Why Your Next Shirt Should Be Merino Wool | Best Material for Travel Clothing

Why Your Next Shirt Should Be Merino Wool | Best Material for Travel Clothing

Hey, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute. In
this video, we’re exploring merino wool and why it might be the best clothing
material when traveling. (light chiming music) I have to admit that when I think of wool, I think of
cold weather and trying to stay warm I’ve had a few merino wool sweaters in
the past, and while they were comfortable, they didn’t get much wear especially
since I live in Los Angeles. Though I noticed recently that a bunch
of companies and travelers were talking about how much they love merino wool
clothing both for winter and summer wear. This got me interested in the topic so I
decided to do some research and also contact some manufacturers of wool
clothing. Saying that, we’re extremely grateful to both Woolly Clothing Company
and Olivers Apparel for sending us some merino wool clothes to test out and
review. As with every product we review, we promise to only ever share our honest
opinions. We’re never influenced or pressured to review something a certain
way, even if it’s given to us for free. With that other way, I learned that my
conception of wool was completely wrong. Wool, and especially merino wool, is a
very versatile material and can be used for variety of purposes. For the sake of
this video I’ll run through the pros and cons of merino wool clothing so you can
determine whether it might be something you want to explore before your next
trip. First, let’s start with the pros of using merino wool clothing
from a travelers perspective. Number 1: Soft and comfortable. When people think
of wool, they often think of a thick, itchy, and uncomfortable fabric. But
merino wool is different. Quality merino wool is thin, lightweight, and softer than
cotton due to his finer fabrics. This makes it very breathable, keeping you
cool even when doing outdoor or fitness activities. A lot of people have called
it “nature’s magic fabric.” The shirts that I’ve tested have been extremely comfortable
to wear, even in our recent heat waves here in Southern California. Number 2:
Draws moisture from the skin. Merino wool is able to handle moisture much better
than cotton. The surface has a waxy coating called lanolin which resists
water. Think of it as a natural sport fabric that can keep you dry. This leads
me to number 3: Resists odors. The waxy coating that I mentioned earlier is
also naturally antibacterial, which helps with reducing the odor in
the fabric. In the past, I’ve tried to travel with sports clothing like Nike
Dri-fit and Under Armour shirts. They’re really lightweight and they don’t
wrinkle, but they honestly stink after a few hours of being around sweat.
I may sweat a lot more than most people, but I find that these wool shirts to be
a lot better when it comes to managing the odors. Number 4: Temperature
regulating. This is one of the reasons why people are in love with this fabric.
The fabric can function in both hot and cold environments, either keeping you
cool or warm when you need it. This is primarily due to its ability to manage
moisture and provide insulation when necessary.
Number 5: Dries quickly. Because of its natural ability to repel moisture, the
fabric dries quickly. This also comes in handy if you try to wash your clothes in
your hotel room when traveling or get stuck in a downpour. Number 6: Doesn’t
wrinkle easily. Merino wool is also wrinkle resistant. It doesn’t mean that
it won’t retain any wrinkles. In my experience, it still has some but
definitely less than cotton, and seem to be easy to remove by just wearing the
shirt or hanging them in the bathroom while showering. So what this is mean for
traveling? Wearing merino wool allows you to pack lighter, be less wrinkly, and
potentially get more wears between washings. Unfortunately, or maybe
fortunately for this video, I sweat a lot so I’m probably a good person to test
out the merino wool. I can say that after wearing this shirt on a hot summer day,
this shirt did not smell funky the next day. I do wish I could test it out in a
humid place like Thailand, but even with the recent heat waves here in Southern
California, I was able to squeeze in two days of wear between washings. Though
you’re probably wondering, “what are the drawbacks to a merino wool?” To be honest,
there are just a couple of cons to keep in mind when dealing with merino wool
clothing. Number 1: Expensive. Merino wool clothing is more of an investment
especially when compared to cotton. Both of these shirts run around $50 to $70, depending on the style and color. Number 2: Durability. This is
probably the biggest drawback with merino wool.
While it should be able to handle the daily demands of your life, the fabric is
more prone to wear and tear. I personally wouldn’t wear it with a heavy backpack,
but a normal day pack should be just fine. In fact, both shirts that we
received seemed durable enough to handle most daily life and travel situations. At
the end of the day, I think that merino wool is an outstanding material to bring
on your next trip or even for your normal wear. I really like both of these
shirts and they are super comfortable. I love the fact that I can wear them in
both hot and cold environments as well. I don’t think I’m going to replace all my
clothing with merino wool just yet. I do think that I’ll be packing them first on
future trips. Have you tried merino wool clothing? If
so, let us know what you think. I’ve included links to both shirts in the
video description. Trip Astute does get a percentage if
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14 thoughts on “Why Your Next Shirt Should Be Merino Wool | Best Material for Travel Clothing

  1. Great topic! I'll have to check these brands out and throw some support your way. I have a bunch of Icebreaker shirts and they are great in Mexico's humidity. I don't recommend their underwear but their socks are ok. I live in the Texas Panhandle and the shirts are also great for our hot dry weather and the cold winter months. I work on a ranch and also do carpentry and the only wear issues I've had are from snagging things, the Velcro on my toolbelt and just wearing down because they didn't mention that you aren't supposed to use detergents with enzymes in them. Those detergents are the ones you get at health food stores.

  2. Nope ! Go to REI coop and get some exofficio T-shirts and underwear … I have a bunch and in sunny 105F in Austin Texas … They are above the price range but when it comes to quality , they deliver it all the way.. I can travel with three pieces of underwear and a bra and feel comfortable: I can wash in the bathroom and it’s ready to wear in the morning .

  3. Great video! I actually bought a merino wool shirt when I was in Vienna. I can agree they aren't very durable. My merino wool shirt started showing wear and tear after wearing a relatively light backpack. Love the material, just wished it was a little more durable! I might have to try another brand to see if it is a little better :-).

  4. Super value, Ernest ! Great tips another great review in the bag ! great shirt buddy looks awesome.

    Jose P.

  5. Great video! I sure should have gotten one of these before we went to Russia… We are currently here and all my synthetic shirts stink so bad! Haha keep up the great work!

  6. Just picked up a few Of these shirts tonight based on your vid. ? For you. Did the two companies send you 190gsm or 150gsm? Thanks

  7. Hi ! is it dry fast as Polyester ?
    & what about Merino wool pants, underwear or socks ? worth it too ?

  8. I certainly most agree with your presentation of merino wool. People here in the Philippines don't understand why I choose merino wool for my socks and undershirts, and I tell them the reasons you have mentioned. I was hooked on it many decades ago when my late grandmother gave me several sets of merino wool socks, and since then, I never turned back.

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