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  1. Olá Erik !l
    Lugar fantástico parabéns por mais um vídeo maravilhoso com essa natureza perfeita.
    Abraço aqui do Brasil

  2. I’m fast becoming a great fan of your videos. There is something about the stillness and immersion that is different from almost anything else out there. This video in particular really caught my breath. That transition sequence of you walking in the dark, then the tinkling snow and ice crystals, then turning to the star studded sky… Wow. I literally laughed out loud at how sublime that was, and how it echoed my own experiences of the night sky in my own walks in the mountain here in Japan and elsewhere.

    You’ve inspired me to make my own solo videos in the mountains behind my home here in Kobe, Japan, and other mountains I wander in. Thank you for making YouTube truly something worth spending time with.

  3. Erik the new karate kid ! I thought you where going to hit all the trees ?. Superb filming at the beginning bushwacking in those trees full of snow . And the night sky exploding with stars ? snow is on its way here in Québec, some regions further north are already covered, the rest coming soon, cant wait to take out my pulk…

  4. Maravilloso…que reconfortante después de un día entero de ester en una oficina….y ver tu vídeo me anima par que ya pronto apenas pueda darme una salida a la fascinante naturaleza. Cuéntame con que lente tomaste esa fotos nocturnas y a que velocidad de obturación…gracias por ese paisaje tan pasivo….

  5. Thank you for the video. Fantasy winter, mixed with snow and snowflakes. It creates the illusion of ice kingdom nature.

  6. If the slope is slightly unstable on which rock is resting then chances of landslide will be more and your life will be at risk due to movement of rock mass. Please be careful next time.

  7. 1:00 to 1.17 reminded of a quote saying ''Inside every adult there's still a child that lingers. We're happiness merchants – giving people the opportunity to dream like children'' by Guy Laliberte

  8. Beautiful scenery. Good to see you still have the inner Child in you kicking the snow off them threes.
    Could you name the pants you are using here? You use them a lot, and in very different enviroments. How do you feel they hold up?

  9. Here is a FAQ for the video:
    The sleeping bag? – Western Mountaineering Ultralite. I find it little too cold for -9C / 19F though IMO, but it worked.
    The sleeping mat? – Thermarest Neoair Venture. It's a summer mat so I combine it with a Z-rest in the winter, which I also use as a "chair".
    The bivy bag? – Vaude Biwak. 100% water proof = tons of condensation! I'll try it as a vbl inside the bag sometime and see how it does.
    Where is this? – Västerbotten, northern Sweden, close to town Skellefteå.
    How is there an insect (mosquito?) in the snow? – Insects and spiders can often be active also in cold weather and snow. They are very friendly!
    Which camera? -Nikon Z6
    English subtitles can be activated in the player, (for the Swedish part)

    Thanks for watching! ATb

  10. G' Morning to Eric & everyone here
    This content is quality enough for National Geographic I think. I've learned a lot since watching, The scenes at night are especially captivating. Wow !! Thank you.

  11. Best 10 minutes and 20 seconds of my day so far. Headed to the woods to cut my winter wood for my camp site. Waiting on the snow here in Vermont.
    Take care, Al

  12. I’m not commenting really often but your films are just pure art! Everything from the sound or the cinematography to your crazy outdoor skills is just outstanding! You’re the only YouTuber I’m happily paying money on Patreon for! Watching your new video kinda turned into my Sunday routine when I’m coming home from work.

  13. Hi Erik. Nice video again! Here is my little tribute to you (much less professional I'm afraid): 
    (See min. 5:30 😉

  14. Great video as usual Erik! Thanks for producing and sharing.
    I have been wondering, do you ever encounter any wild and potentially dangerous animals, such as wolves or perhaps bears, in your ventures? I could imagine, even though they are usually shy and timid, for the time you spent in the wildnerness, you would run into them sooner or later.
    Thanks and best wishes

  15. Hej Erik.

    Jag bor liksom du i Skellefteå men för min del på Älvsbacka.

    Har länge tänkt fråga hur du gör med ex skorna när du sover utomhus utan tält, men nu vet jag…..

    Sover du i underställ + dunjacka? eller.

    Har till denna vinter skaffat mej en bra sovsäck (Mammut Altitude Down Winter -22) och ska vintercampa lite är det tänkt. 🙂
    Därav frågan om skorna, men det blir nog trångt i sovsäcken om dom ska med in.

    Jag har ett Haglöfs sovsäcksöverdrag som åxå lär få följa med ut som extra skydd.
    Tänker också testa hängmatta vid tillfälle….

    Tack för fina filmer som inspirerar..


  16. Great video, have a question I know knows are deep there could you show how to make a tree well shelter sometime??

  17. Your eye for scenic photography is over the top…just beautiful. Do you go home and sit in the sauna after making these winter videos?

  18. Sorry one more question. Stove? Do you recommend this one? Thanks for the video, very well done. Almost feel like I’m there whilst in my cozy warm house. Was that a chill I just got? ? And where’s my coffee? ?

  19. Great Job Erik. The snow is so majestic and clean at first snow fall. I like that camp spot by the rocks. A great vjo once again. Can't wait till the next one.

  20. Som vanligt en film som inspirerar och berör mig…Extra plus för att du pratar svenska och hat textat till engelska..

  21. Hej Erik, your videos are always superb, but when you are hiking in the snow and sleeping on the frozen ground, wow. It’s mesmerizing. Hope your fire warmed up that huge boulder you were camped next to, or all that cold granite could make the long Swedish night a real nippy sleep. Was that mosquito still alive, or just frozen in the snow?

  22. I’d bring my Warbonnet Ridgerunner hammock tent and hang it from any of two very plentiful trees, throw a quilt under it and sleep like a baby in that frosty air

  23. Nice shelter and video. Winter has not come yet overhere in France. I hope your boots didn't freeze during the night (I use them as a pillow under the sleeping bag to avoid this problem).

  24. I thought the insect was stuck on my screen and was trying to scratch it off.
    Love your videos I always wait for the thumbs up at coffee time. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Yay, another snow season begins with one of your peaceful videos. You are inspiring me to steer from my snowmobile hot tenting to some ski and cold camping ?❤️??☃️❄️⛺️

  26. Hey Erik! Nice and simple. Perfect as always. I'm jealous you have a real winter already, we've got 0C at weekend and a huge snowfall before this. But now it's +4C and everything is melting again.

  27. That is pushing the WM ultra. I have the WM Apache in GWS and can recommend the gore windstopper. I am also going to try the vapour barrier bag to see what benefits there are.Great video.Cheers.

  28. I see winter has truely decended on your beautiful country Erik. I'm in the NW of England, if the temp drops below zero here we lose our shit! a fluffy of heavy snow and the whole country comes to a standstill! Anyway, another great vid my friend, amazing cinematography as usual. Your vids sure do sooth my soul, thank you 🙂

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  30. Hello Erik, sincere thanks for sharing another outdoor winter adventure . I appreciate the time and effort you take in order to produce a fine video such as this. Take care out there. ?

  31. Fantastic video. I love the serenity of it all. Not being a camper, I have a (probably silly) question to ask: When it comes to making coffee, is there a reason you choose lake water over using fresh snow as a water source?

  32. Really nice video again, maybe time for a WM antelope? Or something inbetween the ultralite and your Lynx. Yes, I like my gear also. Kick 3 times for superstition :)? Keep up the good work!

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