficult, but take the scout motto into consideration and "BE PREPARED". Know what you're getting yourself into, bring the right gear and the right attitude and you'll come out the better for it.

  2. Just got my first pair of snowshoes in the mail. The unique scenery and challenges are appealing. Good points!

  3. I winter camped in the 1970's in Ohio & Kentucky when camping was MUCH more primitive.
    If you know what you're doing, & you have the right equipment, adequate for conditions, temperature, & weather, it can be a relatively kool experience.
    And camping in snow is awesome at night with the other worldly light.
    And the stars are very bright in the woods.
    This vid is a realistic picture of winter camping. I hope people try it. It's worth it.

  4. 01:44 – A classic, pit zips all the way open, when you're trying to warm yourself near a fire. ☺️

    I would rather wear wool or a poly-cotton blend outer layer, if you're that close to the fire. Sparks burn holes into synthetics too easily.

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