Wild camping struggle in Italy?! Is it even possible? |Day 7 of Tour du Mont Blanc in Courmayer

Wild camping struggle in Italy?! Is it even possible? |Day 7 of Tour du Mont Blanc in Courmayer

Good morning from the beautiful location Val
de Peny Italy! So today we are planning to continue to the
bigger village Courmayer. And we think that this village is the Italian
version of Chamonix Mont Blanc. And there we’ll join the official Tour de
Mont Blanc trail once again that will go up the mountain from that part. And depending on the weather if the weather
will be fine we’ll continue on. If not we’ll stay somewhere in the Courmayer
surroundings. This is the plan for today. Let’s get on the trail! For today’s breakfast we have some cous cous,
tomatoes, fresh tomatoes finally and some cheese that we bought in the local supermarket. Let’s eat! The morning is quite cloudy and the weather
forecast says that it can be rainy all day. Camping we stayed this night is great, an
exceptional location. It has all the necessary facilities, very
clean, and the owners are very nice. If you remember yesterday they made us a special
offer to stay in the secluded spot apart from other people that we are very grateful for,
it was very quiet and there was nobody around us. So we could imagine that we are somewhere
in the forest, wild camping that we like a lot. And the price was reasonable. So we are very happy about it. The weather is very changeable here in the
mountains and today in particular. When the clouds are out can be cold and chilly. And as you can see we are wearing the warm
clothes now. But when the sun is out it can be very very
hot and it’s burning very much. You need a lot of sunscreen with the high
SPF and even on your ears. Don’t forget the ears because we burnt them
last several days. And especially when the snow is reflecting
the sunlight. So it’s all about contrast. Also at night around 4 or 5 am is the coldest
time. We are always sleeping all covered in the
sleeping bags even the face. Because it’s cold to breathe. So we noticed that this time is the coldest
during the day and night. Independently of the elevation, it’s surprising. But we slept at 1700m and at 1000m and it
was the same. It’s very cold. Today we are a bit late to start the day,
it’s around 11am now. Because we had an accident in the morning
with the maps that we are using for our trails and marks. It was accidentally deleted when I tried to
update the Facebook messenger. It needed too much space. And there was a tick next to the Maps.me that
we are using. That was ridiculous, I didn’t notice it. And the problem is that you have to download
every region and every country separately. And it was all deleted. So we had to download only the regions we
are going through because the Internet had the limit of 500Mb so that’s why we are a
bit late. It was a bad experience. We can see that here there are quite a lot
of ski trails in the area. And now we even spotted the cable car working. So there is a cable car going probably to
some hotel or restaurant don’t even know but it looks like that. Quite a big building. So out of nowhere we met the sign of the Tour
de Mont Blanc. We join it earlier than expected. So now following the official trail again. All these first 6 kms were very easy, following
on a pavement car roads. We didn’t notice it at all. We’ve been walking for an hour or so, very
easy. Now we are getting down to the village Courmayer
and continue on the official trail. So this is what we bought in the local supermarket
in the village Courmayer. Some focaccio bread, we guess it’s some kind
of traditional Italian food. We heard this name before, but we’ve never
tried it. It’s very interesting to try with tomatoes. So we guess they call it like a bread with
some tomatoes, olive oil, garlic etc. Some cherries, we haven’t been eaten them
for a long time so we are eating those right now. Some yougurts and also some kind of local
cheese. Hard cheese. We didn’t have a chance to shoot in the supermarket
because it was closing already. We hoped in the last minute. But there were tons and tons of pasta shelves
like if it was all you need to eat, only pasta. And also all sorts of breads and lots of different
cheese. We didn’t know that Italy also is famous for
its cheese. And there were some varieties that we didn’t
know. Now we are not brave enough to try those but
we’ll do that in the future because then we plan to hike in Italy more. So we are very excited to try those. Ans also pizza of course, haven’t tried pizza
yet. So lots of good food to choose from. So the weather right now is kind of fine. It’s not rainy. There are quite a lot of clouds but they are
all passing by so we guess that it’s not gonna be as bad today. So we are getting out from the village Courmayer
and start to go uphill. The uphill goes up to 2000m and it’s around
800m of elevation. Maybe we’ll so that today if the weather will
be fine. But we also want to find a wild camping spot
as always to stop at. So maybe we’ll find it on the way maybe higher. So we’ll take you along, let’s go. In Italy we see different kind of signs for
Tour de Mont Blanc. And there is added information about difficulty. There is difficulty T, difficulty E. We don’t know what it means exactly but we
guess that E means hard and T means easy. Maybe we’ll figure it out later. Such a beautiful meadows right here with so
many beautiful flowers and the smell is so tasty. There are lots of bees as well. Look at this. So we got out on the forest path from the
Courmayer village. And we quite like this village we think we
would stay there for some time to live because we like such mountain villages. As you may know we have been living in Pyrenees
for the last two years. So we like it a lot. And it’s not too big nor too small. So just a perfect little village. The trail for now goes in a zig zagging kind
of mode so it’s not the hardest one. Thanks God because we got a little bit tired
already of the steep uphills and downhills especially the snowy ones. So we really pray there won’t be snow anymore
or at least not so much. Or at least not today, please. Now it takes a lot of effort for us to go
on this path even though it’s not that steep and difficult. The muscles are very sore from the last days. And you are like pushing on the same muscle
groups. And it gets hard on you accumulating day after
day. So it’s already 5 pm but we don’t really see
any possible campspots. It’s all very steep forest slope and nothing
else just this path. So we guess we would have to climb all the
way up this mountain to the refugee house. And we’ll see what is the area there, if it’s
gonna be very rocky maybe we’ll ask this house to camp nearby it. We have never ask it so we kind of want to
do that. So continue to push to our limits. It’s amazing how close to the peaks we seem to
be now just in a matter of an hour or an hour and a half. So high already. We can see the town where we came from Courmayer. We are almost there at the top, so tired. We are on the top of today’s hill. You can see the amazing view, it’s really
incredible. We think we see the Mont Blanc from different
sides. Now it’s in the clouds as always. We don’t know if these clouds will come our
way. And it’s gonna be the storm today. The path was quite easy even though we were
a bit tired already with the sore muscles but we made it anyway. Now we are going to ask the refugee house
if they allow us to set up a tent close to the house. We can see several small houses around, we
don’t know what it means. But we are going to ask it because the relief
is not good. We can’t find the place anywhere that’s just
impossible. So let’s hope that it’s possible and we will
tell you about that next. Going to try the focaccio for the first time
and what it tastes like. We are really curious to know. Is it oily, fat? Not fat like a bread. Tastes like bread? Like white bread? With tomatoes. Ok. A lot of wheat flour. And it’s like bread. There is a little bit of tomatoes and olive
oil. We left you at the refugee house, we entered
it and asked the receptionist about the tent whether it was possible to camp close to refugee
house and he definetely said no. And he said that in Italy at least in this
region Vallee de Aosta the wild camping is not allowed. And if his owner will know that or will see
our tent he will be unhappy about it. And that all the refugee houses are a private
business here and so they don’t want that. He said that we can wild camp but we will
be doing it at our own risk because there are forest rangers who may be scouting around
and some people got fined sometimes, some people didn’t. Not sure if he is just threatening us or it’s
so strict here, such a strict rule. But it feels very unfair to the people like
us who just prefer to stay in the tent and not in the refugee house in the dormitory
room. Starting from yesterday we started to see
the signs with the tent crossed saying that wild camping is only allowed higher than 2500m. That is already very high and you can’t find
any place there anyway, there is a snow and lots of rocks and slopes. So it makes no sense. Also on this sign there was the littering
sign crossed and the fire crossed. The things that we don’t ever do. Wd don’t ever throw litter in nature neither
we put up a fire. Never, just using our camping gas and that’s
it. So let us know what do you think is it normal
or it’s unfair. And we want to know if there are people just
like us who just like to stay in the tent, like to be in nature. Or at least to have the campspot in the campsite
is fine. But there just aren’t spots in the mountains. And we feel like it doesn’t take much to do
these spots, just put the toilet and shower doesn’t matter that much. And just have some flat spots that’s it. It even takes less effort than to build a
house. These are just our thoughts about it. Let us know what you think. Also we have something to compare with, for
example in France they could make it in a different way why here it should be like that. It’s like the same nature, the same mountains,
all the same but the rules are so completely different. Luckily we found the spot to camp further
down the trail. And it’s quite flat and nice. But it was very hard to get to because we
had to get down then to go uphill again very steep with no path at all. With no powers already so now we are going
to sleep right away. Just eat quickly some dinner. And call it a day. What a day. It started so peacefully and ended up like
this. It’s like you never know how the day will
end. It’s always a surprise. It can be calm and quiet and it can be very
extreme and crazy. That’s every day of ours right now. Ok, no plans for the day. Just don’t know where we end up being. See you tomorrow! Hoping for a good night! Thank you very much for watching! If you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs
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you very soon on the next video! Bye!

6 thoughts on “Wild camping struggle in Italy?! Is it even possible? |Day 7 of Tour du Mont Blanc in Courmayer

  1. D'accord avec votre avis, l'éco-responsabilité est parfaitement compatible avec le camping sauvage.
    Continuez sur la bonne voie les amis.

  2. Some countries simply have different rules to other countries when it comes to wild camping.

    Pitch your tent in a secluded place as close to sunset as you can and get up and break camp early to avoid detection.

    A green tent is also not a bad idea.

    But I agree, a refuge could offer the option at a slightly reduced cost if they have the space. Instead of them making some money from you, they made none.

  3. L'éducation commence d'abord par soi-même en respectant les règles et coutumes locales. Vous ressemblez en tous points à la catégorie d'individus que vous dénigrez.

  4. Thanks for you videos, they have some of the best images i saw from the TMB.

    The wild camping limitations, we have the same in Portugal, we can only camp with permition of the owners, probably they put the limitation, because not everybody do like you, and take the trash out, we just have to respect the locals.

    Hope I can do the TMB someday.

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