Yokohama Japan Travel Guide

Yokohama Japan Travel Guide

64 thoughts on “Yokohama Japan Travel Guide

  1. The view from the top of the skyscraper looks really awesome! This would be one thing I certainly would check out if I go to Yokohama. Anyway, this was another great video!

  2. Great as always! May I ask how you do you sound? Is it wireless? I don't see any mic at all and I'm curious:-)

  3. I am always a fan of your video. A curious question. Do you speak and understand Japanese perfectly? Been travelling to Japan many times and it's alway a stumbling block not able to understand their language enough.

  4. Hi man
    I love your video related to Yokohama.. In the part you showed the food festival in this video I can see my country flag of Pakistan… Cheers

  5. Missed out on Yokohama last time I went to Tokyo, unfortunately.. it looks so nice! Thanks for the video

  6. All these attractions you mentioned, are they walkable or you have to take train or buses to each stops. For example: from the station, can I walk to Chinatown? Just to get an idea. I only have one day to spend there. Thanks.

  7. I went there for my birthday and i wanna go back cause its so fun i still remember the train sound xD like if i am right 😀

  8. Awesome video thanks man. I'm considering staying in Yokohama for three months, and this gives me a really good view of what Yokohama is like, day and night.

  9. 「日本のサグラダファミリア」こと横浜駅は地元民でも道に迷うくらい複雑w

  10. awesome! I plan to visit Yokohama this summer after I climb Mt Fuji. I have friend that lives there and this gives me some idea what to expect

  11. i loved the minato merai area, red brick warehouse was cool. cup noodle museum and cat cafes must not be missed. they're in my video! this video has alot of things i didn't do, which goes to show how much there is to do in Yokohama!

  12. 英語のリスニングと発音の勉強になっていいね!

  13. nice 🙂 i made my own cup noodle – but didnt really get to explore much yokohama – especially the seabass

  14. Yamashita Park and Yokohama it's so very much beautiful places! It's from the best views and places in all the Japan!
    We give you Greetings and love from Greece to lovely Japan !

  15. We want to take a day trip from Tokyo on the jr pass to Yokohama , take the sea bass, and then return back to Tokyo. Is that possible? Would that be too much walking? Does sea bass do round trip back to the station?

  16. Hey most guides are corny and annoying but I found this to be super informative, great job! I’m heading there in 7 weeks so I’ll be checking these places out! Thanks!

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  18. Grate video with wonderful views of the city along with your walking us around the city for letting us feel being there in real.
    Really looking forward to seeing more videos carried out by you.
    Once again jolly love for beautifully made with great dedication video.

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