Yercaud Tourist Places | Weekend RoadTrip to Yercaud 2018

Yercaud Tourist Places | Weekend RoadTrip to Yercaud 2018

Hello viewers, we’re going Yercaud this weekend Two more friends are joining us from Salem Me and my friend started from Coimbatore Time is 6:15 A.M now We must reach Salem around 8:15 A.M We stopped by a viewpoint and seeing the location where Vijay’s Movie was shot In the Movie ‘Kuruvi’ There are totally 20 hairpin bends in the Yercaud hills Each bends are named in Tamil We reached Yercaud Also called as “Poor man’s Ooty” It is spread over the “Shevaroy Hills” There are enough places here to enjoy 2 days with family and friends. Oct to June is the peak Seasons Nearest bus stop is Salem Nearest Airport is Trichy Yercaud is also called as “The jewel of South India” Places to visit in Yercaud are Yercaud Lake, The one you’re seeing on the video right now Which offers Boating Lady’s Seat viewpoint, Pakoda point, Kiliyur falls, Shevaroy’s Temple which is built inside a small cave Then Karadiyur view point, White elephant tooth etc… If you’re planning for weekend here then it’s good to book your stay in advance Because here rooms get filled quickly We booked our cottage near Pakoda point They’re charging 4000 Rs. for 4-5 person which is quite reasonable at this location First we tried booking at Heaven’s Legde Which is a tent camp They have only 3 and 6 person tents People who visit in bike will be in 2 but But still they have to pay for 3 person Even in car people come in 4 or 5’s Even they have to pay for 6 only so both cases they’re paying for 1 extra person They’re doing this purposely. Rate is too costly and so it didn’t suit us My suggestion is to get a nice cottage near Pakoda point because It has a stunning sunset view and you can quickly get back to the cottage by walk after watching the sunset This is Kodai F.M’s Station Now we’re heading towards “Children’s seat” We’re now entering into Sericulture Exhibition Entrance fee is 30 Rs. They also have other things like Virtual reality, 3D painting etc. There are 4 types of silks being produced in India Mulberry, Tasar, Eri and Muga silk. This Silk Insect has 4 stages of lifecycle Egg then Larva Pupa then Moth Worms start to eat leaf a day and Takes rest to shed it’s skin When it comes out of the skin then it is second stage of worm There are 5 sub-stages in it before it becomes Larva It builds cocoon surrounding it to protect itself So that it can turn itself into a moth 3D Optical Illusion Newton’s third law… 3D Painting Virtual Reality We toured the entire location here We saw many things like 3D optical illusion, Magic room, Sericulture, Silk weaving machine’s process, Last one was next level experience Virtual reality, Awestruck! Someone’s wasting water over there I’m asking them to turn it off since i came here 😛 It was a tripping experience Super experience, First time VR It was Amazing Now i’m looking forward to buy one after experiencing it We need these kind of improvements in town and metro as well Good afternoon viewers, This is Silkworld opened by govt. of T.N This is a world clock, it points out the time in different country’s time zones This is tribal’s house People in Yercaud Those tribes lived in this kind of huts We reached back to Pakoda point and watching the sunset Time is 6:30 and day 1 Vlog ends here Tomorrow we’ve planned few places and some off road experiences Let’s see tomorrow, Bye.

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  2. Hi மாஞ்சோலை போயிட்டு அத பத்தி பதிவு போடுங்க

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  4. Poor people's are looted here.
    Power cut
    Local transport
    Municipal administration totally failed to give the basic infrastructure to the tourists.
    Private hotels both veg.and in very bad conditions.

  5. Which is the best place to tent ⛺ at Yercaud we tour on cycle a lot. Am waiting for reply. Thanks !!!!

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