Working a DELAYED INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT | Flight Attendant Life

Working a DELAYED INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT | Flight Attendant Life

As you all can see I am NOT on the plane to London right now they have delayed our flight until 8 p.m. Tonight Hello everyone, welcome to my channel if you’re new here, I’m Julia a dallas-based flight attendant I am super excited for my trip today I got called this morning for London. It’s not very often that you get called from home reserved for these big international trips So I am just feeling really lucky I have a 26 hour layover and I am ready to go if you’ve been following my channel for a while Then you would know that I have gone to London before I went once last year So this will be my second time going I’ve already received a lot of recommendations from you all on Instagram about things that I should go do and now I have Exactly one hour before. I need to be at the airport for my sign in. So I will talk to you guys later Just got to the airport And I am here plenty early for my sign in So now I’m going to take the sky link over to the D gates cool That’s usually where all of our international flights go out if we inform you and then we will be on our way to London Please do not get over a lot of people Don’t forget your first love we were young and wild we were born dumb I just boarded our beautiful triple seven aircraft and we are going to do our safety checks and make sure everything is set up Well and then head up London – so tonight. We will see this. Hi For the first time So clearly as you all can see I am NOT on the plane to London right now I am sitting with some of my crew members. This is Maddy and Kimberly and Bailey We are delayed because they could not get the 1r. It was one art or correct? they could not get the one art door open for catering to bring food on the plane and there are obviously other doors that they Can use but in the event of an evacuation we need all the doors to be able to open So if they have delayed our flight until 8:00 p.m Tonight so it is a pretty lengthy delay, but we are all hoping that we can still go So good news as you can see we have boarded a new aircraft it is currently at 6:45 p.m however, as crew you are only legally allowed to work a certain amount of hours per day and so for us to be legal as a crew we have to have the door closed and start to push back from the gate by 8:55 p.m However, and I did not know that his foot if we do not leave by 8:15 p.m Our flight will cancel and that is because we will no longer have clearance from London Heathrow to land at that Airport to the airlines especially for international flights by airspace So by the time that we would take off and land we would be in someone else’s Airspace watch or something like that I have never heard of this personally and I think I might have mentioned earlier that our first officer did go illegal But if I didn’t now you all know our first officer did time out. Our new first officer is on his way However, he is not scheduled to be here until right before 8 o’clock. So we are really cutting it down to the wire Hopefully we go. I really don’t want to cancel. This is a pretty lengthy delay and I feel awful for the passengers I really hope that we aren’t able to go and we don’t have to cancel, but we’ll see Finally made it to London Eighteen hours after I originally signed in at the airport. I signed it at the airport at 2:30 p.m. And it is now 11:30 a.m. Here in London, which means it is 5:30 a.m Wow, oh my gosh, what a flight that was I can’t believe we actually went we were so close as a crew to going the legal I can’t even believe that we actually made it here normally on an awesome layover like this I would want to just hit the ground running and go sightseeing as much as possible But I have already had a layover here in London where I did get to do a lot of touristy things So I think for this layover, I’m going to keep it more low-key Some of my crew members are meeting up downstairs and they’re gonna go shopping and maybe go get some tea and grab dinner So I think I’m going to hang out with them. I have a cute little room here is the bathroom There’s a little mirror right here Here’s the bed and let’s check out the view Really pretty view of the city so we were supposed to be to our hotels by around 7:00 or 8:00 a.m This morning and it is now 2:00 p.m. As a crew. Everyone was awesome We were in really high spirits and we’re just really positive the whole time so that really made like a big difference and Now I’m just going to enjoy the layover that I do have here I am about ready to go and I’m sorry this lighting kind of sucks but I am wearing actually one of Eric’s sweaters with leggings and Tennis shoes because it’s pretty cold out. So I will probably bring my big black fluffy jacket as well So I am with some of my crew members and we actually picked up Katy who came from a different flight from Dallas and We are heading to teethe and I guess that is something that you come do in London I have never had tea while I’m here. So I think I’ll be fun high tea. Okay, so did it? Don’t forget your first kiss he was so damn high we could touch the sky We are walking the streets right now petting the high tea and it is very vacant there is no one out right now I don’t know if it’s because it’s Sunday, but it’s actually really nice because we are some of the only people Over the first place We went to you needed to have a reservation at which obviously we didn’t and so now We are heading to the tube and we are going to go to This area called Soho which they’re telling me. It’s just like a cute little neighborhood So I’m excited to go explore it on there. Also, this will be my first time going So I think that is pretty cool We are walking along Oxford Street and they have these angel light displays in the middle of the street that are so We are going to try some of this teeth and they look like little shot glasses cheers Cheers Yeah, it doesn’t really taste like anything We just put our names down for a restaurant called assume It’s an Indian restaurant here on Carnaby Street, and it’s about an hour. Wait. So in the meantime, we’re gonna go shopping We found the funkiest little shoe store it is so cute We are in monkey, which is Katie’s favorite store here in London No, I do Brought by So these are the vegetable samosas and it’s vegetables basically inside of fried dough so we have potatoes right here pineapple to bury here some garlic none and rice, and we’re all gonna split it you Just finished dinner at the Indian restaurant soon If you like Indian food I highly suggest going there because I am not usually a fan of Indian food and I loved the food at this restaurant Oh I Am back in my hotel room now. I just had so much fun walking around the city with Maddie and Katie But I am exhausted it is only 6:30 p.m. Here, but I have been up for way too many hours So let me just tell you guys a little bit about how this trip happened This is my reserve month which means the company basically decides where I fly to and they call me when they need me So I was on the call shift from 2:00 a.m. Until 2:00 p.m and So obviously like you can sleep and I just keep my phone on loud with the volume all the way turned up and sleep with It next to me. I saw that this London trip was an open time So I requested it and I got it But I didn’t know that I got it until crew scheduling called me at 7:00 in the morning. I wake up I answer the phone call and they give me this trip and then I fall back asleep till about 10:00 and then I get to The airport at 2:30 for my sign in time, and then the flight is delayed until 8:45 p.m And then we work that flight. It was eight and a half hours I’m pretty sure it was like 8:45 something around there and I did have a sleep break on this flight I had a little over two hours So I tried to sleep but it was kind of hard because there was turbulence The really good news is though on my flight tomorrow. I am deadheading technically I am a working crew member because I have to get from London back to base which is Dallas But I am NOT physically working the flight I get to fly as a passenger and when we deadhead we are allowed to sleep so I am super excited to be dead heading on my flight tomorrow and I am actually Going to take an earlier flight out tomorrow than I was originally scheduled for So the flight I was originally scheduled for is at 955 am and there’s a flight at 7:30 a.m So I’m going to take that one just because I can get home a few hours earlier and that flight has more open seats So if I take the flight that has more open seats I am much more likely to get a first class or a business class seat as opposed to the flight at 9:55 a.m which I’ve already looked at and it looks very full and it might even Oversell if I were to take that flight more than likely I would be stuck in a middle seat in The back of the airplane which not that that’s a bad thing Like I’m so grateful obviously to have a seat and to be able to get back home But if I have any control over it, obviously, I’m gonna try and take the earlier flight with better seats I am almost done packing up my room. Good morning everyone. It is just now 4:40 a.m Our pickup is in 10 minutes. So I need to be downstairs. I slept about six hours and I knocked out last night I was so tired. I really hope that I am able to sleep on my deadhead flight homes back to Dallas We are at cafe Nero, it’s just a little coffee shop in the London Heathrow Airport And I got this green for smoothie. It has Kiwi lime. Matcha Cucumber and flax seeds and all these vitamins it is seriously so good. It is the best green smoothie I think I’ve ever had it is so sweet I’m waiting in the gate area for our flight and you guys must remember Scott this class. This is Absolutely amazing. I am so excited. This is my first time playing business pots on a long-haul international flight This is me, this is my little pod So I have my pillow and blanket right here and these seats are really cool. They’re able to Recline all the way out so I can lay down There’s the remote right here, which will control this TV right here If you push this little button right here It sends the TV out so that way when I’m sitting down and laying down I’m able to watch TV I can reclaim the seat all the way out and I have all of this space for my stuff as well And there’s a little amenity kit has a really large tree table that pulls out right there too. Great there We have some mouthwash a little toothbrush some toothpaste a pen which always comes in handy An eye mask, I will definitely be using this on the flight today as well as some socks There are some earplugs The amenity kit also has some chapstick and hand lotion Which is great because my skin and lips get so dry on long flights like this We also have some really amazed headphones that you don’t get to keep obviously, but you do get to use during the flight So I’m super excited for these

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  33. Jetting Julia; Excellent presentation!! Glad you had a good trip to/from London, despite the delay! That's great you were able to fly Business from LHR-DFW! You have a very positive attitude which is great to see! I worked as an airline flight attendant for over 18 years with America West Airlines, Comair, and Chautauqua Airlines. No, I have not yet flown to London. While working with America West, I worked the Honolulu-Nagoya, Japan flights. You mentioned being on reserve! I was on reserve the entire 7+ years, while working with Comair! Six times per month, I was on "Ready Reserve"-at the airport. Yes, I used to pick up, or request trips from "Open Time" as often as possible. Your channel here on YouTube great! Keep up the great work!! Have a very pleasant flight!

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