Winter Camping in a Canvas Tent with Woodstove in Québec

Winter Camping in a Canvas Tent with Woodstove in Québec

64 thoughts on “Winter Camping in a Canvas Tent with Woodstove in Québec

  1. Would you say this canvas tent is much more convenient than the "plastic tarp" tipi you must have seen in my videos? In terms of warmth and condensation?Congrats for your 10k subs, you put on such great vids, it's not a surprise.And…small detail, ton beau-père ne serait pas plutôt ton step-father rather than father-in-law?

  2. I love using a rechargeable clip-on fan that I put on the pole near the top, blowing downward. Keeps the overall temperature a lot more even.

  3. Great camp and snowshoe, love the view! That spruce was awesome, never seen one so straight and that thick! Also haven't seen anyone snowshoe ski before, lol. Sub'ed, Happy New Year!

  4. Great video guys, the only thing that surprised me is you were sitting eating ready meals lol. Get yourself an old pressure cooker and sit it in the embers and you will have a pot roast falling off the bone in 20 mins mmmm Cheers !

  5. What an awesome camp. It would really be a great place to spend a few days. Of course your wife and mother n law were warm at home saying y'all were nuts hahahaha. TFS and Happy New Year

  6. Tu es bien équipé pour le camping d'hivers. Tu aimerais sûrement aller dans la zec des martres dans Charlevoix. Il y a de superbes montagnes dans ce coin là et c'est sûrement moins taponeux que la Sepaq pour le bois de chauffage. J'ai justement connu ta chaîne YouTube grâce à un vidéo que tu avais fait dans le parc je la J-C en hivers. Merci et bonne année.

  7. Très bon vidéo ! Les paysages sont magnifiques comme toujours ! Le premier point de vue est à couper le souffle! Merci de faire d'aussi bons films. Encore une fois, c'est comme si on y était nous aussi!

  8. Excellent! I really enjoyed it. Merci!! The views and the gray jay and chickadee and your camp set-up. Nice to have a fire and dinner outside the tent!

  9. Awesome vidéo in the beautiful Jacques-Cartier park, gorgeous scenery and unforgettable hike in the park's most popular hiking trail. C'est juste dommage qu'on ait pas vu ou entendu des loups!!

  10. Bonjour! The words -6 to -10 and comfortable don't belong in the same sentence! 😂
    Love how you can bob so easily between French and English. Tres bien! (Sorry I can't find the accent on my phone!)

  11. Nice to see a Canadian winter adventure, especially a bilingual adventure. It helps us English learn some French when we hear it being used casually. Great video and say hi to Claude from me. Cheers

  12. Where are all of the Sasquatch that are supposed to be around there? Why no liner underneath the tent? Your sitting on snow!

  13. Another good one! Afellow REALLY craves a good smoke once he's climbed that hill to the second look out. Just kidding. Drill a hole in a tennis ball and stick it on the end of your center pole. It will protect your tent roof. It was classy of you to mention the bail Claude made was learned from Lonnie and Connie. You aren't done with 10,000 subs. You will be adding another zero to that number eventually. Thanks for the video. The last time I camped in that area was about 35 years ago. Good times.

  14. Man 10k subs? I had no idea. Pretty sure I subbed at a few hundred. Congrats! Doing as good as we all want on YouTube. You deserve it. Your videos are worth watching. One of my favorite channels by far. Keep going. Hopefully you can be doing this full time.

  15. Out of all the hot tent videos out there, I don’t know if anyone specifically stated the actual temperatures between outside and inside. Thank you. I have the atuk Alaskan. 8×8

  16. Which area has snow .this year no snow in maryland. Good hard worl .hard walking in snow 🌹🌞⭐

  17. Greetings from Denver. I'm ordering an Alaskan Deluxe and I was a little reluctant until I seen your video from about a year ago where you show cased it. Now I'm more eager to buy it. I see you're using hose clamps for ease of assembly-good idea I must mimic you. I wanted to ask you how you like the stove thus far?

    Thanks! Great video, BTW..

  18. New subscriber here!! Awesome winter camp.. learned a lot. I am also tackling winter camping.. adventure for sure. Cheers!

  19. It's awesome that you went camping with your father in-law. My husband and dad never hung out together.

  20. So did you build an area for your bathroom or do you just do your business outside in the woods? I'm curious because that's information that people aren't forthcoming with in these videos.🤔

  21. 你好 我是俄罗斯的观众 你的视频很有意思 让我对户外旅行很用兴趣 。请问您的电子温度计在哪儿可以买?

  22. Hello, I am a Russian audience. Your video is very interesting. I am very interested in outdoor travel. Where can I buy an electronic thermometer? ,thank you

  23. Great video guys. I keep looking at the ATUK tents and others but still need to find the right light weight easy to carry tent. I have a Kni-co trekker but it is a small stove, but still keeps you comfy which is what matters in winter. Cheers Mon Ami, Fred

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