Would you stay in this AirBnb in Lviv Ukraine? Ukraine Travel Guide by an Englishman.

Would you stay in this AirBnb in Lviv Ukraine?  Ukraine Travel Guide by an Englishman.

Hey guys! Welcome to another
one of my videos, where I basically show you what you can get for £12 in Lviv. Now, don’t get me wrong this is probably not a good way to spend £12!
But let me just show you…. This is a…. The entrance… Just come through the
entrance and we’re immediately greeted with the kitchen….. It’s a little bit flash, isn’t it? Look at this amazing stove! I’m not sure you’re gonna be cooking amazing meals on that…. But, come through here…. And the temperature does start to warm up….
Because I’ll be honest… In there It’s freezing! It’s Fricken Feezing in here Mr Bigglesworth! Ahh, We have a Classy, Classy bathroom! A little bit makeshift….. Hahaha! I am here for one night! I am literally here for one night!
So… And I can assure you can get much better places in Lviv than this place….
This is atrocious… But, let’s go through…. Let’s go through…. Because is you know what…. What’s interesting about this place… The old, sort of Soviet, feel to it!
I feel like someone created a house in a corridor… And I think…. I think my neighbours are just sort of…. Are possibly the owners…. I’m not sure! But, then we
enter this…. Big Soviet room…. You can imagine though, an interior designer would have a field day with this place! But, at the moment it’s atrocious! Although, the most interesting feature is this. This is an old furnace that used to keep the place warm… Sadly…. It’s not warm! And, sadly the only heater I have in the entire place… When
the temperature outside is about zero degrees! “The IceMan Commeth!” Is a tiny little heater down
here…. So I think I’m gonna be cold tonight…. I do have a view, of….. Well, it’s
kinda the centre…. Pretty much the centre… I’m literally around the corner
from the Opera House…. Umm… But I booked this place… On the train…. Thinking it will do
for one night… Umm…. It’s alright! You know what…. I will survive a night but it’s not
great! The bed is huge though… I don’t know what that’s like to sleep on…. What a fantastic night I’m gonna have
here! Anyway, so this is what you can get for £12 in Lviv! My advice, spend a
couple of pounds more…. And you’ll have something very nice…. Or spend a couple of pounds less and you can stay in a really nice hostel! But this is just silly! But, anyway! Thanks for watching! If you like this, click the like button… If you didn’t like it, click the
dislike button! If you want to leave a comment let me know you were here… And I’ll hopefully see you in the next video! Thanks very much! Cheers! you

9 thoughts on “Would you stay in this AirBnb in Lviv Ukraine? Ukraine Travel Guide by an Englishman.

  1. I love your spirit and attitude man! Great job πŸ™‚ edit: let me know if you plan to visit Groningen in the Netherlands !

  2. do you enjoy the perfect dna angelic ladies in ukraine. if you answer no then i know your lieing. where do you meet your ladies ? why would a handsome available man like you be traveling alone ? unless your enjoying the fruits of ukraine ? finger licking good treats ay ? Ukrainian food is the best.

  3. go to the forum mall supermarket. great premade food section and a farm made kielbasa and cheeses counter across from the premade foods section. at the bakery counter be sure to buy 200 grams of the homemade granola. great coffe shop too. nice Georgian restaurant on food court floor. cold there now. brrrr. get a hot chick to use as a heater. 2 is better. one on each side is better insulation.

  4. Hi and thanks for the vid. I am currently researching accommodation for my trip so this was good for me. BTW, would you personally know of a good hostel in Kiev? Booking.com has a good selection but the reviews for many are variable. Thanks

  5. Lviv great as alwayse πŸ‘, but definitely needs renovation, especially buildings on some streets

  6. Dude, I have been to all of Ukraine many many many times, frankly I’m bored of Ukraine. How do you do it coming back for more?

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