Winter Camping | Octopeak Tipi Wood Stove Tent Mountain Backpacking

Winter Camping | Octopeak Tipi Wood Stove Tent Mountain Backpacking

Alright guys we’re out here, we’re a few
hours into our trip doing some snow camping. We’re in the winter wonderland you can
see, perhaps a satellite bull or some sort of elk came through here, probably
last night, all right I’ll check in with you in a little bit, after we get up
higher. All right found a camp spot, now it’s time to stomp
out of snow platform in all this fresh powder, that will take some time, but
it’ll be worth it if we build a good one. All right finally got camp set up here,
took a while to build the snow platform inside all this powder. It’s gonna be dark soon so gotta get gathering wood. All right
get everything set up, nice shiny titanium stove for the contrast of the
snow. There’s our bed, temperatures dropping it’s
almost time to fire it up and have some dinner, and maybe even melt some water, so
you could have something to drink kinda thirsty. All right good morning, it’s pretty
flippin cold last night after the fire went out, get some coffee fire it up warm
the bones. Climbing up above our camp for a day
hike, we’ll see if we can get some views. We’ll see how it goes, see how deep the snow gets. Heading through the forest, right on the edge of this ridgeline. Tromping along here, over my knee snow
depth, luckily that I’m having friends that are in better shape than me, cut
a nice trail, how nice of them. You can see the Sun Dog or a Sun Halo above us
there. Pretty epic day hike, oh yeah, the highest
point of our trip probably. Got some sun rays, and now we
enjoy and then head back to camp, because it looks like the weather’s turning,
judging by these dark clouds that are starting to move in compared to this
morning. So we’ll see how the rest of the trip goes. Yeah you can see what it’s
ripping through here with the wind, made this nice ice formation, but
there’s icicles off these trees, brrr. Alright, Suns going down,
just melt water on the wood stove, you can see sunset here in the snowy tree
filled for a snow camp, nothing better than the scene the fire rampant. We’ve got
plenty of wood for the night, so we’ll see how the rest of the night goes, just
eat food, drink water and enjoy the last night the woods, heading out tomorrow. Tt’s morning, got the coffee, breaking down
the woodstove snows slowly falling out of the trees, like right there, you can see
that. Got some color, it’s time to break camp and head down the mountain. Camp all packed up,
see where we slept, about five hours to get out of here, so we’ll see you down
the road. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Yes, we ship internationally from the USA! Hope this video inspires you to go snow camping! Feel free to leave any questions or thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for watching!

  2. If there wasn't snow, is this tent tall enough for two people to sit in a couple of Helinox chairs with the wood stove? I'm trying to decide between this set up and the SeekOutside Redcliff/stove combo. Also, did all that frozen condensation rain down on you when you started the fire again?

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