Winter Camping Overnight in a Portable Super Shelter, Long Fire, Bough Bed, Bushcraft, Friends

Winter Camping Overnight in a Portable Super Shelter, Long Fire, Bough Bed, Bushcraft, Friends

13 thoughts on “Winter Camping Overnight in a Portable Super Shelter, Long Fire, Bough Bed, Bushcraft, Friends

  1. Interesting super shelter! I guess the main thing is the clear plastic facing the fire. And the reflective on the back of the shelter. I am guessing the most difficult part was making the bed soft! Nice to know a survival shelter can be built with minimal material….still like your winter hot tent camping. Was super cool! As always with your videos I tend to learn something new! Definitely a big thanks for making the effort to put this video together! And definitely thanks for sharing!
    Rick from Virginia

  2. Superbe vidéo, je n'ai pu m'empêcher de l'écouter entièrement du début à la fin! Intéressant de voir les différentes installations. Ce ''super shelter'' a l'air réellement confortable, d'ailleurs je me souviens d'avoir fait quelque chose de semblable avec toi l'ors d'un camping d'hiver et la différence des températures intérieures et extérieures est impressionnante! C'est plus léger à transporter qu'une tente de toile et un poêle mais ça prend plus de bois! Merci d'avoir partagé cette vidéo, ça m'a permis de rêver un peu en attendant mon prochain camping d'hiver! J'avais presque l'impression d'y être! Oh, Charles est trop ''cute''!!

  3. Dude so stoked to see you camping again. Good offering of coffee. Kids are so fun at 2. Wait til he is 6 lol. I see how the hammock is cool. But I am ground dweller for sure. There is also not always trees where we are camping in the desert plains of the Rockies here. Dope super shelter going on. We need to get together. Maybe there is a way we could meet up in the lower 48 or something. Where exactly are you based out of? If you can travel to the lower 48 we can accommodate for sure. The tetons? Maybe the big horns or the damn amazing Uinta mtns. Think about it man. But you are killing it. Good on you. Keep it up. Get in touch.

  4. Wow félicitations pour cette superbe vidéo !! J'aime tout de cette vidéo et c'est super intéressant d'avoir plusieurs personnes à entendre et regarder leur différentes installations! J'adore voir Charles☺, je trouve que Jon est fait pour la caméra 😊 J'ai adoré le segment avec James, je voudrais bien essayer le hamac !!! Bravo à toi Nomadic Woodsman, à Jon, à James et à Marcel !!

  5. nice video I have not tried the super shelter idea i normally just make a lean to with a reflective tarp and a large cover tarp. I will have to give the front polly idea a go. I can see how it would trap a lot of heat. .there are not to many places around here where i can drive close to the site, as I have to be a min of ! km from roads etc so packing stuff in is always a bit of fun. I was hoping to get out this weekend but with the overnights in the minus 28 range i may leave it this time. . great videos keep them coming.

  6. Interesting video. Buddy winter camping for 9 days is impressive. Stupid question time: isn't there a danger of running out of air? A plastic bag remains a plastic bag. I would be afraid of a spark torching the whole thing. Your knico would have consumed way less wood for the same time period. thanks for the video. You deserve to be sponsored.

  7. Intersting setting with the top quilt over the hammock, never seen before. And the super shelter is comfy too. Happy new year!

  8. A great time indeed, Steve. You are a skilled 'crafter' and it was fun being with you guys. Hope to do something again in the future. That Little Shop of hammock's Warrior shelter was phenomenal, very comfortable, well made, excellent insulation, and looks pretty decent too. My hats off to James, a skilled 'mock' maker indeed. And thanks to Jon MacArthur, who hosted this event, it was an experience too short, although rewarding. Regards to Kelly Harlton for the hacienda. And, Laura Lovatt, you are a sweet lady, Jon is a lucky man.

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