Yoga For Travel | Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For Travel  |  Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone?
Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene and today,
we have an awesome yoga for after travel. So this could be really
great after a long flight, maybe you’re on tour,
maybe you’ve just been taken for a ride today and
you need to do something to replenish, not just
your body but your mind and your soul as well. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (gentle music) Alright, everyone,
let’s begin standing today. We will finish on
the ground but for now, let’s stand up nice and tall
with the feet hip width apart. Right away, starting
to notice your breath as you stand up nice
and tall and just spread your weight or
rather your awareness evenly throughout all four
corners of the feet. And then, maybe,
especially after a long flight, you kinda feel just ugh. We’re just going to, just
for this standing sequence, see if we can press
energy or awareness down into the Earth,
to stand up a little taller, just so we feel as though we’re
not weighing ourselves down, but rather carrying ourselves with a little
lift in the front body. And then, just a
little bit of awareness in the upper back body. So your shoulder
blades kind of come together and you might notice
that this has already started to change your stance a little or in my case, a lot. You’re gonna open
up through the chest, draw the
shoulder blades together and take a deep
breath in through your nose as you stand up nice and tall. (breathing deeply) And then a long breath
out through the nose as well. (breathing deeply) And then again,
big inhale through the nostrils, (breathing deeply) and exhale. Draw the
shoulder blades together, lengthen through the
neck (breathing deeply) and then again, big inhale and let’s say exhale out through the nose or mouth,
whatever feels good here. It really doesn’t matter here. Just trying to get
the brain and the body to focus on the breath. One more big inhale,
(breathing deeply) and relax your
shoulders as you breathe out. (breathing deeply) Awesome. On your next inhale, sweep
the fingertips all the way up towards the sky,
take a big stretch. Now again,
if you’re tired, I feel you. I travel a ton
and maybe you haven’t been traveling
necessarily but you just feel a little beat down
and you wanna create some space and rejuvenate. So here, even though
you might be a little tired, actively press
down through your feet, lift up from the pelvic floor, lift up through the
front body and then again, draw the
shoulder blades together and then there’s
just this feeling. We don’t have to go
into too much action and alignment here today, but
rather focus on the sensation or the feeling of
lifting yourself up. If you’re reaching up towards
the sky and you’re hanging on all your bones, it’s
gonna make it a lot tougher. We learn this when
we learn how to meditate and really this is
why the yoga practice, Hatha yoga practice
was created so that we could hold ourselves
in a posture for meditation, so that we could feel that
support system from within, even body builders,
weight lifters, (laughing) what do you call ’em. Power lifters know
about bracing the body. So you’re just
relearning to brace your body in a very subtle,
gentle way here. Let’s do two
more cycles of breath. Your arms may be
getting really tired. If that’s the case, breathe
longer, smoother, deeper breaths and wiggle your fingertips. Alright, take one
more big inhale. As you exhale,
bring the palms together. You’re gonna
interlace the fingertips into a steeple grip like so. Then from here, you can stay
with the feet hip width apart or you’re gonna
shift your weight, slide your right
foot over to your left. So stay here if you
like that stability. Otherwise, slide your
right foot over to your left, zip up through the legs, inhale and look up
towards your thumbs, and exhale. Slowly push the hips
toward the right as you lean towards the left. Big side body stretch here. You wanna stay
connected to your center. Keep that lifting sensation. Big inhale. Exhale to come back to center. Feet hip width apart. Take a deep breath in
(breathing deeply), excellent. Exhale, hands in
line with the heart space. (breathing deeply) Now as you do this,
see if you can imagine your upper arm bones rotating
out and your heart lifting up. And obviously, and this
is a bit of a Charlie’s Angel move here, so if you want,
you can play with that, or not. Deep breath
(breathing deeply), exhale, fingertips reach up high. Keep the feet hip width
apart for more stability or slide left foot over
to meet the right, zip up, connect to your center. Inhale and look up towards
the thumbs and then exhale, big stretch. Breathing deep, focus on the
sensation here as you push the hips towards the left,
lean towards the right. You don’t have
to over do it here. It’s not a competition. Focus on the sensation rather than the end point of the shape. Cool, inhale in, exhale. Come all the way back up. Stay connected to your center,
that mid line, as you bring the feet
back to hip width apart. And inhale, look up
and this time exhale, palms together and down
in front of the heart space. Namaste. Close your eyes, maybe
take soft easy movements in the head or the neck. Breathe deep. Great! From here, you’re gonna bring
the feet a little bit wider than hip width apart,
turn the toes out just a bit so that when you bend
your knees and drop your center down in space, your knees kind
of track over your mid toes. Alright, inhale. Lift your heart. Exhale, bend your knees.
(breathing deeply) Now, I know we’re tired,
so we’re not gonna go into Goddess Pose here,
but in fact, we’re gonna find a nice,
yummy stretch. We’re gonna bring the hands
to the tops of the thighs. You can stick your
bum back just a bit. Keep the chest nice and open. Take a deep breath in, press through all four
corners of the feet and then on an exhale, ring it out, baby. Slow, gentle, twist. You’re gonna drop
the right shoulder towards the center line. Keep pressing into all
four corners of the feet so knees aren’t falling in here. Again, tracking that middle toe. Alright, I’ll shut up. Take deep breaths here,
inhaling lots of love in, (breathing deeply) and
exhaling lots of love out. Close your eyes. (breathing deeply) Alright, take one
more cycle of breath here, releasing in some love,
some awareness, breath to your lower back, that right lower back body. (breathing deeply) Yes, indeed and then come
all the way back to center, come up if you need to,
resting your legs in between. And then when you’re ready, we’re gonna move
onto the other side. (breathing deeply) Try to keep the
chest nice and open. You can move in
your own time here. You can play a little
bit with soft, gentle, easy movement to
explore sensation. Just keep the
foundation of the feet nice and strong and mindful. And then breathe nice, long,
smooth, deep breaths. (breathing deeply) Alright, inhale,
then come back to center, exhale to release. We’re gonna bring the
feet together, really together. Hands are gonna
come to the heart, just for stability here. Then you’re gonna bend your
right knee and you’re just gonna trace a little
line with your right foot all the way
behind your left foot. And once you get there
and it’s okay if it takes a second to get there, it
can be tricky when we’re not in the room together. Once you get there,
then you’re gonna inhale, reach for the sky, grab your right
wrist with your left hand, with your left fingers. And then inhale to look up. Feel that big stretch as you breathe in
through the right side body, through the front
and back in the side. And then on an exhale,
soft bend in your standing leg as you slowly bump
your right hip to the right and lean towards
the left once again. Deep breath. (breathing deeply) Soften the skin of the face. Make sure you’re not
clenching or holding in the jaw. Yes, so then from your center, from your core naval draws in, that brings us right
back up and we’re gonna go right onto the other side. So you’ll bend your left knee,
slide it behind, flip the clasp of the
wrist here so you’re grabbing your left wrist, inhale. Use the inhale to
really find a length first. Stretch, stretch, stretch. And then exhale, soft
bend in your standing leg as you move to the right,
bump the left hip over. (breathing deeply) Notice any places where you
might be gripping or holding in the toes, the jaw,
the forehead. See if you can soften. Find that Sukha, that ease. You’re gonna feel awesome
after this little practice. Inhale (breathing deeply), exhale from your core,
your center. Come back all the way,
hands will come together and back down at the heart. Let’s bow the chin to the chest. Namaste. Feel that great big
stretch in the back of the neck. Now, close your eyes here. Traveling can be exhausting
or maybe just the season has kind of had you on the go. So use your fingers
here to give your third eye a little massage
if it feels good or even just a
little pressure point. Think about lifting your chest, relaxing your jaw.
(breathing deeply) And then activate the
upper back body so you can feel this nice, long, beautiful
stretch in the back of the neck. Awesome. Press into the feet,
lift the heart and the head up. We’ll swim the fingertips
all the way around now to interlace behind your back. (breathing deeply) And actually, let’s bring the
feet hip width apart here. Toes pointing forward,
soft bend in the knees. Inhale to lift the chest,
exhale to draw your shoulders, shoulder blades together. And it’s almost as if you’re
trying to get your elbows to kiss behind you. Then you can find the
extension through the arms, lots of awareness in
the feet and the legs and try to get
your head, your heart, and your pelvis in alignment. So depending on where
you live in your pelvis, you’re gonna have
to figure that out. I actually learned that from
talking with people who watch the videos, well,
not everyone kind of sits in their pelvis the same way. Cueing to lengthen the tailbone
down isn’t for everyone. Some people are understanding it and if you’re not
understanding it, that’s A-OK. (laughs) Going
off on a tangent. But, at the very least,
my tangent is getting you to maybe explore the sensation
and the tilt in your pelvis and then work your way
up the spine from there. And then when you’re ready,
let’s go for the gold. Big inhale, maybe try
to work the palms together, maybe in time
and then big exhale. You’re gonna start
by bending the knees. Keep the throat open,
chest open. Moving slowly,
pulling the hip creases back. This one’s slow,
so move with me here, waking up all of the
hamstrings, lower back, and then heart
starts to dip down. Eventually head below the heart, nice foundation
in the feet still. Belly comes to the
tops of the thighs. And then check it out, you’re actively going
to reach your knuckles up. So that same sensation
of you’re not just hanging in your body and
letting gravity drag you down. No way, Jose,
we’re working against that. Drawing the knuckles up and
then shake the head loose here. Great, take one more
big cycle of breath here. You got it. (breathing deeply) Sweet. Then slowly, with control,
my friends, with grace, best you can, release
the fingertips to the earth. Great. Fingertips can come
on the mat here. You can take a second
to maybe draw the palms to one side and then spider
fingers over to the other. Just take a couple
breaths here to freestyle. Strong foundation in the legs. You can clasp opposite elbow. Should feel really good here. Breathing deep.
(breathing deeply) Alright, bend
your knees generously. And as you’re ready,
you’re gonna open your eyes if you close ’em. Send your gaze
straight down to the ground. Then you’re gonna bring
your right hand just right in front of your face. Bend your knees. We’re gonna come off our
feet in just a second here. Then you’re gonna pull
your left hip, excuse me, pull your left thumb
to your left hip crease. And then keep sliding it
over and caress your hip. Getting a lot out of this
free session, just kidding. And then you’re gonna come
all the way to the lower back and then press
away from the yoga mat. And if you need to
come on the fingertips here, it shows that you can. Knees are bent
and then from here, you’re gonna slowly
straighten just the left leg and open your heart
towards the left side of wherever you are,
the room, the world. Take a deep breath in,
exhale come back to center. Keep it nice and soft and easy. Bend both knees. Left hand replaces the right, right thumb comes to
the right hip crease. Careful you’re not
gripping in the toesies. And then same thing. I say that I wasn’t
really just joking. I was saying move the
hand long so you can kind of feel it lift. That’s what straightens the leg. And then just
continue that journey around to open the chest. Nice big twist here. Breathe deep. Make sure you’re breathing nice,
long, smooth, deep breaths. (breathing deeply) Yeah. And then come on back to center. Fingertips come out in front. We’re gonna bend the
knees and lift the heels and then you’re
gonna turn the knees out, coming down into a
little bit of a Froggy Pose. So no doubt, no doubt
this could be a bit of a compromising posture, so breathe deep and let’s start by just focusing on the feet. Ah, yeah, so you can find soft,
easy movement. I’ve done a lot of work
on my feet in the last decade so I can be here and
feel pretty alive and playful. But if you’re not feeling that,
then breathe deep and know that this is really
awesome work that you’re doing here with your sweet
feet that carry you around. My goodness. And if you wanna grow any
sort of physical practice, it’s a good idea to
pay attention to the feet. So one more big ol’ breath here. (breathing deeply) Yay! And then on your exhale,
stay connected to your core and keep the toes
kind of awake with energy just to protect the knees
through this little transition. As we bring the
fingertips behind us and then just soft landing of
the bum on the earth. If it wasn’t a soft landing,
I got you. It’s all good.
It’s just the intention. And then you’re gonna
move to the center of your mat and then you’re gonna come
all the way onto your back. Yay! And when you get there,
take the most loving breath you’ve taken all
day and it’s for you. ♪ It’s all for you ♪ ♪ Doobie doobie doobie do ♪ ♪ It’s all for you ♪ ♪ Tell me what
you wanna (laughing) ♪ ♪ It’s all for you ♪ Hopefully you’re on your
back by now, but it’s really all for you this moment,
okay, knowing that if you take this time for
yourself now to replenish, take nice loving breaths, you’re gonna have
more in your engine to give to others,
to love on others. Hopefully by now you’ve taken
a breath that’s all for you. (laughs) And then here we go. We’re gonna hug right knee and
left knee and give yourself a big hug, lower back love. You don’t have
to go too hard here, just whatever
feels nice and easy. So you might find some
soft, easy movement. You might just be chilling here
with the hands on the knees, but what we definitely wanna
do is keep the nice, loving, all for you breaths going. Each time you breathe in,
see if you can feel your lungs, your torso expand and
just feel your back supported. Often times, when I’m traveling,
especially on long flights, I would just love to
come into this shape. And a lot of people can’t
quite get into this shape, so just do your best and keep showing up on our mat regularly and you’ll be surprised. Okey-doke, on that note,
drop the left foot down. We’re gonna take a
half Stirrup Posture here. So you’re gonna
grab the right inner arch and then you’re gonna
slowly kick the right foot up. Breathe deep here. You should feel
some nice compression in the right, lower back. You’ll get more out of
this if you breathe nice, loving, all for you breaths. Alright. To go a little step further, create a little
resistance here, press your foot into
your hand or your foot up towards the sky and then
drop your right shoulder down. Try to draw those
shoulder blades together and create a little
push pull going on here. If you feel a
little shake or tremble, that’s the ticket. Alright, then slowly
releasing that foot and we’ll switch
to the other side. Right foot comes to
the ground for stability, knee towards the sky
and we’ll reach to grab the left in our arch. Kick that foot up
towards the heavens. Just one breath at a time here, first just dealing
with the stretch, the opening of
the hamstrings, etc. Then when you’re ready,
tugging that shoulder down, opening up through the chest
and finding that resistance, pushing left foot into
the hand or up towards the sky and then gently
tugging right hand (laughs) left hand down, ‘scuse me. The minute I really
close my eyes and start to do what I’m talking about,
I get lost in the moment, which is
technically a good sign. Create a little
experience for yourself. One more big inhale here. (breathing deeply) And long exhale. (breathing deeply) Sweet! And then slowly
lower the left foot down. Last big move here. We’re gonna walk the
heels up toward the bum, fingertips just
gently at your sides. Draw the shoulder
blades in and together. Open your chest. Press all four corners into
the feet and nice and easy here so no jerking yourself around. Inhale, really
articulate through the spine. You’re gonna press through
all four corners of the feet. Lift, starting with the tail. Engage the glutes,
but don’t tighten. Don’t create tension. So that’s the
battle of the challenge. Then slowly lifting the
hip points all the way up, moving all the way
up through the spine. When you get to the top, you
can interlace the fingers underneath, if you like, or
just keep it soft and easy. When you get there,
lift the chest to the chin, and then the chin to the sky. One more time, chest to
the chin and chin to the sky. Keep breathing
(breathing deeply), inhale. (breathing deeply) And on an exhale, slowly
releasing all the way down. If you want, you can
reach your fingertips up towards the sky,
maybe wiggle the fingers as you massage all the way down, articulating through the spine. Yes. And then allowing
your palms to open up towards the heavens. And now, allow the knees to
fall over towards the right, nice and easy. Soles of the feet
come up off the ground. What’s up, Benji? And then all the
way back through center and over to the left. Nice little booty
massage here and then one more time to each side. Over to the right.
(breathing deeply) Keep breathing
nice loving breaths and then over to the left. (breathing deeply)
Oh yeah. Great, and then now
all the way back to center, extend the legs out long. You’re gonna allow the
hands to come into fists here, point the toes,
hands come into fists. Clench, now you
can clench your glutes. You can squish your face. You’re gonna engage everything,
engage the quads. (laughs) Benji, you’re so cute. So funny. Here we go for three,
engaging all your muscles, two (breathing deeply),
and on the one, relax everything. Close your eyes, smile. Take a deep breath in. And then as you exhale, relax the weight of
your body completely and fully into the mat. You can find soft, easy
movement in the head here or just close your eyes,
let your eyelids get heavy and come into a
moment of stillness, of relaxation at last. Way to tend to your body. Way to show up. Showing up on your
yoga mat daily, regularly, is the goal. It’s the intention. Tending to
whatever you need that day just by simply showing up. Because by simply
showing up regularly, you’re cultivating that
balance that we need to thrive. Start to gently wiggle
the fingertips and toes. (breathing deeply)
Take a deep breath in. You’re gonna lift one knee up,
then the other and then I’m gonna
turn on to one side, any side of your choice. Come into a little fetal
position, feel your spine round, your heart rest,
come into a little shape that makes you
feel something, anything. I won’t dictate what
you feel here, actually. Just notice how you feel.
(breathing deeply) Then take a quiet
moment just to thank yourself for this practice. Sweet, then
press into your hands, open your eyes and
come all the way up. We’ll draw the hands
together at the heart. Benji, would you
like to say anything? Any closing remarks? Thank you so much for sharing
your time and your energy with me and with all the amazing
people who are practicing with us today and every day. Let us know how
you’re feeling down below. Subscribe to the
channel if you haven’t already. Share this with a friend,
someone you think might benefit from at home yoga and
I will see you next time. Namaste. (gentle music)

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  48. YWA in Casper, Wyoming today and for the next three days. Next week begins my 13 day European tour and my continual daily journey of Yoga With Adriene. Coming up on a year and a half without missing one day. Will Europe throw me off? May have to post on Instagram while I’m there. Thanks for all you do. ❤️

  49. @yogawithadriene please create a Playlist that includes only videos in which Benji makes a guest appearance. He brings me so much joy!

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