WORST Scams and Tourist Traps in Los Angeles (Watch Before You Go) !

WORST Scams and Tourist Traps in Los Angeles (Watch Before You Go) !

What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon Coming to you from Downtown Los Angeles, California And L.A is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States But if you’re planning on visiting here Their are some things you need to know And some places you probably want to avoid So today, I’m going to be sharing with you LA’s Biggest Tourist Traps,Scams, and Rip-Offs ! Make sure to check out my other tourist trap videos linked down below in the description Here we go We’re at Hollywood and Highland This is the Times Square of L.A It is just full Of Tourist Traps Good old Hollywood. Everybodys first thought of a trip to L.A And you should of course walk Hollywood Boulevard And try to find your favorite persons star On the Walk of Fame I couldn’t hold back Team Adriana from taking a photo of Director Guillermo Del Toro’s star But it’s tourist trap galore after that Where to begin Buying star maps Yeah you’re likely to see where they used to live Next tour movie star’s homes Tours, tours, and more tours Of stars homes If a celebrity does still live there The gates are probably so high You’ll be lucky to even see the house Complete Tourist Trap and yet they still manage to make good money Hollywood Wax Museum Ripleys Believe It or Not The Hard Rock Cafe No, no, no If you want a non tourist trap to eat at nearby Hit up to Calle Tacos On Hollywood Blvd By far the best taco you’ll find in this area And quite clever as it looks like you’re at a food truck Indoors You’ve got to try one of their shrimp tacos Simply delicious Another thing to be on the lookout for Are the mascots Similar to Times Square These guys are everywhere Spider man may try to hand you a light saber Chewbacca may try to get your girlfriends number If you want to take a picture with one of these characters They’re going to expect a tip So just be aware of that before even snapping a photo of them from a far. Let’s talk about some free alternatives to do in the area How about taking an escalator to the fourth floor Of the Hollywood and Highland Mall And then check out an unobstructed view of the Hollywood Sign from afar Or are you looking to get even more off the beaten path? Instead of getting ripped off on tours of the stars homes Why not explore many celebrities final resting place While I recommend taking an official tour of the cemetery This is open to the public Be as respectful as possible If you’re in a rush Find the grave site of Johnny Ramone Which is one of the most famous And is the perfect tribute to his life There’s plenty of other stars who are buried here And some of the gravesites are quite beautiful They also hold concerts here So check their website for more details We’re going to be exploring Santa Monica and Venice Beach Some of the most highly visited areas in L.A And there’s definitley some things.. You need to be aware of Going to the Santa Monica Pier Is a must on your first trip out west But I do warn you.. try to avoid weekends As it can get absolutely jam packed Yes it’s touristy There’s a seemingly obligatory photo with the route 66 sign And you can find the usual chain restaurants around But there are some incredible places to take a picture And 3 postcards for a dollar At the end of the pier wasn’t a bad deal The next big stop in Santa Monica Is the Third Street Promenade I think it’s a bit overrated As it’s full of chains you could find just about anywhere else Although not bad for a quick stroll around If you’re looking for an alternative to do the touristy stuff at the beach in Santa Monica Visit Bergamot Station It’s Southern California’s largest art gallery complex With more than 30 art galleries Bergamot Station is a super fun and free way to spend an hour Or more The galleries are pretty eclectic Everything from realistic photos of Los Angeles To some quirky interactive set ups They’re open to the public And reminded me of hopping between art galleries in Chelsea in New York City They’re certainly worth a visit Just 2 miles away from the Santa Monica Pier With plenty of parking There have been reports floating aroudn Sant Monica About the Fake Monks We’ve talked about them in New York We’ve talked about them in Las Vegas Basically they are dressed as monks They’re going to try to slap a bracelet on you And then they’re going to kind of quietly demand some sort of a tip. Like 20 dollars to go to a fake temple So just be forewarned that.. this temple doesn’t actually exist And this is a known scam That is going on.. in many different cities Around the U.S Muscle Beach Strolling the Venice Beach Boardwalk Is a must when you visit L.A for the first time I get it There’s some cool street art And tons of vendors But once you’ve seen one cheesy t-shirt shop You’ve pretty much seen them all So I wouldn’t dedicate hours upon hours here Especially on weekends when it gets.. extremely busy There’s also one thing to be on the lookout for Something to be aware of on the boardwalk are the CD Guys Now they are going to hand you a mix tape And if you take the mix tape They are going to expect you to give them some sort of a donation To listen to their music I don’t even know who has a CD player anymore But just be aware of this If somebody hands you something And you take it from them They’re going to expect some sort of a tip So be aware Looking for a less touristy thing to do in Venice Beach Find 25th Av And walk away from the boardwalk To enter, the Venice Canals Built in 1905 By Developer Abbot Kinney He tried to re-create the feeling of Venice, Italy In Southern California And we got a real peaceful vibe walking over the bridges And taking some incredible photos In an area that didn’t have a cheesy t-shirt shop in site Come here around sunset for some absolutely incredible pictures That are beyond, Instagram worthy While you may think that LA’s Chinatown Has the best Chinese food in the city Head for the San Gabriel Valley For the most authentic cuisine We joined the stars of Look Who’s Blogging LA’s Top Family Travel Channel At Lunasia Dim Sum House In Alhambra Subscribe to them if you’re a family visiting Southern California You won’t regret it We feasted on some delicious dim sum And felt just like locals You can’t go wrong in Alhambra for any Chinese cuisine And it’s just 10 miles, from Downtown L.A If you’re hoping to find celebrities shopping at Rodeo Drive Keep dreaming You’ll just find some super high end stores Ditto to the Grove We visited on a weekend And it was absolutely mobbed And has the same brands you can find anywhere else In the United States Although the farmers market located next door is worth a look If you must visit the Grove Make sure to walk down West 3rd Street Right after You can find some more unique shops and stores there Our favorite, sockerbit A scandanavian candy shop With plenty of interesting sweets to choose from There’s multiple blocks to stroll through With a lot less crowds So be sure.. to give West 3rd a look If you’re gonna visit Universal Studios You’ll pass through CityWalk This is a huge tourist trap As there’s so many more authentic places to eat in Los Angeles You can do better than Johnny Rocket’s and Bubba Gump Shrimp If you want multiple options in one space You’ve got to visit Grand Central Market Downtown While on the pricier side You can get a sampling of some of L.A’s best ethnic food Like Thai, Filipino, and a ton of Mexican We went to Sarita’s Pupuseria A famous El Salvadorean joint And our meal was absolutely incredible We ordered the pollo and carne guisadas And these stews tasted homemade I’m getting hungry just thinking about this spot But while you’re downtown.. We’re in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles right now To many people sleep on coming here There are a lot of really cool things going on While I won’t tell you not to visit Skyspace Located 70 floors above the city It does cost $25 dollars And riding their famous slide another 8 dollars If you want a less touristy and free alternative Visit the City Hall Observation Deck Open Monday through Friday During business hours Just take an elevator to the 26th floor Walk the final flight up And viola A 360 degree view of Los Angeles Completely free of charge And barely another tourist in site But the fun doesn’t end here Walk about 5 minutes away To Olvera Street Which is located in LA’s most historic area Team Adriana felt like she was back in Mexico And if you’re looking for unique gifts This is definitley your place I thought these puppets at just 5 dollars were an incredible deal Or how about a concha shaped pillow You can even find live music And plenty of places to eat some tacos Another cool area to walk around Is the L.A Arts District This section of the city Is full of incredible street art And murals My favorite was the Abuela mural on the back of the American Hotel I recommend taking one of the many guided tours Of the area to get some in-depth knowledge Of what you’re looking at Strolling around here was a pleasant surprise And a must do.. if you’re an art lover Shoutout to Kate M from Brooklyn Thank you for supporting the channel on Patreon Guys tell me down below if I missed any tourist traps, scams, or rip-offs in L.A I’m curious And make sure to check out my other playlists All linked down below For very similar style content Guys thank you so much for watching as always Until next time

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  2. I live here in Los Angeles. I do go to New York City three times a year. Please STAY in New York — Please don't come here to criticize my town. For NYC videos, I subscribe to ActionKid – he's much more appealing than you are. Stay away from LA if you don't like it — don't come here to criticize my town.

  3. Hey, Hollywood Forever Cemetery IS the CURRENT home of LOTS of Celebrities, so it’s the PERFECT “Tour of the Celebrities Homes”!

  4. If anyone is staying in downtown LA, then you've GOT to stay at the Hotel Cecil. You meet the most interesting people there, security is top notch, and the tap water tastes wonderful. Did I mention its historic?

  5. Please visit a bit up north ❤️ the sequoias or Yosemite national park and don’t get me started on Hearst castle in the coast. Greetings from Central Cali to you and Adriana.

  6. There are a good amount of shows being recorded that offers free tickets to be an audience member ie; CBS Television City, NBC/Universal etc. Also, Downtown Pasadena goes under the radar for a good entertainment area. It is15 miles from Hollywood. Just take the 101 (Hollywood Freeway) to north bound 110 (Pasadena Freeway) and this will take you straight there!

  7. An even better place to get a view of the Hollywood sign: Barnsdall Park. Picnic on the hill followed by a day of exploring Los Feliz makes for a great/overlooked itinerary!
    Not quite a tourist trap but a tourist *mistake*: the LA metro. Notoriously spotty service and one of the dirtiest I’ve ridden in the world – particularly the Red Line. Out of towners would do better to call an Uber or Lyft than ride the metro for a stress-filled, pee-puddle-hopping 45 min-plus journey. The santa monica expo line, however, is decent and the most recently built.

  8. Bro I disagree! Chinese Friends restaurant in Chinatown has the best Chinese food and better reviews than the Alhambra restaurant you recommend

  9. Honestly, it’s kind of jarring seeing a video like this for tourists in LA when I’ve practically lived there my entire life. I’ve really taken living there for granted.

  10. The Fake Monk scam takes place in Toronto as well. I had one try to hand me a coin thing and then as my attention was drawn to it he was trying to sneak his other hand into my shorts pocket. I caught him but still not a good experience

  11. The Los Angeles Parking Enforcement is the biggest SCAM ever. The city was built around the automobile and there’s no where to park.

    #Corrupt City Government

  12. By far this is the best video for things to avoid, i went there in november 2018 and all is true. Don't waste time and money on these things. For me the best free things to do in LA was the visit at the exhibition rooms in Griffith observatory, the view from the top of Los Angeles city hall in downtown, the hiking to the Hollywood sign starting from Lake Hollywood Park (bring a lot of water), walking the santa monica pier area and the Broad museum in downtown. You can do easily all this by your own, you can use uber or metro or rent a car.

  13. Why does anyone even bother visiting Hollywood Blvd? It is probably the most overrated tourist spot in the world. Everything there is a rip off and the experience isn't that great. I recommend visiting all of the other wonderful spots in LA instead.

  14. As a LA native currently living and working in NYC, I would say the Hollywood Boulevard is definitely a tourist trap, just like the Times Square here in Midtown Manhattan. I never went there when I was living in LA.

    Santa Monica? Well, as a native of Santa Monica who lived there all my life before moving to NYC, I would say while the Pier and the 3rd St promenade are full of tourists, it is still a pretty cool place to walk around even as a local.

    Rodeo drive is so overrated in comparison to the Fifth Avenue/Madison Ave or Chelsea/Soho here in NYC, the street is just too short, it would only take five minutes to walk through, I would much rather go the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa for shopping if I were in LA.

    Unlike the Chinatowns in SF and NYC, LA’s Chinatown is not where you should go to get the authentic Chinese food. the Chinese food in San Gabriel Valley is much more authentic, just like I would usually go to the Flushing Chinatown/Manhattan Chinatown to get Chinese food.

  15. I would like to say we took the TCM tour bus and it was great. We saw where many old movies were made, downtown LA and so much more. I know what you mean about the movie stars homes being hidden by high walls or hedges, our airb&b had the same high hedges and gate that hid our beautiful place in West Hollywood. LOVED LA.

  16. Just went to LA a couple of weeks ago. Good advices but as a first time tourist, most of those are worth the look. The alternatives are great for the second visit. Thank you.

  17. I’m traveling to LA in 3 weeks and this video is everything I needed! Thanks Jon! Huge fan of your NY videos and so glad you’ve now made some LA videos. Did you have a chance to go to Pink’s Hot Dogs? Tourist trap or not?

  18. I use to work at the Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center, and the CD guys are also there on the walk of fame, watch out for them. Also, any pictures offered to you are not free, they will hassle you so just ignore them and walk away. As for the Grove, you can find most of those stores at Citadel Outlets in Commerce, which is like a 15 min drive from Downtown, which always has discounts and deals (stores range from Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Nike, etc…)

  19. I lived in LA all my life and enjoyed the video. One correction though, it's pronounced AL-HAM-BRA not AL-HUM=BRA

  20. Great information… here’s a tip .. wherever you are …… be rude !!! ANYONE ever comes to you and want to give you something . Look at them and say fuck off . They tend to move in to the next sucker.

  21. Just pretend u dont care about anything or anyone. Or what theyre trying to sale u and u would have a great time this guy is full of it

  22. They forgot to mention the pic pockets in every single area you name to go to Born in raised in the barrio like your host Sid earlier fucking douche bag just say the bad areas

  23. Okay if you're a tourist, go to hollywood in the morning, lunch at joes pizza, catch a Kings game (or lakers idk) then finish the day with a Philipes sub sandwitch, heavy on the an jus sauce. Unless you want "fun for the family" if you want LA culture, thats it. Oh yeah, no trip is complete without an origional Tommy's burger. And get some chili for the road. Youll thank me later but your burning rectum wont.

  24. I see so. Much people taking pictures of my house with those cameras and are like there’s no houses like that we’re we live

  25. Al ambra? Really? No 'H'? Weird. Are you one of those PC guys that pronounces the area near Griffith Park Lows Fuh-leez?

  26. This guys video is pathetic.
    1) the way you pronounce Alhambra. Eww
    2) yes most brands are anywhere… they put them in our malls because we like them too. Don’t forget people live here. Santa Monica was built for tourists.
    3) if you don’t like it GET OUT stop packing our places….duh
    4) you did forget homeless, drug addicts, mentally ill people, and illegals especially at Venice Beach. Dream on if you think this video displays Venice or anywhere else.

    Well all thanks to a Democratic government running the city. PS don’t get robbed by Hispanic gangsters fr fr

  27. The biggest scams are tours of celebrity homes, house of rock sucks, pictures with celebrity impersonators & the wax museums are ALL WASTE OF TIME & MONEY!!

  28. 8:19 as a true 100% Salvadorian, NO. Stay away from this place. It’s overpriced and doesn’t taste that good. They fucked up my order on multiple occasions.

  29. live near hollywood blvd and i dont understand why people bother visiting it. just take a picture of the star and gooo!!! Don't stay for too long or that whole place starts to stink of piss, vomit, alcohol, etc.

  30. if you want an authentic mexican experience head down to el mercadito on the border of boyle heights and East LA( the cross streets are 1st and Lorena). That's the capital of mexican culture within the united states.

  31. So… where was the chick in the bikini? Did I blink and miss it? Did I just get scammed watching a video on how not to get scammed 🤔

  32. Ive never witnessed any of the mentioned scams. The monks…? Ive never seen or heard them before. The mascots at Hollywood Blvd charge a dollar per picture, why wouldnt they…? Theyre working. The CD guy…. you DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE the cd. The crowds are amazingly chill. Unlike the ones at New York. Los Angeles is paradise on Earth.

  33. Local LA resident here, 20+ years. This video, itself, is a bit scammy… being told these random places to go because he was given a free meal? That ruins one's credibility, honestly. This video is fairly accurate but gaping holes; started off as what to avoid then turned into something else. What to avoid; Venice boardwalk SUCKS. Avoid it, it's awful. Abbot Kinney area in Venice, however, is great (I don't know how he missed that.) El Segundo and Manhattan Beach are nice and worth the drive… so is a drive up the PCH to the various places to eat there. Okay… Chinatown isn't terribly touristy, actually, he's wrong there (my wife's family is Chinese and they vouch for it) and the food places are legit… just some are overpriced. San Gabriel Valley, yes, is where you'll find the cheap and good dim sum and Chinese people live in that area now. Checkout Sawtelle between Olympic and Wilshire, if you want legit Japanese food – this is the actual, authentic Little Tokyo now… yeah, there's still one downtown but that's dying. In Hollywood, there are other solid restaurants on Hollywood Blvd between Vine and Wilcox, the one he listed is okay but it's another ad, clearly. At the cemetery, they usually shut you down if you use a DSLR, so be careful with that. (I'm shocked he was able to shoot on a tripod.) A guy yelled at me for trying to take a picture with a nice camera. He's wrong about the Grove, if you're looking to see "celebrities," they're actually there, but not on the weekends… and most shop on places like Beverly. Or, in the Topanga mall in the West Valley, where a lot of them (with families) live. (Geez, another ad for the candy store on 3rd?) If you go to CityWalk… here's a tip… save yourself the $25 parking, park at the ride share lot at the base of the mountain on Ventura and Lankershim… then Uber/Lyft up there and it'll save you walking and $25. Also, while there, go to Saddle Ranch, it's easily the most reasonably-price place in there. (Geez… yet another ad in exchange for a free meal at the place in the Grand Central Market.) Hollywood sign… instead of trying to squint and see the sign from the Hollywood/Highland complex, GPS how to get to the Lake Hollywood Dog Park…. beautiful park right under the sign, plenty of parking, no hiking. Other fun things for tourists, without being scammed are the lot tours like the Warner Brothers one or the Paramount one.

  34. Best Chinese / Taiwanese food by far is San Gabriel, Alhambra, and Rowland Heights. Tip.. I worked in tourism for years and if theres one thing I learned is that the areas immediately surrounding amusement parks are always bad. ALWAY ALWAYS take uber or a taxi back to your hotel if its not right next to the park.  I live near Disneyland and I always see people walking in the dark late night hours back to the Hyatt … Very dangerous.

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