Yellowstone National Park Has A Lone Historical Grave In A Picnic Area

Yellowstone National Park Has A Lone Historical Grave In A Picnic Area

we’re here in Yellowstone National Park to visit the Pioneer
Woman Mattie Culver today on Colorado Martin Living. Isn’t that beautiful not too
shabby chick just north of Old Faithful in a
picturesque picnic area lies a lone pioneer woman named Maddie
Culver and I’m gonna tell you her story and who
she was most people that come here to picnic or to enjoy the beautiful creeks don’t even know Maddie’s there so I’m here at Maddy culpers grave she
was also known as Maddy Shipley that’s what the S stands for on her grave that
was her maiden name she was married to Ellery Culver and they lived here at the
fire hole hotel which it was a very primitive hotel and our standards but in
the middle of the wilderness here it was a welcome spot for people on the
stagecoach that would come down from Mammoth Springs so she and her husband
ran the hotel it is since gone and his site was somewhere over in this area
over here she spent an entire summer here working the hotel with her husband
and then returned to Billings and came back the following winter to be the
winter caretakers but Maddy soon discovered before she came back that she
had to be a tuberculosis better known as consumption in those days and she got
sicker and sicker and sicker it was very apparent that she was in the third
stages of consumption and by March 2nd she passed which you can see on her
grave but it was cold and the ground was still hard and Ellery was just
heartbroken not to mention they had a baby
theta and so Ellery was out here by himself with the baby and his dead wife
so there were military men that were close by and they came to try to help
him and they brought wine barrels and they
took the wine barrels and they wrapped her body and they put her inside the
wine barrels so they put one lime barrel this way in one wine barrel this way
to protect her body from predators and they waited until the ground was soft
enough to bury her right where I stand so friends that worked here in the area
and military helped him bury Maddie and she’s been here ever since
Ellery is not buried here he lived many years after that he took
their daughter to family members in Spokane Washington where they – lived
until she was 19 so Ellery was just heartbroken he lost his wife he lost his
daughter and he ended up going to Los Angeles and dying in a soldier’s
Hospital where they took care of him into his death and he’s buried there now
so Ellery and and Maddie were separated in internat II and hopefully you got
there they’re together now and so many people come to this park and they pay
her respects and you can see she’s got the flowers and the flag on her grave
and and they take care of the grave so rest in peace Maddie so this is fountain flat Drive we’re
seeing if this is the picnic area over here gets us on the other side of your
Creek this is fire river
as Pierce here we go so our unfound flat drive and we’re coming into the picnic
area and it’s beautiful right next to the creek so just to my left is the bathrooms we
are going west towards one of the creeks and the parking lot is behind me
especially the entrance is right behind me
so she’s right in the first part of the entrance and if you just walk towards
the creek she’s very close there’s a big meadow out over that way in a road and
here she is Maddie colder so they have these big posts up to keep
the Buffalo from trampling all over her grave and as you can see many people
have come to visit her and pay their respects including the Buffalo she sits
out here by the river all by herself separated them I’ll Lori
who is buried in California in a soldier’s graveyard in Los Angeles he
was part of God and what Garr is are it’s kind of the precursor it was a
precursor to the wflw Veterans of Foreign Wars but back in the Civil War
days we hadn’t fought foreign war everything had been fought on our ground
and so these were the gentlemen who fought in the Civil War and it
eventually came the wflw so he’s in his soldiers Cemetery in Los Angeles
so here’s Maddy just think Maddy lived out here when
there was no tourists there was nothing out here but with Buffalo and these
beautiful geysers what she must would have thought she would have walked
around with her baby and just hiked all over the place
she must was a wonderful place that’s wonderful it is her story is absolutely
beautiful yes it is real Kiedis to doing it’s getting out away wherever it was
not as you can see behind us there’s no people maybe from all the busses yeah
there are people here it’s just it’s a lot less than they’re here
so pack a picnic and come out here and visit Maddy and pay your respects make sure to check out the links in the
description they help support this channel and thank you so much for coming
by you have no idea how much we appreciate it

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