Winter Camping below -30°C with an Atuk Kanguk Tent and Kni-co Woodstove

Winter Camping below -30°C with an Atuk Kanguk Tent and Kni-co Woodstove

We’re going camping, woohoo ! I just got up onshore looking for a spot to
set up the tent there’s a lot of deer activity some deer pooh right here
little pellets deer tracks, all right let’s look around here’s a spot where
the deer rested lots of deer tracks see where all that snows melted under the
spruce trees deer would have slept right there this is our spot I’m starting to clear
it out with the shovel, take some snow out we got a nice fire going to warm up
if we’re cold and then we got all our gear to set up, the tent, the wood stove
and everything and yeah there’s some firewood for tonight so lots of work to
do see you guys later. hey everyone it’s six o’clock now we got
a legit long fire going on we just thrown some big logs on the fire got some coals
going we’ve got the tent set up I had to heat up the camera inside the tent for a
bit it’s pretty cold let’s go see how the thermometer is. We’re preparing to
set up some beds two logs and then spruce boughs. our gear. I bought a bigger
thermometer easier to film, we are at – 31 or 32 31 – 25 Fahrenheit.
it’s almost a full moon tonight see if I can film it yeah that’s the moon up
there. try to zoom it and take a few pictures. yeah let’s do some some beds now and I’m
just using the smaller branches so that I don’t have the bigger stuff in my back
it’s not really necessary right now because we do have like our camping mats
but at minus 30 tonight we’ll be happy to have that extra layer of air or
insulation beneath us and plus it smells really good.
a little thick in here but so cold the branches just break just crack like if
they were really dry like well I’m going going down just like if I was thatching
at our roof or something I pick a handful and have them all facing the
same way and plant it aside like that then keep doing that but one here here
keep doing that and going down (laughter) OH and add some more boughs where there’s
gaps but it’s not too bad … starting to cut a little bit of wood for
the wood stove for tonight got a nice bed of coals here so cooking our
steaks so for the steaks I forgot the grill so we’re gonna go
caveman style I got a nice bed of coals there and throw the steaks directly in
there I like to do my steaks caveman style every now and then it tastes great
like it tastes doesn’t taste smoky at all and the ashes that stick on it like
there’s not that much ash is really just blow a little bit get it warm when you turn on the light it really
looks like it’s ashes but it’s actually really really hot coals hard to film at
night… steaks were awesome I’m just throwing
out the plates split log plates there you go dishes are done. and let’s go see
what the weather is looks like minus 33 yeah we’re finally gonna test this ”Atuk Kanguk” tent out in the cold real cold weather winter campin’ right we got all this pile of wood to
cut up and then after that we’re going in the tent for the evening 7:55 we’re at minus 33 almost minus 34
pretty chilly go inside we’ve got lots of wood cut up smells like spruce boughs there, just
finished putting our mats and it’s gotta be close to nine o’clock we always
try to take our sleeping bags out of the compression bag in advance like a few
hours before going to bed so that they the down can have the time to fluff up
a little bit. see how it’s gonna like grow Pad thai au légume et arachides, a vegetable and peanut
pad thai happy yak express these are made in
Québec we’re gonna try these. Got some peanut butter in there to add that
smells good… be a good addition to the steak looks
like there’s lots of noodles in there. and and stuff. I’ll put mine in my cup I just made a
couple little chopsticks Spruce bough chopsticks looks good add a little bit of squirrel bait(peanut butter) pretty dark out we’re just grabbing some
water from the lake for the rest of the stay. got the blue teapot and bush
pot, the two liter jug you don’t know Pot should go in (hopefully) grab some water, take a few pictures of
the moon and then back in the tent. we could melt some snow but it’s quicker
and a lot easier to just have some actual water(to boil) good to go – 34 almost 35 do do a quick tour of the
set up at night and then we’re gonna cut some wood and be in the tent for the
rest of the night fire here’s long fires pretty much out all right let’s cut some
wood. oh yeah yeah yeah oh ten o’clock First teapot of water just boiled
we’ve got candles going lots of firewood for the night 11:30 already we have lots
of coals but stoves just giving out good heat just gonna put the water here in
the ‘thermoses’ and go to bed, see you guys in the morning. morning everyone
8:35 right now – 36 it’s pretty cold I am taking a quick leak and going back in
the tent get some coffee going and some oatmeal. look at this sunrise ! our sleigh tracks
from yesterday, nice big lake, our hole for the water all
right I’m going back in the tent it’s freaking cold our little pathway going
up the hill. right here oh she’s so cold there’s a ton of
frost on the tree I don’t know if you can see it but I
have nice blue flames in the coals that means it’s really hot the
stoves really effective it’s minus 35 or 36 outside and we’re really comfortable it’s nice sunny day lots of frost in the
the trees we’re just starting to pack up and get ready to leave. just finished rolling
the mats and the sleeping bag and stuff. 12 o’clock we’re at
minus 26 slowly warming up with the Sun just finished rolling our tent pretty
much ready to put our main fire out my my bed and then claudes we like to
keep a little fire going just so we can warm up our our hands and feet if if
we’re cold and then we put it out really at the last second. took the coals out of
the stove just letting the the bricks and the ashes cool down and then
try to empty it as much as possible put the chimney in there. I have some
three-inch nomadic woodsman patches available so let me know in the comments
if you’re interested in getting a patch and I’ll order some more and then have
them available for people to buy have a limited quantity right now but if I see
lots of people interested I’ll make some more another couple of bags of water … alright folks hope you guys enjoyed the
video and make sure you guys like or dislike if you disliked and yeah have a good
one I would have liked to film a little bit more but the camera froze yesterday
when we were setting up it’s pretty cold the equipment worked really good we
didn’t break anything and yeah nice to know that we’re able to get out at cold
temperatures like that… and be safe and put your fires out and brush your teeth
and have a good one Cheers !

100 thoughts on “Winter Camping below -30°C with an Atuk Kanguk Tent and Kni-co Woodstove

  1. Never seen breath that intensely as when inside your tent breaking those branches. Must have been really cold despite the stove.

  2. Awesome, but you need to get a French press/plunger pot. It will make much better coffee. I have an unbreakable polycarbonate one for camping. The glass ones are for home.

  3. I normally can’t stand these bushwacker survival videos… this one is ok. Most of them seem too contrived, they go out of their way to rough it. I’m so happy you didn’t make us watch you start a friction fire… thank you
    I lied, this is garbage.

    You are a bit crazy to be out in that temp just to make a YouTube video, #psychotic
    Interesting technique with the saw. #howtoruinasteak

  4. Cool video, one suggestion though, instead of using a screwdriver to take them screws out get some thumb screws…

  5. Yeah, so you think you’re tough, camping at minus 30?
    Well let me tell you, I’ve been wild camping at plus 30’ so there!

  6. The only problem I have is they pulled branches off a tree to make a bed, I've been always taught to leave only foot prints and only use what you need. I could see if it was a true survival moment but this was more camping. their is matting you could of used instead of pulling off a tree and only cutting and burning what you need to stay warm and eat.

  7. I would really like to know if any drops of rain manage to get through the stove jack/chimney area…have you ever used this set-up on a rainy day? Thanks!

  8. peut-tu nous dire dans les videos dans quel coin de reve tu campe…lachepas ta belle job et have fun….rejean (laval)

  9. Just found your channel. Im going tomorrow to get a hot tent. Trying to decide between the 10×10 square or the 10×10 pentagon. Would you say there is enough room to sleep two side by side between the center pole and the edge of the tent? Was hoping my girlfriend and I could lay side by side. This will be the deciding factor. Just subbed ?? great channel.

  10. Dont forget the snowmobile.
    We got 16 inches snow last week in
    n. maine. No pretend camping around here.
    Without hunters orange you get lead poisoning here.

  11. I’m glad that you got a fire going right away. That’s always the best thing to do. Stay warm

  12. that was a pretty awesome video I don't think I would want to be out in that cold of weather overnight LOL but you guys done real good that was awesome real nice setup and everything I would really like to know though what was the temperature inside the tent I would really love to know that. Thank you for posting this I really enjoyed it you have a great time

  13. I'm American and my family is originally from the Quebec area. This explains why we put peanut butter in a lot of dishes.

  14. Your wood stove works wrong. Smoke pipe should not be right upside the flame, there must be a border plate to save almost 30% of heat from leaving out. Greetings from Russia.

  15. Well I knew you couldn't hack it running back to the tent.and you can never survive iit if it was for real.we jost watch and laugh at the survival stuff.

  16. Seems like allot of work to go through to sit in one spot all night as if someday you'll be caught with a broken vehicle and no way to call out for help. Maybe you just do belong outdoors when there's nothing to do all day but burn wood and sharpen your blades. Oh joy ! Camping without a dog just seems pointless unless you're really hard up for fresh new sunrise photos

  17. I can't imagine operating anything at 30 below. The coldest I was ever in was -39F, with wind chill. We walked out on a point where the Bay and river met, then walked back to the car. Nobody could speak for 5 minutes, are jaws were locked and it felt like we were stoned on extreme cold. LOL, I guess it gets in your blood if you live there.

  18. This the second video I have seen steaks cooked right in the coals. You guys must be really hungry that you don’t mind the grit on the meat. I try one time when the fell off the spit into the coals. Couldn’t get pass the grit even try washing the meat still didn’t help dirt and grit was awful. No thanks on the caveman meat not unless I was lost and starving

  19. Just managed to watch this video! Wow hard to believe you survived that camping trip! Anyway you made me a permanent subscriber! Awesome video, I think I am on number 9 so far..can't wait to watch more!! Your the best as far as I am concerned!!

  20. Great video. Just to have some details, what kind of sleeping bag do you use. Is it massive? Like 3KG with all goose filling? I am curious.

  21. Cool video! I’ve camped in similar temperatures in northern Minnesota. It’s no joke, but surprisingly cozy if you have the right equipment.

  22. I wzs in a sleeping bag by marmot down bag goes down to minus 20c. It wzsnt warm enough in worst winter in over 200 years in india. It wzs minus 20 for most of january 2012 . We were inside on a ridge in the himalayan foothills inside at 2000 metres. Ive never been so cold even in winters in la chaux de fonds switzerland where I lived which is at 1000 metres the highest town in europe. It wzs often minus 18c in winter, snow on the ground sept to april but sun and blue sky. The place with the most hours of sun.

  23. When Ive forgoten a grate for steaks I have made a rock bed in the fire and cooked on the rocks. Works great

  24. Great video!! I don't think this possible without a tent stove in those temp, what's your opinion? I have been winter camping in -10 to -15 Celsius but not in those temp. Could you please tell me about your tent stove did you buy it or did you make it. Merci beaucoup tres bon video, les Francais sont toujour les meilleur campeur lol haha

  25. Just so you know friend, yes, you have deer tracks, you also have rabbit tracks, the droppings were from the rabbit.

  26. Winter in the north country can be so dang beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Nice thing about winter camping, no bug dope or sun screen needed?

  27. Toss me a chunk of that eviscerated, exsanguinated dead animal… Mmmm mmmm! On second thought, give me a live cow and a chainsaw.

  28. Wow great video guys! I live in Scotland which is cold but never that cold despite what people think! In north east Scotland the coldest temp I’ve ever experienced is minus 7. Awesome video.

  29. Well done , I've done a some winter camps in the snow but not 34 below and it is hard work at times , age and ill health have stopped me so great to see you out in the woods.Bernie [ Few Feathers ]

  30. Fair play guys cool video ,can’t believe how cold it gets over there an you camp in it ,I’m in the uk doing a lot of carp fishing /camping ,I fish all year round but the coldest it’s ever got is -5 and man that’s cold ! I need to man up tho by the looks of things ?
    Or get a tent that can have one of them stoves ,not a Brolly ?

  31. Belle expedition . J'en aurais p-etre profiter pour un peux de peche sur la glace . Bien equipe' les gars . Merci pour l'aventure. Nice adventure hope to try one of those tents someday. Perfect temperature to test your equipment. Seemed pretty comfy in the tent 🙂 Good idea keeping that fire going before leaving. I'm sure it must be cold on the fingers packing up

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