Yoga on an Airplane – Travel Yoga

Yoga on an Airplane – Travel Yoga

– What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, this is the L.A. edition, and we’re doing yoga on the go. So, a lot of people request like little things they can do on the airplane, especially if you’re flying international, but even if you’re just,
not great on planes, or your body’s stiff and
tight from a hard week’s work. I got your back. Here’s 60 seconds of
inconspicuous, sly, devilish yoga, just kidding, it’s not devilish. Or is it? That you can do on the plane, right? We usually, we’re in
kind of a cramped space, we can’t move a lot, maybe
you’ve had too much coffee, or too much sugar, or not enough, and your body’s just
kinda feeling like errrgh. Airplane anxiety, I call it. So here’s a quick minute worth of yoga that you can remember to
take on the plane with you. And if you want, you can
repeat it over and over again, to make it many more minutes of yoga. Let’s get started. (acoustic folk music) Okay, to begin, you’re going to be counting in ten second intervals. I think you can handle that, right? Okay so, let’s begin by
dropping our chin to our chest, and we’ll begin counting to ten. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Awesome. Then lift the head,
take your right ear over your right shoulder, same thing. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Back through center, to the other side. Left ear over left shoulder. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Back to center, crawl your shoulder blades behind you, so especially with the airplane, it’s so great in those chairs. Well it’s not so great. But one thing that’s great is they are perfect for a slight backbend. So crawl your shoulder blades in together, you lift up through the chest, you can kind of just do this and make it look like a normal stretch. You can bring the head
to the back of the chair. Lift your chest, your
heart up, and count to ten. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Relax back into your
chair, back to center, and then we breath in for ten. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Keep breathing. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Hold at the top if you’re
feeling adventurous, and then exhale for ten. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. See you can remember this sequence for when you’re on a plane, but also, like I said before, if
you’re just wanting to bust out some quiet yoga to kind of calm the mind and relax the body, we have ten here, chin to chest, ten ear to shoulder, ten ear to shoulder, ten slight backbend, heart
lift, opening up the throat, and then 20 as we breathe, so breathe in for ten
and breathe out for ten. And if this is too crazy
or confusing for you, then you can just remember the sequence and not worry about the
timing or the counting. You can let it inspire
something else, something new. And always, when you’re
doing these neck stretches, to really get the most
out of your stretch here, you can find a little
anchor in the elbows, or little drawing down of the shoulders to get the most out of your stretch. So there you have it, 60 second, secret, super sly, yoga breakout. Enjoy! (acoustic folk music)

100 thoughts on “Yoga on an Airplane – Travel Yoga

  1. Your videos for some reason always find a way to calm me down and help me relax. Always so soothing. Thank you so much for that xx

  2. I'm going on an 18+ hour flight to New Zealand in a couple months, and I haven't been on an airplane since I was little, so this is great timing!!

  3. What about the yoga in the washroom mile high club edition?

    Also sometimes if you get the back seat on a greyhound you have 3 seats all to yourself. Plow pose, maybe some legs up the wall. That could be possible. Bow pose might be pushing it, but if it's a long trip right. Get that blood moving around in the body. Cerainly some seated pigeon if you remove your shoes. You could even take a shavasana. How dope would that be?

  4. I like how you subtly added In to "make it look like a normal stretch" as not to appear as a weirdo moving their head all over the place on a plane ???

  5. Hi I'm from Cuba and we don't have to much tradition with Yoga, but I started doing yoga like 5 years ago and I stopped for problems in my back but I saw one of your videos for mistake and am so thankful because give me a good reason for back again to my yoga's … Also thanks because 30 of Yoga make me realize I was missing more time for myself and I wasn't keep attention to some parts of my body.Namaste :)!! XOXO

  6. That dress is cute! Thanks for the tips. I stay chillin since I been doing yoga daily. My mind is in my body now. Relax the body, relax the mind. This stuff is DOPE! Lol

  7. This was such perfect timing! I am flying Saturday and have TONS of "Airplane Anxiety" 🙂 Thanks for being incredible!

  8. Thank you Adrienne. I finished 30 days of yoga last month and I could tell a noticable difference in my long-term flexibility. Stay beautiful

  9. Yo adriene! (rocky pun) I was hoping for something like this cause i drive a lorry every working day. This is real useful, thanks! Namaste

  10. Hi Adriene,
    I have a question and hope you can help me. I just got tendinitis in my wrist (which totally bums me out, cause I'm right in the 30 days of yoga program and love it so much…but there are down dogs everywhere- which is just not happening for me right now :/ ).
    So can you suggest what videos I could do? And what can I do to strengthen my wrist?
    Have an awesome day!

  11. Dear Adriene. Your "Find what feels good"-approach inspires me so much. Thank you for teaching with humanity, smiles and fantastic spirit! … And this one is going to be a fantastic one for my long train rides to and from work. Hurray! And Thanks again.

  12. I follow your videos regularly and all of them are helping me both mentally&physically. I would like you to make Chaturanga tutorial video for foundations of yoga. Chaturanga is one of the most challenging posture for me. Greetings from Turkey. Namaste

  13. Thank you for this wonderful video! I have a request, I feel like I need some serious emergency yoga for those times when you are so totally consumed and crazy stressed that you can't even spell your own name that you can do 5 minutes after the worst meeting at work or whenever you feel like panic-attacking. Do you have any save-my-life-yoga to share?

  14. I find some instructors make it too spiritual and serious. I stayed on this channel for your bubbly personality and down to earth mentality as a yoga teacher. Thanks Adriene!

  15. Just realized that the more I can introduce yoga into my daily actions/routines, the more centered and grounded I feel. Thanks Adriene for the inspiring and creative ways to feel good vibes no matter the time or day. ~ Namaste

  16. This is perfect for me as I store tension in my neck & shoulders. Feels like I'm in a box?. Thanks again Adriene?

  17. You're awesome. I very much enjoy your intros as well. If you vlogged about various random things, I'd watch.

  18. Adriene, you are such an amazing instructor, and I love how you spread positivity and keep so many people motivated . Could you please do yoga for nervousness/anxiety? That'd be great 🙂 Love ya ❤️

  19. Dear Adriene, thanks for this video and for such a quick response. I think it will help me a lot to keep moving in those endless flight hours. But also to start over my daily sequence: I find hard to overcome jet lag, the body toughness and the pain in my legs after such long trips. Greetings now, not from Japan, but from México!!. 🙂

  20. I was about to request this after a particularly stressing flight and luggage carrying last week! Are there any leg streches or back poses that can be done after leaving the plane and getting to your hotel? That is what I was craving the most after the flight…

  21. I watched this while I was on vacation and it was perfectly timed! It was so useful and easy that I did it over and over again on my flights home and I also did the travel yoga playlist in my hotel room! Thank you Adriene- loved sneaking in some yoga during my travels!! I also told my mom about you and we're going to start the 30 days together in September 🙂 namaste!

  22. Ahh! I saw this the morning after an international flight from the U.S. to Peru! I wish I had seen it earlier. I will definitely remember it for next time. I was wondering if you could do a video centered around doing yoga on a bed. Where I am right now, I don't have a lot of space to do yoga elsewhere. Thanks for all of your videos, the 30 day challenge was great! I might start it again once I have space.

  23. Thank you! This also works well during those painfully boring meetings at the office where I just want to jump up, scream, and run out. It helps to calm.

  24. Adrienne I have to say that you are awesome and I love your videos. However I have one small problem… please do a little more advance yoga, I've noticed that most of your videos are for complete begginers so yo go really soft on them, but I'm pretty sure ohm not alone when I say I want a little more advanced yoga, not all your subscribers are complete begginers.

    One more thing I love your videos like the detox video u made in 2013, pre recorded and then comment on your videos, just because I watch your videos every single day and sometimes I just want to hear your instructions and other softer options instead of random comments, I love your comments, but watching it every single day can get awkard …. I love your work, I just wish there would be a little bit more for the more advanced subscribers.

  25. I'm flying out tonight from the west coast to go to college on the east coast and this is EXACTLY what I needed to combat the stress of travel and leaving home! You always seem to know exactly what I need, Adriene. Thank you and Namaste. 🙂

  26. Hey, adriene! I was just wondering if you had any tips for affording ytt or if you had opinions on online training. I can't afford any trainings ?

  27. Yes! I've been flying a ton recently and being stuck on an 8+ hour flight in a cramped seat is no fun. Thank you Adriene!

  28. Hi Adriene! Thanks so much for the tips! I will have to try this as a way to relax!…hey all you travelers, I'm having a trip giveaway on my website. Check out the url on my about page. 🙂

  29. Flying with my little ones (3.5 and 1.5 years old!) across the country today, and this is going to come in very handy! AND be super easy to do with the littlest on my lap! Thanks Adriene!

  30. HI Adrienne! I started watching your videos about a month ago and am completely hooked! Your quirkiness puts me at ease and makes me feel like I can achieve any yoga move over time. 🙂 This plane video was great – would you ever consider making a "Yoga for the Subway/Metro" video? It can be a stressful place! Thanks for being you!

  31. Hello Adriene I am new to yoga and truly love you light and free spirit.  You have encouraged me to do what feels good.  I have a request.  Can you do a video for yoga at your work desk.  I am in my office for 12 hours some days and really could use some help.  My office is kind of small but I know you can give us some great ideas!! Thank you again

  32. Hi Adriene. I have an international flight I am dreading in September. Because of sciatic pain and leg nerve damage, sitting in one position for more than 10 minutes is a huge challenge for me, depending on the seat. From what I've read, airplane seats are not very ergonomic – quite like auto seats. They always seem to encourage poor posture.

    SO … do you have any exercises to alleviate or prevent butt and leg pain, that can be done WHILE sitting? I also sure hope I don't get any charlie horses (hamstring cramps), as the positions I must assume to counter the cramp isn't very pretty!! TIA. 😉

  33. Hi this video and the yoga for couch potatoes video need to be in the under ten minutes yoga practice playlist or in the yoga quickies playlist. They are both in the 10-15 min yoga practices playlist and they are both less than 10 minutes. Love all your videos so much!!! ❤??

  34. Hi there Adrienne thank you for the yoga on a plane video 🙂 Would be great to see a video for "pre travel" I fly/travel ALOT and sometimes for long hours. Legs get heavy, brain gets tired, mood gets.. well.. you get my drift hehehe

  35. Could you possibly show some leg stretches for long flights I feel like that's what always gets me. Even if people do notice I gotta stretch it out sometimes lol

  36. I love this one, but could you also add a pre-flight yoga exercise? I searched YouTube and did a video from someone else… felt like I was cheating on my favorite Yogi. Namaste ?

  37. I'm about to take a 13.5 hour flight to South Korea, and appreciate the tips for relaxation and better blood flow on the plane. I think I can make some of the ideas from Yoga at Your Desk work for me, too. I'll be taking you with me, via tablet. I don't think I could go 2 weeks without yoga, now 🙂

  38. My friend did yoga in the coach once in the eurotunnel. She watched this and I just sat there laughing like a freakin idiot.

  39. Missed a couple of the previous practices so I am very happy today one is short cause I'm about to start practicing those that I missed although this one really helped me settle in so thank you Adriene and Namaste Everyone ?????❤?

  40. Simple yet powerful ? That’s the beauty of mindful breathing coupled with a soothing neck stretches ? Release the tension and be calm ✨ Thank you so much Adriene and namaste ??

  41. EXPLORE DAY 15

    lovely stretches even for sitting behind a desk. I felt it really stretching one side more than the other, and it felt good.



  42. Perfect little breakout since I don’t have a lot of time today. This is also good for long car rides but skipping the chin to chest move if I’m driving. Thanks!

  43. This was actually very relaxing. I just got in from volunteering at Cai's class. Boy 25 kindergardeners doing either a multi-color leaf or an acorn stamp coloring and I was the only volunteer today. My consistent yoga practice has sure eased my knee pain but everything is so low in the class so my lower back felt a little twinge but even that type of pain has subsided tremendously with yoga. This segment was an excellent way to unwind after that and I remain honored to be of assistance when possible. Thank you!!! They are such blessings. Jai Namaste ??

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