Winter Camping | Ghost Forest Wood Stove Tent Cold Snow

Winter Camping | Ghost Forest Wood Stove Tent Cold Snow

We’re in here to do winter camping trip.
Got the hot tent with us, some firewood and other supplies in the pulk. At our
left is a nice little Creek we can get water out of, so that’s a bonus you don’t
have to melt water. Now our next step is going to be finding a flat enough spot
for a big tipi. All right, we’ll keep going check in with you in a bit. Alright
guys, we’ve got our snow platform stomped out a little bit bigger than the tent,
roughly around 15 by 15 feet, and then as you can see it is dumping in the forest,
that’s awesome, you can see that how the silnylon handles the snow, just beads
right off it, love it this brown really looks good in this forest. hope you
agree, and you can take a look and see where we are, that’s where the snows
coming from, got the stove built as you can see, or maybe you can’t, but it is
dumping in the forest right now, very magical, awesome. So it’s about an
hour before dark here, we’re gonna continue building the floor or the stove,
and watch this awesome snow fall. I can’t even believe how magical this is, what an
awesome spot. All right, let’s get the stove going. Guys esbit cubes are awesome out
here, it’s like cheating. As you can see we carried in one bundle,
but we’re gonna have to go gather some forest. Alright guys, we’ve got about 30
minutes before dark here in the forest, got camp set up, got the stove rippin now,
we got to gather wood for the night before it gets dark. I don’t know if you
can see, but almost to my knee and snow so you don’t have snowshoes or skis, so
most of the woods underneath the snow, but it’s dry because it’s been so cold.
All right, we got to go back to work here. Alright guys, good morning waking up here,
is about 20 last night, not too bad, we’re well prepared for the cold. Now it’s time
to fire up some coffee and get some warm fluids in our bones, and then we got a
break camp and walk back out of here before the next round of storms
come. I want to thank you guys for following along like normal. Make sure
you like the video and subscribe for more winter camping adventures, summer
backpacking trips and maybe even some backpack hunting later on this year.
Alright see you later!

29 thoughts on “Winter Camping | Ghost Forest Wood Stove Tent Cold Snow

  1. Glad you made it out in the snow!! Just awesome.
    I was wondering if you could talk about your pulk? I need one of those.. Lol

  2. Love the snow but a was getting nervous for you brother sleeping under them Trees with that snow falling but always love the videos that you put out

  3. I can't wait to get one of these tents with the stove! Do you mind providing a list of the clothing you are wearing too? I've never really been camping in these conditions so I'm curious to see what you layer.

  4. Great job. Nice to see someone make a video that’s not an hour long. Just went out in my hot tent on snowmobile. Going tomorrow and then with a friend next week. Hope to see again

  5. thought that was a sweet video, great gear and you hit the nail on the head it truly is Magical being out there in blizzards, nice work.

  6. Thanks for sharing, awesome video! I just learned about hot tenting this winter and bought one and it's so much fun! Great way to winter camp comfortably!

  7. Awesome video and amazing scenery, a bit jeleous as im in Houston, Texas. I am looking to purchase either the octopeak or the megahorn not quite sure yet im looking for something spacious as i have 4 sons which rotatate around my hunting season on my outings in the forest. My question is, i keep seeing the word HOT tent. Is this due to the ability to trap heat in winter when using a stove? Or is this a HOT tent in general? Looking to use this as my main tent throughout the year and as you may imagine Texas summers well into November are pretty warm. I dont want a sauna if this is what this is. Thanks for any advice

  8. Gorgeous locale. How warm did the tent get inside if it was 20-degrees outside? 50? 60? 70? I've heard some people enjoy shirt sleeve temperatures during winter camping with the right stove.

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