Winter Camping in a Snow Tent

Winter Camping in a Snow Tent

The first step to pitching our snow tent is
creating a nice hard level surface. We do this by compressing the snow with our snow shoes Snow pegs or tent pegs are often useless, so I gather some small tree branches nearby. With the tent’s main frame standing and pegged down we are now ready to put the outer layer on top. What I’m doing here is making a snow anchor. Wide enough for my stick. And I don’t even tie a knot, all I do is wrap
that around then just bury it. The reason I don’t tie a knot is because it
can be extremely difficult to undo the knot once everything freezes, and that’s what’s gonna happen tonight, The temperature will drop to minus 7 So even this small stick should be enough
to make a snow anchor. Just inside here in the vestibule section
I’m digging out a small hole. Could use this hole for cooking, also makes it easier to
get out of the tent in the morning and put your shoes on, Just got the back door of the tent open now,
I’m gonna pass the stuff inside to Christina, she’s inside now. In the meantime digging a hole for my
backpack. So when the camera was off just then I dug
the hole a bit deeper and a bit wider. I took a lot of stuff out of my backpack, if required
that will give us a bit more storage space having that hole. Snow shoes sticking out of the ground. There’s Christina getting the hut ready, our
little house. With our front doorstep made of snow. Sweeety you cold. Yes cold, very cold. Lets venture over here to the mountain suburb
of Andrew Bishop. Your digging your front doorstep out? It’s a lot neater than my doordstep! Somewhere to sit and put my shoes on. Its’ now about an hour later, I have my dinner
cooking here, that peice of foil is so I can place my pots on the ground without them
getting icy cold. So theres our snow pit that we made.

100 thoughts on “Winter Camping in a Snow Tent

  1. Esto es una patochada, para que tienes el casco y las raquetas y la gente bajando en squies por la parte trasera y una vaya de alambre al rededor, anda mejor iros al hotel y dejaros de hacer vídeos chorras, un saludito

  2. At least when it gets cold, you have a nice female companion to spoon through the night. Hell of a bit better the spooning a guy to keep warm.

  3. that music has to go,rather listen to you tell how you guys are getting food cooked and how you guys are stating warm!!

  4. I'm glad my device has a volume button on it. the music sucks big time. definitely does not fit the outdoor life. Street music belongs in the inner city in some back alley occupied by thugs

  5. I do this almost every weekend,except i use my pop up ice house and buddy heaters and cookers,just a tad easier and warmer

  6. You were snowshoeing on more or less level ground , with apparently half your town pitching tents all around you. EHY were you wearing a helmet?

  7. what about wild animals.. Bears,Wolves,rhinocerous,Monkeys,Rabbits,killer Squid and not forgetting Wales and Sharks.. dangerous stuff

  8. I know this video has been up for some time but somethings never change, snow is still white and cold. LOL. Nice video. I've done heaps of snow camps and planning a snow hike along the Razorback from Mt Hotham to Mt Feathertop in the mountains of Victoria – Australia this winter. I'll be taking some photos / videos from that.

  9. whereabouts is this mate? Where can you suggest for winter camping in vic for a first timer? seasoned camper and backpacker just haven't been out in the snow. thanks a lot

  10. Okay, the music didn't fit what you were doing. The pace of the video was slow. Lastly, there was no new information in this video.

  11. Turn that sh#tty music down. on 5 (out of 100) it is still TOO LOUD, then you start talking and cant even hear you on 100, then immediatly the LAME MUSIC blares the place down.
    Maybe that music is the reason you find you need to trek for hours in a snowstorm to avoid the city.

  12. And you call yourselves outdoor adventurers?
    What ghetto shit noise you play in the wild?
    That fuel canister in the snow is going to lower the pressure as it get s cold.

  13. 75% Of comments : This music has to go / That music though, UGH!
    20%Of comments : Where'd you get the tent bud?
    5% Of comments : Great vid, and I love the music!

    Honestly though, never do that music again…

  14. Very nice.   But, first thing, find somewhere sheltered out of the wind & out of sight – away from passers by (things go missing).  Keep all gear INSIDE the inner tent, you don't want iced gear or, especially BOOTS, in the morning.  Frozen stoves won't light, torches & cameras don't work below -8C, and food gets frozen solid.  If it gets really cold -15, -20, you have to keep your boots, food & stove inside your sleeping bag  Having said that, winter is the best time to go camping / hiking.

  15. I usually go into the wild to escape ANNOYING things such as Gangsta ‘music’

    I had to keep changing the volume so I could hear you speak and then turn it down again so I wouldn’t have to suffer that incessant repetitive ear worm of a tune

  16. I'm so glad I own a camp. Too old for that stuff. Couldn't imagine what sleeping on the snow would do for arthritis.

  17. Ok when that guy was walking up and down making the snow hard, only one thing came to mind. PINGU lol

  18. I guess I glad I can't hear and use sub titles no music to complain about so ,,,, I loved your video makes me miss home (Wyoming)

  19. Looks bloody freezing!!! Doesn't look appealing…. music wasn't too bad, but seemed like music from an action scene from JAMES BOND… lol

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