Hey there Stalkers my name is Gabriel Zang
And I’m the project leader of Worldside Picnic I can’t hide my excitement regarding this.
If you don’t know what Worldside Picnic is yet, let me put you in context.
With all this Pókemon GO fever we’ve seen all sorts of jokes in the Stalker groups,
Reddit, Forums, all over the place. This kind of stuff: The replies have been incredible.
People instead of laughing have said: “This is so awesome”, “When this is going to happen?”
“I really want this”, “I need this in my life” And besides of of joking, we took the challenge.
We assembled a team of top notch professionals to actually develop this game.
Besides of my professional experience, I want you to understand what my involvement has been
so far when developing fan material for the Stalker universe. I was a project lead
and one of the writers of STALKER: Monolith’s Whisper, the movie we released in 2011, and The Chamber,
which we released in 2012. Those movies without a budget,
without experience and with a humble execution, were received arms open in the Stalker community. Everyone loved them, we got some hate of
course like everything else, but I’m certain that you liked it.
That’s the sort of spirit and that’s the understanding we have of this universe to
actually deliver this game to express the same feelings you get when you walk
into The Zone. That’s said, I want you to know what the game is going to be about. Depending on the level of funding we
can actually get, is how complex the game will be.
We have a basic mode which we call the “Hunt mode”. This mode is going to be a free-to-play mode
which will allow you to explore contaminated areas, find the
artifacts, trade those artifacts by selling or buying them in the market, and
combine those artifacts to spawn new ones. Besides of that we’re going to have an
International and a National set of scoreboards so you can rank among
Stalkers depending on your level of adventure, how risky it was, and what sort
of artifacts you’ve found. But we can go further than that.
We have a stretch goal will allow us to develop what we call “The Zone” mode.
This mode will allow you to create clans with your friends, you can compete against each other
in national and international boards, and you will also be able to host your own
matches in three different game modes. These three games modes which we will engage in a
different video to go deeper into the mechanics are called: Capture, Explosion, and Hide-and-Seek.
But this is not all. If we get the funds we can add to another
stretch goal which will allow us to develop what we call the “LARP mode”.
The LARP mode will allow us to augment your airsoft and your paintball matches.
By that you’ll be able to organize factions by joining clans for a match, you’ll be able
to create your own gaming area, and you can also play three different game modes
besides the ones included in the “Zone mode”. These game modes which will also
engage in a different video to give you the inner mechanics are called:
Containment, Rescue and Base. This will also allow us to host
tournaments, nationally and internationally. And were able to do more.
If we get to reach the third stretch goal, will be able to develop what we
call the “VR mode”. The “VR mode” will not only allow you to play
with AR, but it’d give us a chance to actually include virtual reality within
the game. Just to give you a brief example, we’re going to go through this in
another video as well, you be able for example to take your goggles your
virtual reality goggles, smack your smartphone in, and for example get field information.
Imagine this in a LARP game. Being able to spy on other players stats,
get information from distance about artifacts, or actually get readings on
the field, the contaminated field you’re playing at. This is awesome. This is plain awesome,
and we can actually pull it. In this video’s description you’re going to
find a few links in advance so you can see, (well) our team’s pages, resumes,
and what they have to offer in this stance. We’re going to make more videos soon, introducing them, and as I said,
introducing the game mechanics, but you can’t believe how excited we are
regarding this. We can make it. We have to get together, we have to get
every single Stalker around the bonfire, in the 100 Rads, and we have to do it.
We can do it, we can deliver the most amazing experience we’ve had so far
regarding this universe. We will not build it over Roadside Picnic,
We will not build it over S.T.A.L.K.E.R.’s intellectual property, that’s one of the frequently asked
questions we’ve got so far, we’re going to create our own universe which will be inspired in this.
But I can guarantee this will blow our minds. This will be the gaming experience of
our lives. We can make it. We expect that you share this video, that
you share the news, in the Forums, in your groups, in Twitter, tell your mama,
call your Babushka, we need everyone’s help. We can do it. This is going to be awesome, so get ready
for artifact hunting, we’re going to make it. Cheeki breeki & see you next video!


  1. Haha wow, awesome. 😀 I remember joking about an artifact hunting S.T.AL.K.E.R. GO, and now it's becoming real. Good luck.

  2. I was very excited about your Monolith Whisper and The Chamber project (still watching it from time to time). I believe, this project will be a huge success as well. Looking forward! 🙂

  3. I'm glad that my name is in the description for helping with the romanian translation. Can't wait for the release. Also for who ever disliked, go back into your cave.

  4. if this trully happens, it will be one of the biggest things in STALKER world since CoP! if not THE biggest!

    gonna share your project as much as I can…

  5. This sounds very exciting! I was wondering why the Norilsk book series were not mentioned on 'previous works in the STALKER fandom' though. On that topic, I'm still waiting for the tie-in boardgame to pop up on the online store 🙂

  6. 6:22 "tell your mama, call your babushka"
    I actually did that

    Also I made a Reddit post on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R subreddit:
    I shared this in every way I could so hopefully this project will get even more attention

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