Women Try Kylie Jenner’s Entire Holiday Collection • Ladylike

Women Try Kylie Jenner’s Entire Holiday Collection • Ladylike

– Frosty the eyeshadow, – The Eyeshadow. – was a really pigmented eyeshadow. (“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”) – We’re trying Kylie’s holiday stuff. – Yes, I ordered the entirety
of Kylie’s Holiday Collection, and we’re gonna try and
swatch every, single, color. – I don’t wear Kylie products. I try them, but I don’t like
to order my makeup online, I like to see it in person. – I own two Kylie liquid
lipsticks, and that’s only because we use them in videos. But I do like them a lot, like I actually like, actively wear them. – I own a few Kylie
products and I do like them, they’re a little on the
expensive side but I find it invigorating to try and
like get them online, you know. – You get a kick out of it. – ‘Cause you gotta wait. – I borrow a lip gloss here
and there for a special event, and it’s nice. – This is how big the collection is. – Yeah. – And they’re intimidating. – Oh, I should actually do it this way. – [All] Ooh! – Wait, hold on, wait. – This is what happened
when we opened the boxes. – I’m gonna keep those styrofoam things, those are so useful. (shuffling and laughing) – Thanks Kylie. (jingle bells music) – [Safiya] So we have five lip ornaments. – [Freddie] Yeah, oh I didn’t
know those were ornaments too. – These are deluxe ornaments. – I would get excited if I came downstairs on Christmas morning
and saw this on my tree. – Could you imagine! – Just don’t know if I need
this hanging on me tree. It’s, what is– – But it’s a present and an ornament. (Freddie sighing) I’m trying to hang them at an angle at which you would hang them. – Because you are a tree. (laughing) – I already broke this lip liner. – Oh my gosh, that’s
sheer, you beheaded it. – The thing about Kylie’s lip kits though, is that they smell so wonderful. – [Freddie] Yeah I can smell it from here. – [Kristen] That’s like cake frosting. – [Safiya] I mean these
are all just kind of like, “holiday berries”, what
are holiday berries? Bramble berries, cranberries,
uh, blackberries? – Poison berries. – There we go. – I think my favorite is definitely Mary. – [Devin] I’m a fan of sparkles
so I’m going to say Dancer. – [Safiya] I like this color,
but I don’t think anyone’s surprised that I like this color. – So the skin on my bottom lip is peeling, and it’s very visible with
this gloss on. (laughing) – It’s all over my teeth,
that didn’t take long. I’ve never used a makeup wipe on my teeth, but I’m like, getting close. – [Safiya] This is a
little set of full size, – Ooh! – Full size liquid lips. – It’s like sparkly
rose gold, I’m into it. – These are like My Little Pony colors. – Sign me up. – Oh gloss, mm-mmm, I’m
staying away from the gloss. – Let’s start with Cupid. – It’s like sexy penny,
I’m into it, sexy Lincoln? – You would dress up as an ornament, and wear Noël on your lips. This is Blitzen, the bro reindeer. – That’s a pretty little purp. So this one is Angel. It’s a little bit 80s sitcom set, like this is the color of the
curtains on the Golden Girls. – Oh I feel like Britney Spears right now. – I look crazy, just because my lips are so, so pink under here. It’s not what I wanted. I wanted to be an ornament. – I love Blitzen, it’s
definitely my style. I don’t know if it’s holiday. – No, it just looks like Freddie. I think I’ve perfected the bird face. (perky holiday music) (laughing) Another lipstick mini set? – The minis! – These are the babies. – Oh wow, there’s like a bunch of them. Like a little army of lip-things. – I feel like I rarely use
the entirety of a liquid lip. – I’ve never made it to like, – The end? – The very end. – So maybe this size is better anyway. – Alright this one is Vixen, again. – [Kristen] Oh. – So some of these are colors that she’s already come out with. – Ah. These just give me fall vibes. – This color is called Kristen. – No!
– It is. – Shut the f– – Kristen. – (gasping) What? – This is your color! Kylie knew. – Well her mom is named Kristen. Kris Jenner is short for Kristen. – (laughing) Maybe. (both laughing) – That one is so you, Moon is so soft. – My favorite is Kristen. – [Devin] It has to be. – It, yeah. – Ginger feels a little orange
to me, but I’m not mad at it. – I’m really into Love Bite. Like, the face I would
make to warn someone that a love bight is coming
would be something like: (snazzy hip hop holiday beat) (bell dinging) – [Safiya] Got some holiday eye stuff. – Alright, ooh, it’s Kyliner. Mine’s called snow. – Mine is a pallet. Oh my goodness. – Oh that’s pretty. – So, she has a bunch of
Kyliners, this is a white one. – Why? – ‘Cause winter. – [Safiya] This one is called Golden Plum. It is plum, with a little gold in it. – This one is Yellow Gold, it is gold with yellow in it. – And then this one is Camo. – Oh. (containers clattering) It’s bronze. – I’m loving Evergreen so I’m gonna choose Evergreen from this beautiful jewel-toned pallet. – Evergreen is gorgeous. – That’s a very beautiful, – I think– – That is, an 80s holiday
Barbie color for sure. – [Devin] My soul is this color. – I can’t say that I
have a lot of experience using creme shadow, so this might be just a strange experiment
into the great beyond, but I think I gotta put Camo on. – Every time I attempt to
put on eyeshadow I remember, no one has yet to teach me how to put on eyeshadow (laughing). – Yeah I feel this way too. Uh, this is Mittens. – Mittens is cute. – Mittens is very cute. – I think we’re going crazy. We’ve swatched so many things,
I think we’re going insane. – Yeah this is a lot. This is the most I’ve ever swatched. – I like it. – Yeah I like it a lot. – It’s a good one. It’s a good, a good man, Charlie Brown. – That was uh, that was intense but I feel like we
learned a lot about like, – Ourselves? – Yeah, ourselves, and colors. – I would not buy it all, together. It was a little wild. But definitely like, the individual packets were fun as gifts. – Yeah. – After going through her
entire holiday collection, I’m like god dammit, you
can make good products. She named one after you, like come on. – After her mom, but close enough. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Those little babies, I feel
like, are such perfect sizes. So I want those little babies, those are the ones that
I want, li’l babes. – Vee’ cute. I love the shadows. – Oh they’re really shiny. – Yeah they’re shiny. – They’re like, very pigmenty. Blue eyeshadow is back. – The Kylie Holiday Collection. – (Laughing) Lady tested, – Lady I see you. (synth holiday music) (knuckles hitting table) We see you. Thank you so much for watching Ladylike. – If you’d like to see
more of us, click there and subscribe to our channel. – Or take off these covers ’cause none of us are wearing pants. – I… (laughing) (BuzzFeed sound effects)

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