(With CC) (With event) Heregoes camping ASMR with new tingle?: Might feel this is your mi casa???

(With CC) (With event) Heregoes camping ASMR with new tingle?: Might feel this is your mi casa???

Yong Bin: Today, I’ll be taking a boat to fish,
catch some fish, and go camping Yong Bin: I thinks that’s the boat I rented Yong Bin: Let’s go Yong Bin: Oh, I forgot to bring my sunglasses Yong Bin: Okay, time for me to get some Rockfish Captain: You need to hold the hook first Yong Bin: Already struggling to put a bait on a hook Yong Bin: Really need to get one Captain: No it’s not a fish. You caught an obstacle Yong Bin: What obstacle? Captain: The rocks Yong Bin: Oh wait. It’s big (x3) Yong Bin: Is it possible to make this fish bigger with CG? Yong Bin: What did you say? Oh wow Yong Bin: Can I pretend that I caught this fish?
Just once Yong Bin: Rockfish. How big is this?
Is this the largest one? Captain: Yes we can say that fish is
the largest one to sell Yong Bin: The largest size you can get? PD: You know that the reaction you just did
was kinda obvious, right? Yong Bin: Maybe we need to mix it Yong Bin: Captain? Captain: Yes? Yong Bin: Are there any other spots? Because people
over there seem to be catching a lot of fish Captain: No actually there’s no issue but Yong Bin: Okay I’m just looking for an excuse right? Captain: Because the flow of water waves to that side Yong Bin: I think I can feel the bite now Yong Bin: Rockfish (x3) Yong Bin: Oh it should be big. Oh wait no, Yong Bin: Come, come Yong Bin: Guys can you see this? How big is this? Captain: Medium size Yong Bin: Medium Yong Bin: My plan is to camp with Rockfish and cook it, so please stay tuned Yong Bin: Actually, since I only caught
kinda small sized Rockfish Yong Bin: The smaller one is the one that I caught,
and the bigger one, the captain gave me as a gift Yong Bin: Now let’s go to market and buy some
ingredients for ‘spicy fish stew’, then move to camping Yong Bin: I mean, I heard some from my grandma but Yong Bin: Radish, garlic, green onion,
red pepper powder? Yong Bin: Oh garlic, here it is Yong Bin: Should I get minced one? Yong Bin: Excuse me, I’m trying to make spicy fish stew. Should I get minced garlic? Yong Bin: Okay I got radish, green onion,
garlic….oh red pepper paste! Yong Bin: For any stew, cooking fish,
spicy fish stew. This is it! Yong Bin: Let’s go for camping now! Yong Bin: Instruction says I have to wait til this coal to
become white, and then I can cook my meat Yong Bin: Until then, I’ll wash the green chilli,
lettuce, and sesame leaf Yong Bin: Oh and trim my Rockfish
that I caught previously Yong Bin: Took quite a long time Yong Bin: I had to wash all of these veggies
and trim the Rockfish, Yong Bin: Took such a long time to prepare this
and it got so dark Yong Bin: Fortunately, the coal became white,
so I can cook my meat now Yong Bin: Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle Yong Bin: I’m not that good at cooking but
putting glasses on will make me look a good cook Yong Bin: Makes me look smart, a little Yong Bin: Okay, let’s eat Yong Bin: Pork belly ASMR Yong Bin: It’s raw. Isn’t cooked at all Yong Bin: Looks like it’ll cook much faster over firewood Yong Bin: Since it’s kind of boring, I’ll try to make
a line poem with sweet potato, no wait, with mushroom Yong Bin: No wait, I will make 3-line poem
with sweet potato Yong Bin: One, two, three Yong Bin: Go(first spelling of potato in Korean)
rather than eating meat at a luxurious restaurant Yong Bin: Gu(second spelling of potato in Korean)
the pork cooked on firewood with woody smell is Yong Bin: Ma(last spelling of potato in Korean)
more tasty Yong Bin: I think I did well Yong Bin: Still not cooked Yong Bin: From now on, I’ll just have
my pork belly at a restaurant Yong Bin: It’s okay. I have my spicy fish stew Yong Bin: I’ll wrap the Rockfish in the stew
with a lettuce and eat it Yong Bin: Look at this sweet potato. It looks so good Yong Bin: See this? This steam Yong Bin: What’s this? Yong Bin: I mean, it’s not that bad
but it just taste like hot water Yong Bin: Done. It worked Yong Bin: Everyone, I’m the kind of person
who can cook well Yong Bin: Looks good, right? Yong Bin: Then I’ll try ASMR with my stew
to give an un-tingle(?) Yong Bin: Ah, Can you hear me? Yong Bin: Yong Bin’s ASMR with
first ever cooked spicy fish stew Yong Bin: Ouch it’s hot! Yong Bin: Let me begin Yong Bin: Oh! Wait, I’ll let you hear the boiling sound
of this stew first Yong Bin: Boiling, boiling. Sizzling, sizzling Yong Bin: I can smell fish stew from my microphone Yong Bin: If I drop this too, I’ll run off and go home Yong Bin: Let me try the rockfish first Yong Bin: I think dropping the meat earlier
wasn’t that bad Yong Bin: I had a great dinner Yong Bin: I’ll finish up today’s dinner at camping Yong Bin: Obviously, americano is a
must to wrap up a day Yong Bin: Today I tried fishing on my own
for the first time Yong Bin: Pitched a tent, came to camp on my own
with Rockfish I caught Yong Bin: And felt that I have still
long way to go while camping Yong Bin: Struggled with cooking meat,
well that stew was successful though Yong Bin: It was a great time for me to
look back at myself… Yong Bin: Then I’ll finish my camping today Yong Bin: Let’s meet again next week with
more cool and funny episodes Yong Bin: See you guys again soon

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  2. I want to see bin♡ going to one of those big traditional markets and eating traditional korean snacks, i dont know something like this.
    As a foreigner its really interesting and its also good to see our boy eating well, lots of good foods ?

    my email: [email protected]

  3. Challenges that will make our yongbin, our inssa oppa, relate with people! Like a photo walk or having to do challenges with strangers on the streets (ex. do aegyo dance with the first person you see wearing red; do impromptu busking with buskers in hongdae)

    I'm so excited for more episodes!!! Hoping for a great respnse!!

    [email protected]

  4. For the challenges, I would love to see our Yongbin perform in public, just to let other people know how talented he is, and how good his voice is~

    I would also like to see him eat foods that he haven't tried before, maybe exotic ones? ? Or just anything that would challenge him.

    And lastly, I want to see him to do some thrilling activities. Maybe haunted house challenge, or just riding an extreme amusement park ride. I would love to see how he will react when he is scared or just shocked ? sorry Yongbin-ah, but we love you ??

    E-mail add: [email protected]

    Hope you'll pick me ☺️?fighting and good luck to your future episodes~

  5. For the challenge.. I hope to see him dance and sing a song because I miss him voice. and then I hope to see him drive a car go cafe around Seoul or anything else. (I hope you choose me! )

    Email: [email protected]

  6. For challenges, I’d love to see Yongbin do a busking event and promote himself to the locals to try to get people to come!! And if he can get a certain amount of people to attend he could get a mini prize or something!! I just really want more people to see how talented he is yknow?? I’d also love to see him go to an amusement park ? Maybe it’s a bit weird but I wanna see him in traditional clothes… I feel like he would look so handsome! And maybe for something more personable he could make a list and write down his wishes and goals for the future ?

    Ahhhh wow sorry for giving so many recommendations…

    [email protected]

  7. 제주도에 황우지 엄청 이쁘던뎅 용빈오빠가 가면 좋을거같아용?? 영상 너무 재미있구 오빠두 너무 귀엽구 앞으로 이쁜영상 많이많이 올려줘요❤

  8. *대관령 양떼목장에서 양 먹이주기요!
    올라가는길은 힘들긴 하지만 (새별오름 보단 안힘들구요) 탁트여서 경치도 이쁘고 양들도 귀여워요.

    예전에 신촌에서 버스킹 했다고 하셨는데 다시 하신다면 언질 한번 해주시고 하셨으면 좋겠어요! 슬로건 흔들면서 응원할게요.

    크리스마스가 다가오는데 크리스마스 쿠키를 만드는거 보고싶어요. 전에 머랭 치던거 귀여웠어요ㅎㅎ
    쿠키 반죽까진 아니여도 쿠키틀 찍고 아이싱으로 그림그리면 재밌을거 같아요.

    [email protected]

  9. for the event, i was thinking about something about the next special holiday! christmas is coming, so i would like to see a video of yongbin with a christmas style!! would be so cute~~ ♡

    and, i also would like to see newkidd here again!! maybe going to a haunted house? it would be funny too hahaha♡

    my e-mail: [email protected]
    thank you for the event?

  10. For the challenges, i would love to see yongbin shopping in traditional market buy everything and cook them on the village ? also he can perform on the market to get a discount ?
    And of course he can wear traditional clothes too ??

    Email : [email protected]

  11. I want to see Yongbin interact with the people in Jeju and do some games like the whisper challenge. Then, do some busking because I really miss his voice and he shines the most when he performs. I would like to see that and I think the other fans will love that too ❤
    [email protected]

  12. 매번 용빈군 영상 너무 잘 보고 있습니다! ㅎㅎ
    외국 분들이 많이 보는 것 같은데 광화문 일대로 북촌한옥마을, 효자동 인기 카페, 인사동과 같은 한국미 느껴지는 곳들을 소개하는 컨텐츠를 찍어 주셨으면 좋겠어요~
    이메일은 [email protected] 입니다
    폴라로이드 꼭 받고 싶어요 ㅠㅁㅠ

  13. I can’t believe that I’m finally seeing Yongbin like this , btw I really like the eng sub !!

    For the event i would like to see Yongbin learning then cooking some kind of dishes , I think it’s gonna be cute and fun to watch it .

    [email protected]

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