[Music] today were visiting one of the largest cities in Poland throat suave sought after by students professionals and tourists alike this is an obligatory destination and getting to know home [Music] you’ll want to spend a fair deal of time on the main market square in furrowed swath because it is very very unique to Poland for starters it is dense there are many buildings here they’re much higher than most Polish market squares and the exquisite detail on them can let you wonder for hours upon hours that being said it is very touristic it gets very crowded in peak hours but I still feel that it’s well worth the visit [Music] let’s have a look at the Old Town Hall a unique Gothic building and stunning example of European architecture located at the center of the city Market Square many would agree that this is the most beautiful landmark in the city the Town Hall is a particularly special building dominating the Market Square the details are endless you could literally look at this building all day long and I do not think you’d be able to discover every statue every unique quality that it has true masterpiece [Music] the Yosh amalga shot a tenement houses they seemed sweet impractically small however I’ve been told that the gate between the two buildings once led to a cemetery that haunts the buildings to this very day whether or not that true is a different story but one thing is fact they’re gorgeous in broad swath there is an amazing zoo which is probably the most popular one in Poland yet Africa RIA offers an interesting alternative the main theme here is the preservation of various ecosystems related to the aquatic environment of Africa thanks to the unique concept of the facility it has become famous on a global scale the tank you are observing behind me is a Mozambique Channel tank it is 3200 cubic meters of salt water and we are inside the acrylic tunnel which is 18 mins long in avocado in grow slot zoo we present to the visitors the African biotopes of the life most of the expositions in Africa is the water expositions and half of that is the salt water and the rest is fresh water [Music] all sea life and the freshwater life in epicardium is supported by life support systems the special technical equipment which is especially designed to support all live in other biomes now we’re headed to a restaurant which specializes in zero waste food they served Bazaar products such as goose stomach however I prefer to show you the fish the chef has sent his greetings in the form of fried sweet potatoes and humus encouraging me to get my digestive tract ready for the meal of my life [Music] the hummus was fantastic and I am unusually excited about this meal because the chef here has cooked for many many notable diners one of which was the Dali Lama das areola that Kim vodka Sascha paprika Ramirez McCarran scelera P so the smell is very very potent and that is because this fish has been seared which means that it is very very intensely cooked on the outside almost to the point of burning and it’s raw on the inside this lets you enjoy contrast of not only flavor but also texture and temperature people like seared food for that exact reason it is a multi-level experience so this this has a really intense taste it’s like a punch of flavor and it’s underlined with the sauce which is slightly spicy just slightly it would be an applicable dish to people who are hardcore seafood fans this is not like an entry-level meal by any means fortunately I love seafood and if you haven’t noticed I generally love all food so let’s go for it the small bronze statue looks entertaining upon first glance however there’s nothing funny about it this commemorates the anti-communist marches which origin from this very spot in the end of the eighties [Music] these gnomes make a fantastic throat suave pastime as you explore the city keep a watchful eye as there are over 300 of these cute little tourist traps [Music] well there’s another gnome [Music] Centennial Hall is a special venue on the map of Poland designed by architect max Berg the building was erected between 1911 and 1913 and it’s one of the most famous examples of photo soif modernism this Hall is on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2006 and today holds conferences fairs sporting competitions and cultural events near Centennial Hall you’ll find the virus wah fountain one of the largest fountains in Europe the area of the multimedia fountain is about one hectare with nearly 300 nozzles of gushing waters to heights of 40 meters with luck you’ll also be able to experience the multimedia show in the context of the famous fountain [Music] our next stop is the Museum of the University of vote suave and its famous lecture halls during the bombings of 1945 the halls were mostly destroyed and later turned into a military warehouse for weapons currently following renovation work the more notable spaces serve as academic auditoriums and concert halls [Music] another superb space is the mathematical tower once used for astronomical observation it was founded in 1791 and gives tourists an opportunity to see the incredible panorama of the city broad swath is known as the city of bridges and the bridges behind me connect to an island which is famous notorious for students they do a lot of recreation there I don’t think I need to go into specifics the four pillars of a classic European University were medicine law theology and philosophy all represented by the statues on the corners of this viewing platform behind me importantly is the University Cathedral which at one time was joined to this institution they coexisted symbolically respected at the origins of this University [Music] so all the grand features of this university I’m kind of focused on the little elf I’ve discovered behind the camera [Music] throat suave never came to mine as a classic Polish travel destination in my mind and that’s not with unfounded logic we are in a space that is in fact historically quite new to Poland as we know it with that in mind it’s worth visiting and admiring the contrast that this type of place will give you and until then I’m Ryan so cash for Poland in [Laughter] [Music]

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  1. Wrocław was in germany only for two hundred years, its the centenial hall, railway station made in style of historism, inspired by british tudor style, some ars nouveau and some modernist buildings that were desinged by germans, but the medieval, gothic buildings are definitely polish, the layout of the old city and its square are polish, so the space You're in is definitely polish. On the other side, the city was nearly entirely destroyed during the war, and than rebuilt by Poles.

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