Wild Mushrooms You Can Eat: Summer Edition

Wild Mushrooms You Can Eat: Summer Edition

almost ends now, and I hope you all have encountered different
interesting mushrooms during the past months. In this summer edition of my “wild mushroom
you can eat” series, I present  27  wild edible mushrooms, and
for each one of them, I provide a brief written description of their identifying
features. Although some of the mushrooms are not so easy to find, most of them are pretty easy to identify. but let me be very clear. first, I didn’t
eat all the mushrooms I showed in this video. I did eat most of the
edible mushrooms I found, out of curiosity. But once I know how they
taste, I usually won’t bother trying them again. Secondly, I do not encourage you to try all
the mushrooms listed here especially if you are new to mushroom foraging. If you really are very curious,
start with one or two pieces from one single species, and wait at least
a day to see how your body reacts to it. Lastly, do not use this video as your only reference in collecting and consuming wild
edibles.  Do not risk putting anything in your mouth, unless you’ve
done proper research, have referred to multiple reliable sources,
and have absolutely no doubt on what you are going to eat. Alright, without further ado, let’s start
with summer boletes.

57 thoughts on “Wild Mushrooms You Can Eat: Summer Edition

  1. I just found your channel TODAY! (subbed!) WONDERFUL information about all these mushrooms! That said, do you forage wild edible plants for food or medicine? I'd LOVE to see you do FORAGING for WILD PLANTS! As much as you're in the woods for mushrooms, I'm certain you have a wealth of knowledge on the wild plants. I hope you stack up a few of those puppies!! lol Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Blessings in ALL You do and Gratitude!

  2. That's a good assortment of mushrooms! It's nice seeing your namesake, the Old Man of the Woods, lol. And all those Oysters! Have fun with your fungi this fall!

  3. great video but please with your knowledge you should know cut them from the ground don't pick them and drop them like cigarette butts…..

  4. I'm a fan, I also hunt mushrooms near the DC area. Would love to see some of the more unusual species covered in more detail sometime in another video. Thanks for your content!

  5. Honey Bees are so important. ??
    I just bought the mushrooms of north eastern America. It’s a little on the big side too be lugging around.

  6. Fun video! I had fun guessing the names, and got some right, or almost right. And there were some I had never seen before. Excellent detail, in focus, and nice descriptions. I remember the smell of old man of the woods.

  7. The mushrooms old man of the wood. If the cap is grey and the stem is white is that edible. The top part kind of look like freckles. But it feels bumpy

  8. You might have mentioned the Reishi is reportedly highly medicinal and therapeutic, and is often dried, powdered, and added to coffee. When mixed with coffee the Reishi is called by its other name, Ganoderma. There are several brands of this beverage available commercially, and they all taste quite good. This is one of the better mushroom videos I have seen, and you deserve sincere thanks for your good work.

  9. Damn I didn't know there were so many boletes. I usually go for the King Boletes and the red cap ones. They are pretty tasty. Don't eat them if they have a red stem tho.
    Yellow gills red stem, just leave it.
    And holy shit that apple bolete is new to me, I've never even heard of it

  10. great video, I like that you only talk in the beginning of the video, that way you get to experience the sounds of the forest as if you were foraging yourself!

  11. Fantastic video. Great coverage of main identifying features. I have found most of them, but never a hedgehog — yet! 🙂

  12. I think your Hydnum repandum it's a Sarcodon sp. An excellent work, apreciate it! Great Chanel with great info, thanks

  13. Thank you so much ..Very well done amazing job how much someone can learn and EXACTLY what we need to learn from you video with out any talking. One of the better vids on mushrooms I have watched out of the VERY many. Subbed 🙂

  14. Have you ever tried the Butter Boletes? Now I'm confused if I have the Chicken Fat or Butter or if they are the same??‍♀️

  15. Blogger Old Man, can i ask? Why you need to check out tha back side of the mushroom,?
    How would you id if its edible or toxic one?

    What can you say about wood ear or black fungus?
    Tips plsss, & thank you

  16. Really interesting. We had a hot dry September so I didn’t see as many mushrooms as I sometimes do. Now one of our favorite autumn/winter activities is taking a fungi walk in our neighborhood or at a campground ⛺️.

  17. Dude I cannot believe you are just pulling these things out of the ground. Bad technique and BAD for the ecosystem: take a knife and always cut at the base. Careless.

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