Wonderful Tourist Attractions in Ulsan [Korea Travel] / Hoontamin

Wonderful Tourist Attractions in Ulsan [Korea Travel] / Hoontamin

Ulsan is a whale : Jangsaengpo Whale Culture Zone Ulsan is a healing : Taehwagang Observatory + Bamboo Forest Ulsan is unique : Jujeon Pebble Beach Ulsan is wonderful : Amethyst Cavern Park Ulsan is a history : Bangudae + Ulsan Petroglyph Museum Ulsan is young : Ulsan Keunaegi Night Market + Avenue of youth Ulsan is magnificent : Daewangam Park Ulsan is beautiful : Ulsan Bridge Observatory Ulsan is amazing : Taehwagang Cavern Park Ulsan is an art : Shinhwa Artists Village Ulsan is various : Ulsan Grand Park Ulsan is a hope : Ganjeolgot Cape Don’t enjoy Ulsan alone With a lover With friends With a family Let’s travel together To Ulsan!

33 thoughts on “Wonderful Tourist Attractions in Ulsan [Korea Travel] / Hoontamin

  1. Hi . Hola desde Guatemala. Besos y abrazos


  2. Hola me gusto mucho su video de reaccionando a musica indu 😊 me gustaria mucho si asen uno de NAGADA SANG GHOUL y el otro de RAM LEELA saludos desde bolivia 😊

  3. Hermoso lugar, el acuario, las grutas, acá en México también tenemos todo eso y mas, los invito no van a querer irse, saludos desde Chiapas, México

  4. Awesome.. Sight view.. So nature..so greenery.. So historical… Amazing… If I get a chance I will really want to visit ulsan.. 💗

  5. Wow! Nice places! Me and my girlfriend are traveling to Seoul next month and we are staying at Yongsan-gu.. Do you have a vlog of food and places to eat in Seoul and other top attractions? We are staying for about 8 or 9 nights..

  6. Reaksiyonlarda çok fazla izlenme varken, kültürlerini tanıttıkları videolarda neden bu kadar az izlenme var?

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