yercaud tourist places in tamil | yercaud hotels | tamil vlogs | tamilnadu tourism

yercaud tourist places in tamil |  yercaud hotels |  tamil vlogs |  tamilnadu tourism

Hello guys welcome. currently im in Yercaud we planned suddenly for yercaud trip two days plan in hour while evening 7pm speaking with friend then we fixed plan to go for yercaud and we have a low amount of money in our hand then we decide to go with couchsurfing website then we decide to stay with host on couchsurfing we checked how many host are available in yercaud and we found one guy ashit then i message him regarding about the stay with him via couchsurfing request then he agreed our request to stay in his place Im actually to stay in tent at yercaud host place was awesome in yercaud we pitch our tent here. and weather was awesome at night close the green screen So, now we are in plan to roam around yercaud tourist places at evening going back to my home thanjavur let see where to go in yercaud lets go So, now we are in yercaud one of the important place in yercaud is Lake, Anna Park flowers garden Pagoda Point aka Pakkoda Point, Ladies Seat, Gens Seat Rose garden, Kiliyur Waterfalls, servarayan temple This seven places are the famous visit in yercaud In kiliyur waterfalls during summer is bad. no water in falls if you are planning to yercaud go for 2 days Because weather also good there Food cost are also a cheap than the other tourist place, cheap stay We stayed in Carlton House, yercaud I will give details about it on the Description of the video you can book directly If you seen the last video of kodaikanal regarding the local bus which is arranged by the government to the tourist places there Like same Government arranged special bus in yercaud at Morning 7.45 Bus Depart from Salem Then its going to wards Salem to Yercaud and to 4 tourist places Pagoda Point Ladies Seat, Gens Seat servarayan temple like this places you can go in local bus That bus will wait 15 minutes of each tourist places to go next stop if you seen the last video of kodaikanal trip you can understand at all places bus will wait for 10 to 15 minutes within that time you have to go see the place then come back if you go in cab or auto it will be expensive or you can go by walk also for some place from bus stand its walkable distance In this bus they charge to go stop to stop they charge Rs10 as ticket for each spot stop at the each stop you have to get ticket for yercaud you can plan for two days at first day Plan for three tourist places then second day another three tourist places First lake Anna Park In Anna Park you can found a lot of varities of flowers if you interested to see the flowers must visit the anna park garden its will be very nice from the entrance of the garden at near you can found a childrens park to play are for childrens Also there you can buy a flowers plan if you need there is a plant nursery inside of the garden Finish the Pagoda Point at Second day go to Ladies Seat, Gens Seat Rose garden you can go to servarayan temple on second day itself it will be covered on the local bus Lake and Anna Park is located in Main City of Yercaud it is called Yercaud Roundaboat you can get down there on bus then you can found both opposite other food and stay was cheap in yercaud its not like kodaikanal or ooty yercaud is the cheap place food and stay so must place for yercaud weekend trip for 2 days enjoy the place While we returning from the yercaud, there is a heavy rain we started our journey at evening, not able to get seat on bus, we traveled on the bus stairs if you like this video Like it. if you dont like do Dislike button, also comment why you dont like it will be very helpful to improve my videos in future Meet you again on the next video See you bye Bhuvani Peace.

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  1. loved it . very slick editing . one of your best in recent times . the cool blue lights in 3:08 were just beyond beautiful

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