Winter Camping | Solo Backpacking Wood Stove Tent in Driftwood

Winter Camping | Solo Backpacking Wood Stove Tent in Driftwood

Alright guys, coming in here for a quick
winter camping trip on the coast. For this trip I brought the Octopeak
and the one-and-a-half person XL winter inner, since it’s gonna be
cool tonight after the fire goes out, and then got the 3w Stove
all set up. Alright, let’s get this bad boy fired up. All right, got some firewood prepped, got
little stuff to start it, the standard size stuff where I could feed it
continuously, in the back there I got some big wet ones, that before bed or
when I wake up in the middle of the night, I could feed it, and those wet ones
will burn for a long time after I already had a good coal base inside the
stove, all right back to work. All right it took a little bit at work, because the wood
so wet after all the storms, but I finally got a fire going. Just wanted to show you guys two crucial
tools they should have for hot tenting, knife for making kindling and
bayonetting, splitting the wood, and a saw, so you can
cut it to length to fit the firebox, and then a good pair of gloves are always
nice to have, so you don’t cut your hand on the stove, or burn yourself, or Nick
yourself with the knife or the saw. All right so back to work
tending to the fire. Alright, sun’s going down here,
got less than an hour till dark, and then I’m gonna start making dinner. That feels
good, that feels good. All right good morning, just before
sunrise here. You can see the moon, and perhaps a planet right there.
I’m sure anyways. Getting the fire going before sunrise, gotta get some coffee
going. I just wanted to show you guys a quick tip for a tent stove. Before bed I
processed a little kindling, and I put it on the belly of the stove here, and so
that way, when I wake up the next morning, I can have really dry wood, because the
heat from the stove will dry that wood out and make some nice kindling to get
your fire started. All right, sitting here waiting for the
tide to turn, then I’m going to break down camp and head on out. We’ll see if anything else
interesting happens. All right back to my coffee. The tide is almost low enough
to hike back out to the car. I want to thank you guys for coming along this
adventure, and next time hopefully we’ll be hunting for some snow, once the snow
line drops and it’s cold enough, cuz I’m craving some snow. Alright have a good

12 thoughts on “Winter Camping | Solo Backpacking Wood Stove Tent in Driftwood

  1. Yes, we ship internationally from the USA! We hope this inspires to go cold weather backpacking soon! Feel free to leave any questions regarding things discussed in this video in the comments, happy to help and thanks for watching!

  2. Fun video my friend, I need one of those tents, it is on my short list for 2019. Thanks for sharing and I hope you all have a blessed week.
    Keep up the fun videos .

  3. Hey, how'd you get that extra stove bottom to use as a sand base, or was that the fabric version that you have on your site?

  4. I have a large Service Dog, 125lb. He goes everywhere. Will the 2 person liner fit his bed and me? Straight up car camping out of a Jeep.

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