Wilderness Camping: Part 1

Wilderness Camping: Part 1

ok well we passed the test mainly because they didn’t really test us at all. we have the green light to go on this trip anyway. so we’re excited. i know i’m excited, are you excited? yeah nervous at all? A little bit. Oh, there’s our truck. Hey, right here. C’mon. The pet resort. Emma’s here. She loves kittens Hi kitty. Oh aren’t you gorgeous. I’ll be just one second. okay. It is so heart-wrenching dropping Emma off. I hope they take good care of her. I’m gonna miss that little bundle of joy. But, gotta do it. She can’t go on the boat which is required to get us into the backcountry wilderness. The Long Range Mountains. In Gros Morne National Park located on Newfoundland’s west coast. This rugged landscape provides experienced hikers with an opportunity to enjoy a wilderness backpacking trip with four to five days duration. the routes are strictly map and compass traverses across Arctic alpine tundra and windswept barons. Hiking season is short lasting from july to late-september. Gros Morne National Park is the crown jewel of newfoundland. the long range traverse is the famous hike that puts you in the heart of it all. It landed a spot at the top of our bucket list when we saw pictures of it online. it’s known for its stunning views and enormous granite walls will that plummet deep into coastal fyords. once we set off on our own there will be no trails, no cell service, no people and no support other than an emergency heli-vac, 18 helicopter rescues were dispatched last year alone. we do not want to become another statistic. so today we’re carefully doing all our preparations and I’m packing the gear that will be essential to our success. as a professional photographer and Fujifilm ambassador, i’ll be packing a camera kit and making some tough choices on which lenses and accessories to bring along. check the direct link to my blog post covering all these details in the video description. Oh, hi. This is my gear closet. this is where I keep all of our backpacking camping gear miscellaneous. It’s like a bottomless pit in here. My baby! I love this backpack. The Deuter Futura Pro 42 litre. this thing is bomber. it’s going strong after 10 years. almost like new. so I love this pack. i trekked through India with this backpack. It’s been on countless wilderness adventures with me like in Alaska. anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a meticulous packer. something about it like the OCD and me just comes out. The downside is that i usually end up spending an inordinate amount of time packing because I was a boy scout and I probably remembered everything and a little extra. i love the gear the gear aspect. you know packing light. packing efficiently. and not forgetting like that one little thing. say camp shoes. a detail like that can totally make or break the trip which brings me to this is a survival kit that I’ve assembled myself basically there’s these essential items that you’re going to need any time you go into the wilderness and it’s good to have a man a convenient little bag like this so you can just throw it in your packet anytime but so what I have in mind is a SteriPEN for sterilizing water which is invaluable I’ve got a pocket knife I’ve got a backup headlamp it’s really lightweight I’ve got a lighter in here got some extra rope I’ve got some zip ties I’ve got some matches and I’ve got this emergency blanket sunblock and you little extra spare batteries i think for the headlamps 0 0 and like smell some tape some group a real gorilla tape so those are pretty much the essentials but yeah you can put together your own little survival kit like this and it’s great to have four thrown into your bag when you’re going into the wilderness here’s the protip so for electronics or things like the SteriPEN that require batteries but you don’t use them a lot for instance i haven’t used the step in months I don’t want the batteries to drain so what I’ve done is I’ve put this piece of plastic in here so that it blocks the circuit and that way the batteries are going to drain on me while this isn’t storage which brings me to my solar panel so these are goal zero brand and their few years old but you know really you can go with other brands that are much cheaper and it’s the same technology but but this is a 13 and a half wat solar panel here and this is what i’m going to use for charging my camera batteries need a little bit more power for for all of that so that’s going to be really handy for camera accessories and then this smaller one which is just 27 wat this is where i’m going to use for charging my cell phone and I can attach these to my backpack just one hiking so this is my primary headlamp right here and it’s really cool because this battery here will charge by USB and so my little portable solar panels can plug right into here if the battery gets low this is a super-solid headlamp that it’s really bright and then it’s got this lens here that I can use to defuse it or widen the beam all linked to all these things down in the description below if you guys are interested these tacos are going to be invaluable when we’re crossing streams hopefully the streams are like raging but i can’t be getting my hiking boots wet unnecessarily so these are also good for just around camp you know at the end of the day so these chocos are awesome because they have BBM souls and their bomber ok so this is what I’m going to keep my clothes in its a waterproof dry bag right but the way it works is that put on my clothes in here so i know that no matter what happens i’m gonna have dry clothes at all times i put the clothes inside here and then as I roll it down it has this event so that the air can actually press out and go nice and compact and of course jetboil which i like to use for boiling water and cooking our food this these are really nice because you get the canister inside all the components go right inside here and it’s even a measuring cup right here then you can drink out of it alright so some are you going to laugh at this one but go ahead laugh away i don’t care you know when you’re in the backcountry and you really need to use the restroom and I mean number two its it can be tough to like find a stick to go hole through that whole situation especially if it’s an emergency so I like to use this is actually called an ipod and what it does is it just opens up like this instantly I have a little trial and also toilet paper inside the handle there as you made but when it’s an emergency and you really have to take care of business this thing gets a ton this is how i like to roll when i’m actually hiking with my camera I like to do is have my camera clip here in this carabiner my hands are free so i can be holding trekking poles or i can be you know just like using my arms can always whip it out and my you know photograph something at a moment’s notice this inclement weather or really dirty and I don’t want the camera getting wetter dusty then got this top tech case here so then you know as hanging down like this is nice and protected but i can still get to really quickly without having to like pull out of my bag or anything like that is a system that i really like as far as taking photos on the trail got the map and compass we are headed into the visitor center to take the map and compass test an oral exam and they will they will fail you depending on the weather will take four or five days to cross the plateau to grouse Moor and mountain and return to highway 433 trip orientation is mandatory a briefing with an experienced board will help you assess that you have the skills and knowledge needed for this height it’s just a little slide show you mind if I get some video ok thanks so I don’t be unit but you have to be completely self-reliant and there is no trail if you’re completely lost stopping it comfortable make yourself visible you can take their sperm control that sold us know what talk more it had its that dense vegetation that you see up the coastline searches only initiated after your return date and allowances for bad weather is good if it’s really bad just taking extra care while navigating that is one thing that your whole body was alive I entry within his means you shouldn’t have that big miss you though there should be suitable starting to get really cold tonight that’s what it looks like so it’s a satellite message received by the Department of National Defense from the bonus after it doesn’t track you just said you’re so this is a emergency transponder and it will signal helicopter if we’re in an emergency situation so good to have but I’m hoping that we won’t need this

12 thoughts on “Wilderness Camping: Part 1

  1. Enjoyed as always…have you thought about using the peak design clip to hold the X10? it would keep the camera from bouncing around. https://www.peakdesign.com/product/clips/capturepro/

  2. So excited to watch your adventure!
    As a (Western) Canadian transplanted in New Orleans – I'm really enjoying your vlogs…seeing places from "home" that I haven' seen w/my own two eyes…
    Stay safe…yet off the beaten track : )

  3. This hike sounds and looks awesome. Have a lot of fun. I know you will get some great pictures. Thanks for letting us come along.

  4. Your vlogs are awesome Seth! So well-done, so much fun to watch. Love the new intro also. I really look forward to part two.

  5. Great trek, my brother and I did it last year, can't wait for your videos. I took one camera and a 32gb sd card, when I got back the card was corrupt so I only have a few pictures we took with our phones. We did Wrangell St Elias in 2014 for 12 days and this trip was very comparable in many ways.

  6. Seth, just noticed you used the 50-140mm which I'm considering buying. But in
    addition to WR down to 14F and great photos I need it to record folk
    singing musicians and pop bands in crowded areas outdoors at Disney at
    night using this focal range. But while I've seen the great photos I've
    heard it's "noisy". Restrictions require I can only record video with a
    good on camera hot-shoe external stereo high quality mic. But I can't
    find anyone with that experience using this camera with that lens and
    using an external on camera mic. I'd be recording with external battery
    grip. Do you have any experience with the lens "noise"? Do you think
    outdoors with low crowd noise and an excellent stage speaker/sound
    systems this lens could be used with an external mic up above the back
    end of the barrel to record say a folk singer in simple C-AF on the
    X-T2 without the mic picking up any continuous annoying lens noise?
    Thanks for any thoughts based upon experience anyone can give me.


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