Winter Camping – (while slamming some Walleye)

Winter Camping – (while slamming some Walleye)

what’s going on everybody it’s windy so
try to make this as quick as I can I asked Paul on YouTube or I put a poll
on YouTube what I should do in terms of two different videos next and the 24
hours straight came through so that’s what we’re doing right now it is about
12:30 I’ll check for sure because I’m gonna do once that first line drops
we’re gonna do 24 hours straight fishing this is where I’m set up right here I
know you don’t wear that as yet I’ll get more into where I am how I chose this
spot as the video goes but right now we’re gonna pop the first hole we’re
gonna put down a live minnow and go from there okay
like I said lure down I got the new Monster Lodge from otter behind me it’s
a Cabela’s exclusive I picked up so I figure it’s gonna be like the ultimate
overnight shanty it’s a hundred and twelve square feet so I think it’s like
one of the biggest ones on the market I did some research I found some ones that
are like 109 square feet 108 square feet so I’m going to be testing it out and
seeing what it’s like let’s pull opera when you’re alone never hurts to pop a
screw in especially if it’s windy because uh yeah you don’t want it to
blow away okay setup went pretty good like I said
make sure you pack it down a little bit before you move it or set it up sorry I
am gonna move that’s why I said move it move my truck to the other side just cuz
that’s the side that I’ll be staying on I kind of set up the home base to cotton
whatnot and I’ll be fishing off of this area here so I’m gonna get the truck to
the other side so I could take stuff in and out and yeah just keeps getting
things set up I’m here early enough to set up and be ready for the primetime
night bite type of thing the center of the day or the mid of the day could be a
little bit slower it did pick this spot because I scouted it first I was here a
couple days ago with Carter we finished right here I’m a little bit off the
holes where we were so hope I haven’t moved too far over but we had a really
good day and you knew we caught like I don’t know 30 or 40 walleye total excuse
me that wind is great down my throat we caught like 30 or 40 walleye total I
hope this if this footage is really crappy I’ll explain more on the other
side and I have better audio of the wind it’s windy right now for sure
feels good to be out here that’s for sure I’m looking forward to this 24
hours a hot tip you guys these little clips here to put your pegs in they work
so much better with the drill and this thing instead of doing it by hand like
it’s a game-changer let’s get this camera inside and get get
a move on here out of the jacket into a hoodie this is
a new shelter so first things first I got to get rid all the tissue here to
make sure it’s all just in the garbage wow the shelter has lost through
boulders and work down there there’s a mark down there this is good mark right
away soon as I get into the shelter I’ll get some cameras going on the flash or
camera more cameras going eventually it feels so light and you’re like I got
wind or doors open over here this is awesome I got my glasses on right now
either so I’m a little blind somebody made a suggestion once I do the
convivial fish without my glasses I’ll be like I’m not stupid blind but I’m
yeah okay well that’s a good sign if I got marks right here I’m set up in 18
feet of water just off the river channel a two holes drilled here I got another
hole drilled I could pop a camera down at some point if I want as well to so
I’m excited I’m excited I’m very excited did I mention I’m excited yes I brought
a table don’t judge me nobody say any more roughing it today okay so I’m going class on so I can’t
see I don’t even know if that’s blocking up yeah it’s gonna fire I’ve got the
heat going I decided to bring everything inside get the heater going pretty good
so I can keep the heat inside I’ll get organized here market fresh legs steady
I’ll get the flasher count going here at some point you get that all set up every
move you set up for the night plate but I think I could be pounding fish right
now if I started to fish a little bit more aggressively here so I’m just going
to get a little bit organized and then keep fishing I got to live metals down
here still in the meantime gotta get some more cameras pop it in here there we go all my count of all foggy
kilvo foggy I just caught the first fish yes
that’s gonna be supper first process with the heater going I’m gonna fog up a
bit I caught a fish as the cameras walk up a 15 inch we’re gonna let him go
hopefully catch what a 16 17 inch sure to eat tonight we’re on the board
walleye one I figured a little bit of a thing right now
I had my minnows up a boat probably want to foot off the bottom here what I did
last the best fish in the last fish is I actually just put the minnow right on
the bottom this could be the perfect eater right here you know what it’s
bleeding really bad too so it is selective harvest look at the blood
right now when you are gonna keep fish there’s nothing wrong with like us a
selective harvest right like pick the ones that are bleeding bad and they’re
gonna die pick the ones that are just lipped hook take the ones that are just
left hook and throw them back we’ll get him a quick measure here he is 17 and a
half which is literally the perfect eater for Lake of prairies after I’m
gonna can’t tell if it’s walking around got a hat on
I don’t have glasses on because everything’s fogging that’s like the max
size you can keep that’s a 17 and a half right there and that is gonna be supper
tonight because I’m staying out here how about have I covered that yet like a
24-hour thing I think oh yeah there we go just put down some
words Jews might angle in that other rod again already fish are picking it up and
then sliding over there that’s the small and I am tangled up little guy fish
three I’m not sure when my audio died I hope it was after I got in the shelter
hear something I got some audio out of this camera but I notice my audio pack
died which isn’t good but that’s fish fish 3 I’m going to explain more of like
the whole setup in here eventually but I want to fish till it’s after dark and
then we’ll do more of that right like let’s fish right now I think I earned it
I could do this for days finicky bite hardly bit it but I think it’s smaller
think it’s smaller yeah not bad though good fish number like by light light light light bite
late bite well that’s probably why fish five might be the smallest walleye ever
but it counts oh that fish up at me and I’m not gonna lie to you guys I didn’t
even know it was on there for a second I didn’t know was on there for a second
number six well I was not a finicky bite that one chomped it pretty hard look at
the marks down there right now insane insane getting a little bit
better but nothing okay these fish are angry oh this one is grumpy fish number
six is it they’re sorry sevens a grumpy one back down look at the marks down
there there you go drop them down dropping down into the
pit pit of chaos marks everywhere I would not catch a fish right away
right like yeah like how do you not just chaos down there
chaos small guys though still fish number eight yeah like that was instant
post as I’ve put that on the bottom instant instant thank you nine yo crazy crazy still all smaller
hopefully some bigger ones will come through eventually it’s not that bad
though actually you know what that’s gonna be my second either that’s
actually uh he might be too big we got to measure him okay let’s give this one
a quick measure see if he’s too too big to keep I don’t think she’d be okay
quiet no he’s good he’s good seventeen and a half got my second
second eater for the day should be good now that’s fish tan jeez look at that
just got back down I’m gonna get smoked again like instantly crazy crazy oh I
hope it just stays like this all night this bite is fire okay fish eleven you
know breezy this is fun they’re small for the most part but this is still lots
of fun number twelve all of our chase that little guy thumped it the one
thumped it there’s thirteen odd does he count no today they got to come on with
out of the hole there we go finally I can’t lose this one fish 13 is the curse
I lost one at the hole that would have been 13 and then again it was totally my
fault Oh Clayton there’s 13 is cursing right
now okay we’ve gotta get this fish in this fish it’s me against the world
right now yes there’s 13 that one took way too long you guys I had I to fish
right to the hole and like four or five missed opportunity
there’s 13 was my nemesis and he got water on the camera that gotta get off
you don’t know how hard you were to catch there’s 13 took a half hour fish
14 took one minute to get my flavoured I’m gonna clean the fish right here got
my fish clean just marinating in a little bit of Frank’s but it’ll be about
an hour or so probably before I even cook this fish but I didn’t show the
process of cleaning the fish on videos cuz I’ve done it before and yeah maybe
I’ll do it again in the future but I didn’t do it for this video well I think
it’s time for a tour of the house since the fishing is slowed down a little bit
it is time is it here six thirty six twenty eight got still it’s fourteen
fish nothing crazy mark and fish like non-stop just can’t
get them to eat anything I don’t know maybe I’ll catch some throughout the
night here I’m not sure but I’m gonna cook something up to eat here soon so
I’ll give you a little tour rate we’ll go to the living room first this is my
this is my living room area here where I do all my activities here I do my
fishing and my filming and whatnot and then you come over here and this is the
the bedroom here my master suite and then you come on this side here here’s
the kitchen this is we’re having tonight walleye and
sidekicks we’re cooking up on the Coleman little propane whatever which
would call it just a one burner today I didn’t feel like bringing out have a
Coleman stove I could’ve brought o2 but I’ll show you what I’ll do with that I
cook the sidekicks first and then keep them on the buddy heater just to keep
them warm then do up the fish I’m gonna cook right and I right near the door so
I can crack it a bit and hopefully let out all the smoke type of thing as I’m
cooking the fish like I said earlier this is the otter Monster Lodge and this
is like ideal I think of it as really cold you probably want to heaters but
right now I have it on low and like I’m I’m warm to the point where I need to
even get rid of this hoodie you’re rid of the pants maybe put out some more
tile here which I probably will do eventually just to keep the floor nice
and dry when I settle in for the night get nice and comfy we’re here for the
long haul boys and girls how’s that lighting sharp
I know we’re here for the long haul that was a tour of my house sidekicks we
need two cups 500 milliliters of water we’re gonna bring that to a boil and go
view ingredients just throw those puppies in there and then bring back to
a boil I believe good good those are still boiling this is where you can do
both both meals at once if you put this on the buddy heater nice and carefully
and that will continue to boil and simmer which would be nice I don’t have
any butter I’m gonna put just a touch of oil in
there not much to make up for the lack of butter and now we’re going to cook
our fish pans on there and put some oil in now we’re gonna put quite a bit
because I don’t want it to get too smoky in here if I put more no cover the fish
more I won’t get so smoky in here okay we’re gonna basic I got my fish fry
talked about marinating the Franks we’re gonna go with just original fish crisp
and we’re putting it in there I see a lot of guys use like eggs all the time
when you use like a Franks and have a little bit of like a dampness to your
fish you don’t need an egg to make the batter stick this little stick just
perfect this is a very basic one today because I am roughing it oil should be
hot enough let’s put the fish in that’s a big piece of fish it’s a little it
could be a little bit hotter but she’ll get there she’ll get there quick come
pretty good let’s do a little flip here I forgot my tongs come on
oh yes crispy right yep that’s gonna be good
got my wonderful looking fish my noodles have a ball of water I’m gonna pop a
chair watch a little bit of movie I downloaded on Netflix because I have no
service right now and enjoy this and maybe some fish will come by oh well I
figured out what I’m marking obviously it’s tiny walleyes I’m just enjoying my
supper right now it’s 719 this fish completely inhaled this jig completely
done so I think a lot of my marks are tiny walleyes like this maybe that’s why
I’m not catching very many me they’re all smaller fish so I just need some
good ones to come through but that’s fish 15 at 7-eleven small update 841
still marking fish not catching anything you can maybe hear the generator in the
background I’ve got that so I can charge some camera batteries for camera
batteries throughout the night I’ve now laid down some mats here just
to keep everything a little bit dryer here because I’m in now I’m in just
regular pans and running shoes type of thing nice and comfortable yeah what
else I got a talk mode right now nice comfy chair got some movies
downloaded on Netflix I’m gonna watch I have no service here I do have an in
reach which if you guys ever watched Jays videos Jay Siemens he talked about
this this right here I can still text my wonderful girlfriend let her know that
I’m okay and if I ever have any problems there’s an F F button there I could hit
but I still have contact with the outside world so if some did happen to
me right now I broke a leg or got her I could still get help even though I
have no service where I am right now I’m powering my Shack all basically with
Dakota lithium’s look at this thing this thing’s a brute look at this 12
vote 12 volt 54 and that’s running just my lights right now but I know it’ll run
my lights all night I got a lithium power box here I’ve got another lithium
power box down there and those are basically just so I can keep all of the
cameras running non-stop right I’ve only got the one buddy heater here so is
colder you probably want to it’s only what – 12 – 14 type of thing right now
so it’s not even that bad it’s super cozy I haven’t got my sleeping bag out
yet I got my cot here I’m comfortable like I’m very very comfortable I’m
excited I’m gonna be like ready here for the morning buddy hope they still catch
some fish throughout the night here it’s not over it’s not over yet it’s 12:40
staying up a little bit later than I wanted to obviously I haven’t put any
more fish on camera it’s because I haven’t caught any more nose sniffs I
had one decent mark coming in to 11 o’clock but no dice and that was about
it I’m about to dim the lights right away here look at that make it a
romantic Lake in here nice and dim and I’m going to hit the hay for a little
bit I’m gonna keep the rods in though with some bells just in case I get some
bites but look at this mmm a little bit closer I wanted to be a backup here but
the cot just a cot from Cabela’s sleeping bag is like a minus 40 bag it’s
awesome Cabela’s again – lots of stuff from
Cabela’s which is a good that chairs not Cabela’s but it was very comfy yeah
that’s my bed for the night I’m I’m enjoying this so far for sure I’m gonna
do more of this in the future of camping out here the tent makes it so nice and I
just checked on my enemy chop which I explained earlier
it has a weather app – and it’s only – ten
generators going powering up some batteries yeah see you guys in the
morning well good morning loft for me anyway I
don’t know what you guys I hope you guys pause the video went to bed and woke up
the next morning and watch the rest of us right like it’s good morning for me
tell you what sleeping right here family get up and just continue your day
fishing is pretty amazing I don’t have to get dressed right now
like oh yeah I got I got pants on don’t get any ideas
girls you know I’m taken but yeah this feels pretty awesome
I’m not gonna lie I sing about firing up some porridge type of thing maybe but I
have some awesome protein balls still left two from my amazing girlfriend yeah
this must be pretty boring I’ll just put on some funky music here to make things
a little bit more interesting then listen to my voice talk but it’s just a
little after 6:00 a.m. never heard the bells go off at all just check my
minnows everything’s still there so yeah I’m just continue fishing hopefully
there’s a morning bite I think I started at 125 I believe the time line so we’re
gonna continue till then and complete our 24 hours on the ice yeah thanks good
life is good Oh something’s on the dead minnow we’re
in alive motion see yes whoo first fish of the morning first fish of the morning
and it is 852 took a little while what’s on the depths I shall say dead stick but
it’s actually a live minnow what is technically the dead stick
hopefully it’s a sign of some things to come because of a marking fish it’s not
catching so hopefully the bite turns on a little bit this morning that for me oh that fish Hannity finally a little bit
more of an aggressive bite not bad well not a bad what about fish 17 was a
little bit more aggressive but they’re still small they’re still small come on
come on we go
there we go there we go I always say there we go that is small went to it
back to a dinner bell spoon I was on the Buckshot dinner bell scott a little
slower fall rate i just realized how small this fish actually is this shape
team is tiny I went back to a dinner bell spoon something with just a little
slower slower fall rate I was using a buckshot spoon which was more more dense
this thing when I pump it up it just hovers down a little bit slower maybe we
can entice them to bite has not been hot and heavy
9:22 they didn’t talk about like any of the rods I’m using it all or gear so
maybe I’ll cover a little bit of that I’m using all frostbite rods mostly the
True Grit series I was using with the smaller jig I was using the smoke not
smoke so uh yeah the the smoke show which is a 37 medium light which is
nicer with the smaller smaller baits the true grits definitely my go-to walleye
rod but that smoke show has been very very good as well
the other rods that I have here I haven’t really used them at all I just
brought four perch just in case some perch would come by which is a royal
flush and the dip stick but I haven’t really used those things at all just
because think most of the marks that have been here been walleye smaller
walleye though that’s for sure that’s okay small I have feelings too with that
fish and me fish hammered me just so scratching my
head it’s a little bit better think it’s one of the morning that’s for sure does
not stain much it’s not saying this huge but it’s the biggest one of the morning
should I grab my transducer when I had the chance they’re all about fish at all
come on buddy that’s a good one what do we got going
on here come on come on there we go that’s a little bit nicer one right
there still not giant but he’d be a little bit too big to keep because he’s
probably about eighteen and a half 19 inches well let him go I say too big to
keep because I’m on Lake of the prairies which does have a slot size another mark
down there let’s get back down feels so weird fishing in like sweatpants and
runners and I don’t have socks on I don’t even have socks on right now this
is amazing no whoever got here that’s a little bit
better it’s a little bit better fish this is the left knee a little bit
better fish oh whoa whoa this is a walleye it’s a pretty good one I’m
thinking it’s a pike yeah it’s got to be a pike right or big walleye it’s doing a
little bit of everything like it doesn’t have the head shakes like a walleye it’s
fighting more like a pike I’d say that’s just a pike batchi it’s a pike come on
just be a giant walleye be a giant wall no I just thought it’s just not enough
here’s a pike Oh but you know what I still might get
it on this rod cuz it’s tangled I’m gonna be careful with this it’s tangled
up in this rod maybe I’ll get my dinner bell back I’m gonna be just really careful with it
watch me lose ball viewers it’s not gonna be something funny it’s a lot of
bad pike not a bad Pike this is funny
I literally just broke this fish off on my other my other rod and I might get it
back but this is funny not a bad pick it all out of that point I think he might actually bit both both
I thought I snagged him but you know what I think you bit wolf
Nikki pitbull uh Bates be honest with you
does jig looks to be right in the corner of his mouth no maybe not come on come
back here so get my dinner bell back okay how funny is that pike bites me off
my dinner bell but my other my other lure got snagged in them here on the
side so guess what I’m gonna get my dinner bell back buddy oh it’s way down
there well that was awesome no wonder it broke off because it’s at
the back of his throat easy easy look at that just caught my dinner bell
back thanks buddy for getting snagged in my other line cuz I got my lure back Oh
like I said I was hoping maybe big walleye but I I knew it was a pike you
could just tell you could just tell well that was exciting
got my lure back it’s a win-win who’s that weren’t supposed to put in a
thumbnail now or in the title of the video rare catch unbelievable can’t
believe that happened something is all over that jet stick man oh that’s for
sure dead stick is holy cow look at the size of this perch oh wow that is a big
perch easy easy he swallowed a whole man oh look at this jumbo jumbo perch right
there holy that’s a good one that’s everything at 12 plus no exact not quite
just under 12 just under 12 inches but crazy fat that is a beautiful beautiful
perch okay back down you go well that was something else that was exciting there we go this feels this feels pretty
perche you’re honest it’s piney whatever it is very tiny no just a little walleye
that’s right there is the biggest reason why I’m not catching a lot of these fish
is they’re just so tiny I haven’t marked anything substantial for substantial for
size besides that Pike that’s fish 22 got them on the live II live minnow got
him on the live fish 23 walleye fish fish fish fish there we go just starting
to pack up some things in the shelter it’s looked over and oh no don’t wreck
my place it’s a slimy the flank Jack fish slimy little pike little guy little
little guy eat the live minnow couldn’t resist the live minnow like I said
packing up some things just getting organized it’s 11:30 so I got about two
more hours left of the 24 hours showdown well starting to wrap up today not much
left I’ll give you guys a quick though shot here last night I talked about the
generator running I got it on this side of the truck right here just so wasn’t
too loud and basically that’s just going to give me power
all’s it was yesterday was to charge my cat and my main camera its batteries the
dakota batteries of the cola shuttles and the big dakota battery did need
charging at all they kept everything running for me so just starting to wrap
things up with things away so that the lines in got about a half hour left
something like that and then we’re going pack her up on this gloomy Christmas Eve
day yes but who knows just look it catch one
more yet days not over days not over
well ladies and gentlemen I lied there was no more fish that’s gonna wrap up
this video I never really gave anything like like this is things to do or
whatever secrets I just I just went camping on the ice for 24 hours
one tip though when you get home makes you dry everything out because like even
the clock right now it’s got some dampness to it right so I’m not even put
anything away right now am i fogging up no I’m not bad so I’m
not even put anything away right now and basically just kind of have it all in
the truck box and I can put it in a warm carafe and I get back and dry as you
know so you guys want to see more of these videos in the future let me know
in the comments below it was rather enjoyable for me but I
appreciate what you’re watching thanks for watching guys and don’t forget get

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  30. What are you calling "Franks"? I live in Texas and don't speak Canadian…. 🙂 Do you mean hot dog franks/weenies?

  31. I've always wondered what life was like so far north. I think I could do it and have a blast! Would love to try ice fishing sometime….although I have to be honest, I was born in the desert of west Texas. So, having a tent on top of an iced up lake WITH A HEATER IN IT and a TRUCK PARKED ON TOP OF IT are hard for me to wrap my head around….I'd love to try it sometime.

  32. Your fish hole is outside that rig? We towed a fish house 5 miles out on Lake of the Woods with 6 indoor holes 5 ft. thick ice with fold down beds with propane heat. The Walleye froze mid flip when we threw them out the door.

  33. ЛАЙК от Брянских браконьеров. Приглашаю на свой канал.

  34. Last couple years we’ve had to much snow on the ice causing slush .
    Prior to that the previous 3 years I spent 24/7 on the ice in my wheel house .
    It is like fishing in your living room .
    All the comforts of home .
    And lines down every minute.

  35. Just relocated to Northwest Ohio from Miami, FL and I’m all in. Great channel. Nice gear. Definitely a whole different experience.

  36. I wish I had a friend like this that could teach me how to get fish like that and places. Looks so fun. Awesome video

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